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iTunes App in iPhone and iPad finally works in Saudi Arabia

If you tried to launch the iTunes App in the iPad, iPhone or iPod touch (iOS devices) and you were logged with the Saudi iTunes account then you will face this error message “itunes store not supported in this country”.

And now after Apple finally opened a Podcast section in the Saudi iTunes Store you can open the iTunes App on iOS devices with a Saudi iTunes account without changing the country.

Here are screen-shots from the Saudi iTunes App in the iPad and the iPhone:

iTunes App icon from here.

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  1. I sent them an email complaining last week
    that was fast !!!

    I’m not kidding

  2. I just discovered that two hour,s ago while on my iphone listing to a podcast and i clicked get new episode and it started to download and that was on 3G!!!
    I was then questioning my self since when did they enable it ??? That’s Great 

    thx for sharing

  3. i just wanted to know if the store has the same content as the USA one do ?
    thanks in advance 


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