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Easily create Arabic eBooks for iPad, iPhone

With the most recent update to the iWork suite, users can easily create Arabic electronic books in ePub format and view them on the iPhone and iPad using the iBooks app.

I have tested that and created an Arabic ebook sample, here is a screenshot on iPhone 4:

Another screenshot on the iPad:

Make sure to follow the instructions detailed in this post to generate an ePub file.

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  1. what is the font’s that we need to use to show the arabic text in ipad
    it’s impassable 

  2. In sha’Allah, you should be able to use the standard font on the Mac. I have been able to also use a PC, using Microsoft word 2011 and Save As “Web Page, Filtered”. I wrote about it here: http://www.marcmanley.com/calibre-e-books-and-arabic/


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