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Asking the readers: How to recharge the 3G sim from mobily on iPad?

I bought a prepaid 3G sim with 1GB data package from mobily for my 64 Gig 3G ipad. However I am not sure how to recharge it. As a test I bought a 10 riyal recharge card to check if I can recharge the 3G sim on my iPad. I am bit confused as;

1. To recharge the way mobily describes on the back of the card is not possible (*1400*cardnumber#) as iPad is not a phone so How do I dial this number?

2. I tried calling their help desk but they dont seem to have much clue as they said the procedure is described at the back of the card.

3. I took out the microsim from my iPad and installed on my iPhone 4 to see if I can call another phone and get the number for the mobile, but the call fails.

Can anybody help please?

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  1. you can recharge it through SADAD system, enter the number then recharge it with the amount 100 SAR then call 1100 so they will activate it for you. 

  2. I was thinking of ways to recharge my iPad since I don’t have any credits left.
    thought of calling 902 from any phone & ask them to manually charge it, that if it is possible.

    good thing SADAD does that 🙂 .

  3. I prefer having an additional sim of the same main number used for iphone. In this way, there is no headache of recharging and every month Sr 100/- for 1Gb is added to the bill of main number.

  4. you could recharge either by sadad or by credit transfer using another mobily account.

  5. I called 902 tonight and the operator told me I can recharge my “sawa” micro SIM via NCB and Alrajhi bank directly.

  6. Saudi customer service sucks!!! you can’t rely to their qualiy of service!

  7. salam just want clarification..im having micro sim free from jarir riyahd i bought my ipad 2 in that store,with one month free internet,my problem is where i can find my sim number?is it possible i will use mobily card after to recharge it..

  8. I can’t recharge my ipad micro zain sim carde, I’m worried, because It don’t accseed to me as much as I ned,

  9. I bought a prepaid 4G zain sim carde, wit 64 GB ipad. However I am not sure how to recharge it without remove from the ipad , and also how to know the remain amout of money within the sim. how can I check if I can recharge the 4G sim on my iPad. I am bit confused as;

  10. You can recharge you iPad with a mobily recharge card. You need to use iMessage (this comes with ALL iPads).

    iMessage is the green app with the white ‘bubble box’ in it.

    Simple open up iMessage, type the number in the ‘To’ box, and then type out the recharge instructions (*1400*cardnumber#), hit send.



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