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Summer offers from itechia: MacBook, iPod Classic and iPad case

Here’s the summer promotion by itechia stores in Saudi Arabia as posted on their facebook page.

iPod Classic for 699SR, MacBook for 3,999SR and a free case with your iPad purchase.

Itechia have branches in Riyadh, Jeddah and Dahran.

If you know of any other promotions by a Mac retailer in Saudi Arabia then please tell us.

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  1. This store is a known cheater. The bold manager was in Compume back in 2003. I bought a new VAIO from him, and when I got it home there were chat logs and browsing history!!!

    I went once to itechia to buy an iMac, and asked for the higher configurations. The same bold manager said the price was so and so. When I got it, while paying using the credit card, I looked at the box and found that it was the lower configurations!!!! AVOID HIM.

    • Thanks a lot Tareq for that valuable information.
      Geeks and apple lovers keep posting information about such experiences and also about to find out good places. 

    • the bold man is chafik al kinany, is a big lier and untrusted

  2. does any one knows apple store in Madina other than Jarir, because they absolutely have no idea about macs, I want to upgrade to mac pro 13″, can any body help me?

  3. The best way to buy apple products is to ask someone abroad to ship to you. I was in the US, and I converted one friend to Mac. He then converted about 50 of his relatives and sent them macbooks through mail. I suggest avoiding Fedex and UPS. Instead, use normal mail service like USPS in USA. Very reliable.

    • but what about the Arabic characters on the keyboard buttons?! and how much it will cost me for shipping from the US?!

  4. How much does the iPad 16GB cost at itechia??

  5. The best apple offers is jarrir and itechia i saw the add in a news paper getting an apple computer for 4000 riyls which also the sales man had great info about apple computers also he offered me to visit him any time in morning to tech me about apple which jarrir sales man didnt know the model number of the computer… as of friends and relatives everybody recomends itechia, 2nd day of my traning i saw a big batch of new staff getting traind from an american guy which i really felt itechia is profisonal i asked why the sales man said they have a huge expanding plan and new store going to open today i was there in the morning i bought a case and chocolates they sell ichoc 🙂 i used to buy in germany

  6. Can anyone tell me how much the iPad 16GB cost at iTechia because  I am planning to buy it from iStyle for 2400 riyals but I saw this offer so I wonder how much the price is at iTechia??

  7. mohamed ibrahim

    I have been doing all my MAC shopping at I.ZONE and or Istyle if I am in Dubai. they are simply the best hands down… No one should shop for MAC items at Jarir ,and as for Itechia, we know for a fact that they are a. NOT an APPLE premium reseller b. Have rediculously high prices. Has anyone seen how silly their iTune cards are, or how much they attempted to sell the iPad for. My cousin went in there to get it, and they told them a price that was double I.ZONE. the next day, they changed their prices. lol

    Both IZONE and Istyle are APPLE Premium Resellers. why oh why would you buy from anyone else????

    Lastly, I find it very interesting, that such a “neutral site” has its main contributor “Khaled” who has incredible knowledge of APPLE and I respect this site so much, push a company like iTechia. No offence to anyone involved in this great site, but it seems to me like their is an agenda. To give advice about a company specifically (like iTechia) and NOT the best option (like an APPLE premium reseller) is confusing as it doesnt seem to service the customer in the best way??? I would love to hear feedback on that. HONEST FEEDBACK. I noticed Khaled A above mention that Jarir is not an APPLE distributor so they should call iTechia? That is hilarious as iTechia is NOT a Distributor either??? hahaha

    • Jarir is no longer an authorized dealer, making them a “gray market” Apple dealer.

      Itechia is indeed not an Apple dealer, as for prices their Mac prices (the items that matter) are priced better than others. 

      Again, iZONE is also selling an iPad, a gray market practice. ABM won’t like it. As for iStyle I am not sure if they ever decide on a price: http://www.saudimac.com/2008/05/my-personal-experience-with-istyle-store-in-riyadh/

      and iStyle experience:

      Here’s the thing, I got better support from Itechia than stores like Global Store,
      and here’s an example:

      As I said in the post, if a store is having a promotion then please contact us, vendor websites here are horribly designed and I couldn’t find anything useful.

      Take the time to read Talal’s story, he didn’t get his defective macbook pro replaced only after 3 years of Frustration. Apple American couldn’t replace it because it was bought at an “IMC”. 

      I only buy Macs from itechia, Not into the accessories, but apparently some people do pay for these

      Oh yeah, and they do offer shipping, etc services, you mentioned KAUST dealing with i.Zone and it looks like ARAMCO is dealing with itechia. 

  8. Khaled, I am not with or against any of those shops in Saudi Arabia. IMHO I think both itechia and izone are big cheaters, or at least I can call them opportunistic. I lately went to izone in panorama mall and saw how ridiculous their prices are. Just like itechia. And BTW, ARAMCO buy from itechia?? HAHAHA :|. I would walk naked in the street if this is true!

    I have lived the last 5 years out of Saudi Arabia, between Singapore and the US, and I saw what customer service and consistent corporate policy mean. I will NEVER buy a macbook, ipad, ipod, or even an accessory from any where in an Arab country. I am fortunate to be a frequent traveler to where I can get Apple products at global warranties and at the normal global stores. I dont really care about getting the apple product a week after its release date!

    To conclude, if you can travel and get your gadgets, please do. If not, I would still shop from abroad and pay for the postage. In the mean time, I would keep sending emails to apple until they decide to open an official apple store in Riyadh. You may learn a lesson from Shawshank Redemption. It’s a movie. You should watch it if you have not.

  9. with all my respect to all apple shops in saudi arabia but i only shop from itechia i look for the service after i buy not the price
    what does a price help me in if i cant fix or any help needed?and they get the new apple stocks after apple in couple of days i heared that itechia was over priced but when i went there at all an iphone case 99 riyals ipad case 75 riyals also they have high branded but what you pay is what you get,

  10. I was at iTechia in hayat mall last week. Despite of what people said, i went to visit the store. And it confirmed every single horror stories i heard…not just the price…but the people and management there too.
    As I entered the store, they say I can’t enter with baby stroller….like WTF?? The guy said you can leave the stroller by the door…and he expects me to leave my son sleeping by himself at the door…. WTF?
    I questioned them but they said it is the management policy….so I said to them “you and your management are all stupid” …than I walk off.
    The worst store I’ve encountered in my life….ever.

  11. @ nabil , so do not buy anything  at itechia because ITECHIA robbing everyone , robbing every arab all customers askn double the price not good management,.


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