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eSkyGuide: Travel Info at Your Fingertips

While preparing for my vacation, I was introduced to a new app on the iPhone called eSkyGuide.

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The whole purpose of the application is very straight forward, it lets you navigate changes and track all your air travel plans. Using your current location it would locate nearby airports, giving you updated flight schedules, since you can lookup availabilities and flight options for the next 7 days.

eSkyGuide gives you a 7 day weather forecast for airports that are listed in your itinerary.

The app truly shines when it provides you with contact information for airlines, hotels, car rentals, and travel agencies at your destination with numbers that you can tap to place a call right from your iPhone.

During my vacation to Europe, I tested how the app operated and functioned, to find it quite useful when it comes to providing me with needed information right at my finger tips.

eSkyGuide is available on the app store and sells for $4.99, Personally I think that the price is steep for what the app has to offer, where I find that a $1.99 price tag would be the sweet spot. Yet this is one of those apps that I will always keep in my iPhone’s Travel folder to find what I want when I need it.














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  1. Thanks for the information and for creating a nice website. I have been hunting for savvy information on travel tips and may put these recommendations to practice. I have found it difficult to find good suggestions, as there are tons of sites with innaccurate articles. Definitely keep the good stuff flowing!


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