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Short Film Shot and Edited on iPhone 4

The following short film was shot and edited entirely on an iPhone 4. Editing was done using iMovie for iPhone 4.

This short film is titled Apple of My Eye and it took 48 hours to shot and edit.

Here is the film and with it some behind the scenes footage. High definition version is available on vimeo.

Thanks Kashif Riaz for sharing it on the Facebook page.

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  1. too much free time i guess…..

  2. was that recorded with the iphone?

    if so its REALLy great quality

  3. Hi Dear Khaled.
    i am gonna travel to Saudi Arabia & i have answer.
    -for buying computer & pc Tablets (JooJoo Tablet or ILET HAL or ………..) in makkeh or Madinah , i should go ….. where?

  4. Damn. It’s so HQ.


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