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Video: iPhone 4 signal strength with STC

The following video by oXEnjoyXo shows him holding the iPhone 4 antenna trying to reduce the signal. Test has been done with the Saudi Telecom Company cellular network.

Here is the video:

If you own an iPhone 4 in Saudi Arabia and noticed issues with the signal attenuation then please reply and tell us about it.

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  1. خالد

    روعة بصراحة طمنتني

    التصوير روعة ويضاً واضح جدا
    بس شتني الاناشيد الي حاطها وش دخلها ؟؟
    ارفع الصوت واقصر الصوت ودي اسمع الجوال وودي اقصر الاناشيد
    علشان كذا انخبصت الله يخصب راسك 🙂 امزح تراني وجهة نظر


  2. Great 😀

  3. I just received I phone 4 3 days ago, and by that time, signal strength reduced once or twice, if phone is held in left hand palm, and whole palm is in contact with the back surface of the phone. Anyhow, no calls were dropped.

  4. I’ve been using iPhone 4 since day 2 of it’s release and I haven’t faced any issues with the signal strength..

    • Is it possible to buy iPhone 4 from O2 store in UK? I’m just concerned whether it be officially unlocked or not. I’m planing to buy one from O2, but it must be officially unlocked.

      Please confirm.

    • all what I know is Apple Store sells it unlocked

    • I’m not sure about O2, but Orange has two types of iPhone plans:
      1- Postpaid plans (Locked).
      2- Prepaid plans. (Unlocked)

    • So buying a Prepaid plan will most likely to work in Saudi Arabia? Did you buy form Apple store? Are all Apple stores are selling unlocked version?

      Also, please confirm if there are additional charges/customs one has to pay if iP4 is shipped to Saudi Arabia.

      Thanks in advance.

    • Edit: Are all Apple stores selling unlocked version?

      Also, please confirm if there are additional charges/customs one has to pay if iP4 is shipped to Saudi Arabia via DHL or TNT.

      Thanks in advance.

    • Yes I bought it from Apple Store.. And it was all “sim free” as they call it.

  5. From where have you guys bought this iPhone 4?

  6. Thanks for the video! im definitely getting one from UK now!

  7. The audio track of this video needs modification.. Just remove the annoying song

  8. I agree. It looks more a Jihadi song than a multimedia clip.

  9. how did you use it with an STC sim card did they make micro sim cards ?!

  10. No its not true!
    You can get a micro sim, but its only for internet plan, only for Ipad. For calls, you have to cut yr original sim as per the size of micro sim. Then you will be able to use it in IPhone 4.

    • I converted my Mobily number to a micro SIM with no problems

    • I’m telling you that I using a microsim from STC in my iPhone 4 and you’r telling me that it’s not true!
      I’m writing my comment from my iPhone 4 with microsim from STC..

    • read in other blog … they show how to cut your ordinary sims to macro sims without harming the chip and it really working…. so..dont waste ur time by going to mobily n stc to ask for something rare n seldom.. 🙂

  11. Any reception or transmission issues?

    • As I said in one of my previous replies.. I didn’t face any issues with the reception. And I’m using STC micro sim.

  12. Lucky guys. I’m still waiting for iPhone to arrive.

  13. Ok I just like to point out that I’ve got mine on launch day and experienced no signal issues at all, until last night when (after two weeks) again I tried the ”grip of death” and the bars started disappearing one after the other!!.

    I don’t know why I didn’t experience the problem when I first bought it !! the only explanation I came up with is after getting squashed and squezed in my pocket something triggered and the phone became vulnerable !!

  14. hey guys , after feeling soooo frustrating with updating issue on my iphone 3g and read online problem issue about iphone 4g … do u think for me to have iphone 4g at this time >??? and please tell me from where i can get unlocked iphone 4g in riyadh ?

  15. thanks for the advice…oh yeah …. i am having aramex mailbox in uk n usa… but i heard about problem issue with  iphone 4… 

    • I am using I Phone 4 now for more than a week now. Yes there are some signal issues, bit only if you hold the phone with left hand and if yr palm is touching the phone, but there are no issues at all regading call drops.
      Regarding micro sim issue, I m using my old sim , cut as per size of the micro sim, and it is working absolutely fine. Only thing is that you have to purchase a new sim either from mobily or STC, convert it to yr exisiting number, and then cut it as per size. Reason is that old sim shape is different from the shape required in mico sim.

    • Why bother with cutting your sim card? just buy a micro sim from STC or Mobily.
      And for the signal problem, I didn’t face any issues of this kind..

    • hi .. i like your comment , nadeem ….. cant believe that u experiment it … btw ..i will wait for white iphone 4 first ..then we will see ..either i will make my appoinment to visit mobily or just visit tamimi market and buy some tool for telecommunication’s project ….

      pssst … guys , have u ever heard about  t-virus company in riyadh ??

    • made order last night … will be deliver after 3 weeks … by next month it will be here …how many weeks maybe the phone will arrive by aramex?

  16. Abdullah, you must be living very close to the tower.

    • LOL
      no, I live all over Riyadh 🙂
      I’m not saying that STC network is great, I’, just saying the the iPhone 4 is exactly as any other mobile phone.

