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How to: Buy an iPhone 4 from Apple UK using Aramex

As we said before, the iPhone 4 sold from Apple UK is officially unlocked (SIM-free).

If you were not willing to wait for Mobily’s official iPhone 4 release in Saudi Arabia (or STC if you believe the rumors) then you can just buy it from the Apple UK online store and ship using Aramex.

If you have an Aramex account then you probably have 2 addresses already: a US and UK address. To check your UK address go to Aramex’s website, login then visit the Shop & Ship site then choose View My Mailbox Address .

If you didn’t find a UK address then contact your local Aramex office.

The Steps

Go to the UK Apple Online Store, choose the iPhone then decide on which iPhone 4 model do you want. Please note the limit: 2 per customer.

Choose any accessories you would like to purchase then click Add to Basket.

Here you can continue shopping or Checkout to proceed.

Here you can either create a new Apple ID or use an existing Apple ID.

Fill the billing information with the Aramex details. The main address line is too short so you need to replace “Road” with “Rd” to save space. Double check your Aramex information and put a check on Shipping address same as billing address.

This is an automated Address Verification page, make sure to ignore it and press on “click here to proceed using the address you entered” in the bottom of the page.

Enter payment information: Credit card, etc. Double check everything then place your order. From @AhmadAlYahya: They refused my Samba CC, then just registered in Saudi apple store and get two 0.99$ apps , buy again and works fine with same CC.

Best of luck with your purchase.

Thanks for the tips, Aboflan (Arabic link).

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  1. excellent and detailed guide!

  2. Don’t the credit card need to be of a UK address as well? or can I just use my Saudi credit card?

  3. I tried to preorder directly from Apple UK with my samba Credit Card but they cancel it.

    Then I preorder again but after doing the following:

    1. Create new apple account with official email like “admin@ahmadxx.com” and using Saudi Arabia store, and Aramex UK as shipping address.
    2. Go to Saudi Store and buy any two 0.99$ apps. (Here they got a history for your Credit Card)
    3. Go to Apple UK store and Order iPhone 4 using Aramex UK address as mentioned here in this page.

    Just today received my iPhone 4 32G with shipping Cost 100SR for Aramex.

    iPhone 4 32G Total cost with shipping from UK using aramex = 3450 SR

    other ways you have to ask your friend to buy it for you from UK or any location got unlocked iPhone 4 since we are in Summer vacation this may be easier than apply it online with 3 weeks of delay

  4. With all do respect to Saudi Mac. Whats mentioned above is not true. I’ve been trying ways to do online orders on apple UK. With Uk based Credit Cards. Simply Apple UK dose not ship to Aramex. They cancelled my order. And here’s there email:

    Thank you for contacting the Apple Online Store.  
    We apologise for the inconvenience.  We are unable to ship to a forwarding address.  We ask that you replace your order with the correct details.  For fast, easy ordering and expert advice, speak with a Sales Expert today by calling: 0800 048 0408. 
    Kind Regards,

    Jess W-Apple Operations EuropeDirectors: Cathy Kearney (Irish), Gary Wipfler, Peter Oppenheimer & Timothy Cook (United States of America)
    Hi,The above iPhone Pre-Order is showing that its cancelled when i check its status. thogh my card has already been charged. why was it cancelled?

    • Check adslgate iPhone section there is thread about group of people ordered 2july , they all got it, Aramex guy told me he was busy today delivering small packges cost 100sr, what written here is true :>

  5. I’m afraid of taking this risk.

  6. How much do I have to pay in Saudi Arabia to Aramex? Any problems at the customs?

  7. Anyone here can help me to know about Blackberry 9700. I purchased from Jarir, but I want to have the Blackberry service ONLY from either mobile or stc. How to get it?

  8. what about the micro-sim issue? will we have to physically cut our normal sim cards to fit the iphone 4? As far as I know, STC/Mobily/Zain do not offer microsim cards yet…

  9. a question for macbook pro 13″, can I by this method order it with arabic keyboard and supplying ??
    I have tried to order it from the website just for make sure if they offer the arabic, but have not seen any option for arabic.
    any one can introduce me for a method to order it with arabic supply.

    • EDIT:1- just to make sure if they offer the arabic
      2- any one can tell me a method to order it with arabic supply.

  10. very good way

  11. The above instructions work perfect – I was using dubai credit card. The only two things which I had to do in addition are (A) Enter “Name + Aramex ID” in the text box for “Additional Address Information” instead of “Appartment / Suite…” (B) Logon to my internet banking portal and temporarily change billing address to Aramex UK post box address. Once the credit card was billed I changed again to original address. Thanks to Ahmad for putting this instructions put up over the website.

    • Have you received your iphone yet? The apple UK store shows a lead time of three weeks. Also we have news that the iphone will be officially available by STC/Mobily by second week of August. I wonder which option to pick ???

    • No deliveries as of yet – am waiting for it still.
      For me the choice was simple I needed one which was unlocked and would take any country’s sim card. Also didn’t have the patience to wait for getting ripped off by etisalats and dus here.

    • Hi Ash088,

      Can I use an aramex account and a debit card to pay for the phone to buy from apple UK?
      The bank(debit card) is having India’s address but can be changed online.
      Any idea from where to get custom duty rates for india, i tried googling but cudnt find any.


  12. If You want to buy an Iphone4 in saudi arabia without any fuss and advance payment , you can contact me at h_funky@hotmail.com. With factory sealed you will only pay when you get your iphone.

  13. I am offering iphone4 16 gb for 4150 SR and you dont have to make any advance payment. You will pay in cash when you get your phone. Phone will be fully unlocked and factory sealed from UK.

