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Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 doesn’t supports Arabic

Actually it’s still bad.

It looks like our efforts to urge Microsoft to support Arabic has paid off.

According to this screenshot taken by Rami, Office for Mac 2011 will support Arabic.

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  1. أخيرا…

  2. that’s really good thing , now if only they give it to us for free……… 🙂

  3. I cant imagine befor try it ?

  4. I cant imagine that in mac ?

  5. Finally! But where can I find a beta version?

  6. I can confirm that Word Mac 2011 (Beta 6) was able to open a some-what complex Arabic document with tables and other formatting. I have a screenshot but don’t know how to attach it.

  7. I have just bought Office 2011 for mac.. you can open Arabic files, and you can edit them
    in arabic.. But you cannot open a new file and type in Arabic 🙁

    You will have to open an Arabic doc and delete every thing so you can type in Arabic.. WTF

    • well at least thats one way of doing it which goes to show you theres something not being loaded in word when its a new document.

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