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Video: Weak signal in Nokia and HTC phones

If you put your hand over any cellphone antenna there will be signal attenuation. It is not limited to iPhone 4.

In the following video the Nokia E71 was tested:

It’s ironic especially after Nokia made fun on how to hold a phone.

The next video shows the HTC Droid Incredible, an Android phone on the Verizon network in the US:

Via Edible Apple.

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  1. Nice try but no one is buying that. Confess it, the new “Revolutionary” iPhone 4 Antenna desgin is a dud. I had the same Nokia E71 and it had way better signal than what I have with my iPhone 3GS. Even the cheapest Nokia phone holds a better signal that this thousands riyals worth of idud.

    • I have the iPhone 4, I didn’t get the issues with the antenna

    • Apple itself tested several phones on terms of reception such as the HTC Droid, iPhone 4, iPhone 3Gs, and a couple of other phones from different companies (Nokia, Samsung, sony ericson…) you can see their test in apple.com/uk…. Nevertheless, the test the phones’ reception before and after covering a certain area in each phone (usually the place of the antenna) in which they proved that it is a common phenomena for phones to lose coverage when certain spots are covered…. watch the video, u’ll understand.
      Thank you

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