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iPhone 4 will be sold in Saudi Arabia by STC and Mobily

According to a reliable source both Mobily and Saudi Telecom Company (STC) will be official providers for Apple iPhone 4 in Saudi Arabia.

The expected launch date for the iPhone 4 from STC is expected to be the second week of August 2010 during this year’s Ramadan.

According to our source, Mobily has just renewed their deal with Apple and STC just signed a deal of their own. There is no exclusivity deal according to some rumors, both carriers will offer the iPhone 4.

This is not to be confused with STC-branded stores that are selling gray market iPhones and iPads.

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  1. This is good news! Hope they will offer a better plan that Mobily’s current plan.

  2. This great news. Please post the prices asap.

    Thanks so much for this.

  3. this is good for the saudi market, last year we had a bad experience with mobily, still they are not relasing the number of iphones sold here.

  4. Suppose now we will be provided with both editions the black and white one as shone in the above diagramm at the same time ?  ……    nope just dreamin…zzzzzz

  5. just wondering now if we buy it from STC is it factory unlocked also i mean you can use it in another country sim card and do updates and everything normally ?

    • Yes I guess. Because in UK they have the same thing.. different operators offering officially unlocked iPhone 4.

    • Abdullah is right, in UK they have launched it on different operators and I am sure they will do the same here now. Especially when people buy from Mobily and use STC SIM. I mean whats the use then. Better to release for all operators.

    • Abdullah, the iPhone 4 providers in the UK offer it locked to their network but Apple sells it unlocked in the UK through their Apple Stores or apple.com/uk

    • I bought mine from Apple Store.
      But before that, I visited Orange store and they told me that they’ll provide it unlocked if I buy it as a prepaid number.

  6. here is hoping that stc’s iphone 4 will be cheaper and have a good plan, or at least not have exclusive packages like mobily’s stupid raqi cntracys blagh!

  7. Mostly telecom companies offers higher price for the new phones under exclusive package

  8. Mobily still sells 3GS at handset price of SR 2999 and we start from that price to find how much will be the cost of the new iPhone4. Let’s look at how they will price it accordingly based on the new features: A4 chip (1ghz speed, 2x faster than the 3GS) = SR300, additional 2 megapixels = SR200, Facetime = SR200, Retina display = SR100, longer battery life = SR100, new elegant glass design = SR100, HD recording = SR100, Micro Sim card = SR140, thinnest smartphone SR100 and Advertisement = SR200. This is a total of additional SR1,540 for the new features. 😀 So, most probably, it will cost not lower than SR4500. 😀 😀 😀

  9. What if I buy an iPhone from the states without a At&t contract . will it work in saudi ? 😀

  10. Mohamed Abolgusim

    So if i jailbrake my iphone 4 {bought frokm america unlocked} it will work in saudi arabia say to stc or mobily.

    • If it’s unlocked already, you can use any micro-sim from any carrier. But, I doubt that it is unlocked when it was bought from US. Unlocked iPhones are sold only in some countries like Germany, Britain and few others. Jailbreaking is just to make your iPhone capable of installing third-party apps like those from Cydia.

  11. I am offering iphone4 16 gb for 4150 SR and you dont have to make any advance payment. You will pay in cash when you get your phone. Phone will be fully unlocked and factory sealed from UK.

    So if u want an iphone contact me on h_funky@hotmail.com

  12. I am selling Iphone 4 16 gb packed and unlocked for 4000 SR. If anyone interested email me on tayyab25@gmail.com

  13. 4000 SR. !!!! 16 Gb. ooh if u know some in UK he can bye it for u by 2800-3000 SR. & 32 Gb will be 3500-3800 SR. it’s depending on bound prise….

  14. Ok guys here is the summery
    America was one of the first counties that has an iPhone 4 as a county and they are all locked to AT&T and you can’t even buy it from apple store if you are not AT&T costumer . Comex and musclenerd created the new jailbreak to unlock alll iPhones on ios4 that mean you also unlock them after you jailbreak them with ultrasnow. Then france japan germany and uk all in June 22 .now France and uk were the only two out of the five counties to have two choice 1) if you buy the phone with 2 years contract it’s lock until you finish your contract then you can as to unlock it 2) you pay the full price for the phone from apple store and you get it unlock but again of course the two years contract with drop a lot of the process of the phone . On July there’s I believe 16 more countries that has and iPhone 4 and only Canada that has the two options like France and uk .

  15. I got mine from the US via ebay for 2,625 SR and unlocked it fine with STC …took me exactly less than 2 minutes to unlock it and install installous and apps …works great

    • how were u able to unlock it? please post some links coz as i know u can only JB it using jailbreakme.com.

      thanks from lebanon

    • Once you jailbreak it with “jailbreakme.com”, you can just go to Cydia and search for and install the “ultrasn0w” package …… that’s it…it will unlock it it for you!

    • waitingforiphone4inksa

      Dose STC have a Micro-Sim

    • Yes, STC has the Micr-Sim…I got it in 5 minutes when I visited one of their offices … the full Sim will be disconnected first

  16. I went to jarir yesterday and found the iPhone 4 on display. They said that they will get a shipment of iPhones in 3 days 32gb model is for 5400 and 16gb is for 4600. Should I buy it or wait??????

  17. its so expensive..better to buy online..

  18. I asked a friend in mobily and here’s wt he had to say.
    it will probably be released around Eid time.
    the phone wil be locked to mobily network only. And so far there is no jailbreak or unlock for the 4.0.2 firmware.
    The price WITH a contract will be sr3750 + the monthly sr399 for a year.
    So he said the price without a contract would probably be way more than sr5500
    so the market price in Jarir and Mursalat (riyadh) of sr4500 or sr5400 still looks better than these greedy providers!!!!

  19. ok i have some few questions that needs some answers. i really want this iphone 4 and im currently in usa can i just buy one without a contract for like 600$ and then unlock it in saudi arabia ? 
    and how much is it will be in saudi arabia ? 

    • Yes….it will work fine…that’s what I did too.

    • i heard that if you unlock it in saudi arabia and when you get apple updates it will be locked again, then i would have to unlock it again, is that true ? 

  20. im interested to buy an iphone 4 16gb. im willing to pay 3500-3800 SR only. dammam, jubail or khobar. thanks! here is my email add. immortalsam2001@yahoo.com

  21. AA, i am planning to get iphone 4 unlocked from canada through some relative but i heard that its not working in saudi.if someone is already tried & tested.please confirm with thanks.

  22. I have 2 Iphones 32 GB for sale with Screen protector for SR4800 in dammam. Interested can contact.

  23. Is Mobily has always available for Iphone 4 and how much it would be? coz i went there many times but im always disappointed!tnx

  24. hey guys i just want to ask if i buy i phone 4. and i using a details of my best friend Wat will be happened they will deduct for his account i need your help plss 

  25.  guys i need to ask also if im purchase i phone 4 and i need to change Sim card   like mobily  wat will happed they will trace me also 

  26. how to use the micro sim card of stc in iphone 4???
    i can recieve a call but i cannot call???


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