    So if u want an iphone contact me on h_funky@hotmail.com

    • Hello Syed,
      If you can give me 32gb instead of 16gb then may be acceptable but 16gb at this price… not reasonable… Beleive me make some reasonable price, here people will be agree to buy from you… including myself… regards…

    • Brothers did any one bought Iphone 4g recently with the help of aramex???

  14. I pay through the apple site for iphone 32g around 3740 S,R,

  15. how much did you pay to create the Aramex account ?

    • Hey Guys,

      I checked Jarir’s website to day and they are stating that Iphone 4 is “coming soon” to Jarir Bookstores. I presume they will release the unlocked version in the coming week or two..

  16. Can I use MyUS?

  17. hey guy do any one knows if mobily/STC/Jarir bringing white iphons4 ?

    and how much they are selling it?

  18. Let’s them bring any color.

  19. Is it possible to buy iPhone from Singapore using Aramex service. They have office in Singapore at this address.

    Main Office
    Singapore – SIN
    3 Changi North Street 2, #01-02A LogisTech Building, 498827,
    Phone ( Customer Service): +65 () 65430300
    Fax: +65 () 65430968
    PO Box:

  20. @Husam: I ‘ve heard about the same rumors too… That apple will cancel any order ship to aramex house in UK…

    Actually, I just received my iPhone 4 by aramex last week… Wonder about this rumors so much because I want to buy 1 more iPhone from there… Good news… iPhone 4 work well with me after cutting my stc sim and convert to micro sim..

  21. Hi,

    Can I use an aramex account and a debit card to pay for the phone to buy from apple UK?
    The bank(debit card) is having India’s address but can be changed online.


  22. good day saudimac, it says in aramex that you need to have a permit from ministry of information to order communication device? is this true? or you could just order the iphone4 without any problems thru aramex? thanks

  23. the best way is to buy it from Dubai, as it’s available unlocked factory seal..around Dh 4,000 for 32

  24. For those who bought an iphone 4 from the UK does it have the arabic language ? If not can you add the language your self ?

  25. hello I am trying to buy the iphone using this method but when it comes to payment the billing address i cannot choose UAE because it is not on the list?! can i just choose UK but use my credit card? thnx

  26. Don’t worry about the billing address because your credit card company is only concerned with that, if they allow you to buy with your credit card, then you should have no problems. Billing address is just basically for the credit card company to send you an invoice for your purchases.

    • so basically i just write any address and select UK it wont be a problem right? just the credit card details…thank u for the fast reply

  27. Enter the billing address that was issued with your credit card.

  28. Use either your issued address from the credit card company or your aramex address as your billing address it doesn’t really matter as long as you make sure that you put the correct shipping address with aramex and the correct address in UAE, when you make sure those two are correct, then go for it

  29. Are you sure it has Arabic ? Because my relative went to the apple store in the UK and they said it doesn’t have Arabic , although in Apple’s website it states that one of the languages that the iphone 4 contains is Arabic … I’m confused !!

  30. Thank you so much 🙂

  31. I have for sale large quantity of Apple iPhone 4 32GB, Black, Brand New Sealed in Box, Unlocked with original Receipt from Apple and up to 1 year Apple Warranty.
    Mobiles are from UK Apple.
    If You interested please contact me for more details:

  32. I wanna ask about Iphone 4 the white one , is it available in saudi stores or in the apple’s web site store .
    because I couldn’t find it .

  33. Apple Iphone 4 32GB at just 600 dollars. any interested buying can contact me at farooq09@hotmail.com . I have other electronics for sale.

  34. Can anyone confirm if this method is still working?

  35. thanks for showing this

  36. This method doesn’t work anymore even if you purchase a couple of apps from the itunes store first. Once they receive your order they will just cancel it without you receiving even a notification that it was canceled.

    Tried it two times using two different credit card and both failed. My friend tried it as well using a credit card from Samba and it got canceled as well.

    I guess this method is over now.

    • I just received my iphone 4 from UK through Aramex today and I paid by my SABB VISA card. 

    • Yasir,

      May I know when did you place your order? I started trying to get an iPhone from Apple UK just this Monday Nov 15 and I tried again this Wed and it was canceled also, I tried using two different credit cards. I asked my friend to order for me using his Samba card, he tried it just this Friday and we checked it today and it was canceled as well.

    • I placed my order on Nov 12th and it was delivered to Aramex in UK on 16th and I received it here on 20th. 

  37. Thank for the info Yasir.

    Maybe they have implemented a new security measure on the online Apple Store just last week. Another thing Yasir, how much did you pay Aramex for the shipment? Before I used Aramex to receive my ipod touch and it cost me SR100.00 I’m assuming it is around the same price as they have almost the same build?

  38. just want to make sure is this method still workin…some worked with them n others didnt…is it that apple made restrictions on credit cards issued out of the UK?

  39. i’want to bye iphone

  40. Is this method still works?? I am planning to buy an iPhone 4 too, by this method; as buying here in the kingdom seems hopeless.. please advise me.. thanks.. 🙂

  41. I was wondering if anyone has tried that recently… Will customs charge anything?

  42. Does anyone know if it is possible to successfully purchase from the Apple *USA* store (not UK) through Aramex’s ShopandShip service? I’m  getting mixed reports from their employees.. one guy says that it’s possible, and another says that Apple US don’t send to the Shopandship US office because they know it’s a forwarding address.

    I want to buy the new macbook air, preferably from the US office, because the prices on the UK site are way more expensive.


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