    • i was using stc since i live in riyadh and once i move to somewhere around the city centre, i found out that signal for stc  really embarassed me … even my wireless was not working .. and now ..my stc no stayed in my wallet and my afaqwireless stay in the cabinet ….  🙂 LOL …everything change to mobily …  btw … Abdullah ..how is the battery live for iphone 4 .. answer me honestly ,ok  🙂

    • Here is what I noticed “honestly” about the new iPhone 4.
      The list ordered by the importance to me:

      1- the Retina display is amazing.. I love it!
      2- the HD camera is Awesome!
      3- the battery life is better.
      4- the overall speed is much better. because of the new processor and the 512 MB ram instead of the 256 MB.

    • ok… HD Camere ….interesting …. then i should keep my DSLR  away also ?? but i am still insisting for the white color ….  

  17. Then you have to hold on for atleast a month or so, to get the white coloured IPhone 4.
    Better keep waiting!
    And I can one thing- there’s nothing special about IPhone 4. Its just a craze! Only thing probably Iphone can comtete with others is its Display, otherwise in my personal opinion, Motorola Droid X (To be releasd on Jly 15th in America), is far far better than IPhone in all aspects. I am fortunate enough that I have one unit of it (Beta) for testing pupose, and its amazing I can simply say!

    • If someone doesn’t own an iPhone 3GS, then I don’t have it’s a craze to buy iPhone 4. It’s simply a matter of taste and opinion. Also App Store is more mature that any mobile store.. And that’s alone is a very good reason to buy an iPhone.

    • [EDIT] I don’t have =  I don’t think

    • u r right… khaleed … i am using iphone 3g ..got it 2 month before 3gs released … even iphone is having a problem with battery especially on 3g @ wifi …but still i am extremely happy and convenience with my phone with all  of the applications … arrggh … i spent for more than sar1000 maybe buying educational books and other applications suitable with my profession,interest and pleasure… which means i cant transfer it to my next iphone …  if i am having 3gs i would think twice to have iphone 4… but its ok …

      That day , they show me new sony ericson … forget the name … its exactly look alike iphone till most of my friend crazy bout it because it cheaper than iphone .. but still so many things need to upgrade….the system … the performance …  and so many things … may be it could be closely similar if the engineer of apple working with another company and bring the idea of iphone to other company ..right ?  😉

    • nadeem , cant wait for white color … whatever it is ..i have decided last night and proceed the payment to apple uk … LOL

    • typo  *…. the first replied goes  to abdullah … not khaled .. dont know why khaled’s name came early morning like this and i dont have any idea who is that khaled.. lol

    • @Nora
      Who said that you can’t transfer your old iPhone apps & books to the new iPhone? of course you can! 🙂
      All you have to do is to transfer your purchases from your current iPhone to iTunes, and then sync your new iPhone with the same iTunes and voilà! 😀
      To do that, follow this guide from Apple: http://support.apple.com/kb/ht1848

    • abdullah : Thanks for advice …. i am just wondering coz i read somewhere in the net before that i cant transfer my purchase to other iphone … means that i can transfer my purchase to my friend’s phone too ??? thanks for the link , seems like u already made ur research for iphone … ok .. I will be agree if apple want to hire u to be a speaker promotion for iphone in KSA … believe me .. i was just convince myself to wait for a few month before buying an iphone 4 … but after seen your video and convince by you and other guys …. khalas ….payment has been proceed …i am waiting my iphone 4 and that is really after ur advice !!! 🙂

  18. Hi everyone, I think in that video the iPhone 4 is not handled in the way that makes it lose its signal
    here is this link to check out this video done by pro’s.

  19. hellooo
    plz help how to make the video calls in iphone 4
    i tried to make a video call bas its faild its not working plz if anyone knows helpppp me


  21. iPhone 4 16GB for sr4000 in Riyadh

  22. I have an iPhone 4 unlocked with through cydia. Been using it for a couple of weeks in the khobar area with STC. works fine. no problems with signal attenuation yet. btw its a cut sim, was too lazy to go to an STC office.

  23. Hi,

    I just got my iPhone 4 from Canada and have the microsim from STC. The phone still doesn’t work as it said the carrier does not support. Any advice.

  24. Guys went to Taif to try and get a Micro sim for the Iphone4 but they just looked at me as if I was from another planet. Where did you manage to obtain yours from?

  25. Salam every1…..

    very very nice posts and thx all for sharing…. i didnt knew that stc has micro sim cards coz i have been searching all over there websites… but like mobily there customer support sucks bad …..
    now i have a smallest and tinnest question.. y mobily is sellling iphone 4 32 gb for 3099 and jarir and nasa are selling same device for 4699 ??? :S what is the main diff or there is no difference???? also any ideas when stc will be launching there prices for the iphone 4…. also also also dear all iphone4 users… i have never used iphone before.. this would be my first.. i dont like changing my phone with new models.. last i was using i used nokia 6233 for 2 years htc touch2 for 2 months (winmo 6.5 sucks) then BB 8900 for 5 months(very booring mobile..since i dont have enuf friends to chat with) so now im tied between.. samsung galaxy, htc desire and lastly iphone 4… please tell me honestly is it worth a buy !!!! ?????thx alot for reading my loooong msg !!! 🙂

  26. me again.. i think the video calls are over wi fi only that means it should be supporting skype video calls only thru wifi !!!!!

  27. imi place situl si desi pare usor nu oricine poate sa scrie articole care sa iti trezeasca interesul mersi

  28. i buy a new celphone and i dont know where to buy a STC Micro sim card. any one can help me please i really need ur help im here in al kharj riyadh.. just email please and thank you


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