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Coverage of the WWDC 2010 Keynote

This year’s World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC 2010) will start at 10AM PT, that’s 8 PM local Saudi Arabia time.

Here’s a list of sites covering the WWDC Keynote by Steve Jobs live from Moscone.

• gdgt live.

• The Mac Observer and TMO on Twitter.

• The Loop.

• MacLife.

• Arstechnica.

• MacRumorsLive.

• Engadget.

• Mac Stories.

Gizmodo was not invited, most likely because they tried to extort Apple.

If you’re in Dubai, check out Shufflegazine’s event.

And for Arabic coverage of the WWDC keynote: Apple-wd.

Photo Credit: Adam Jackson / Flickr

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  1. Good morning Khaled 🙂
    I have to say that “gdgt live” is my favorite, but is there a way that we can watch the event streamed live?!

    • http://live.twit.tv will cover it. If someone got a camera inside they will broadcast it

    • Hopefully Leo will be there, but I doubt it! Since he wasn’t invited in several Apple events lately including this one.
      I’ll tune in and see, thank you Khaled 🙂

    • Many bloggers reported that live broadcast was not allowed. Imagine just text and picture uploaded was hoggy their WiFi network. Apple should use a private WiFi for demos atleast.


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