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iPhone 4 from UK, France is officially unlocked

Apple has already started accepting pre-orders for iPhone 4 in preparations for the release in the US, UK, France, Germany and Japan on the 24th of June 2010.

You can buy the iPhone 4 from the Apple Online Store in the UK and France at full price without a 2 year commitment with a carrier. In other words they are officially unlocked.

According to the information on the French and UK store the iPhone sold is SIM-free and should work with any carrier (including of course: Mobily, STC and Zain).

The prices are (in GBP from the UK and EURO from France):

• iPhone 3GS 8GB: £419 or 2,318 Saudi Riyal – Euro 519,00 € or 2,387 Saudi Riyal

• iPhone 4 16GB: £499 or 2,760 Saudi Riyal – Euro 629 € or 2,893 Saudi Riyal

• iPhone 4 32GB: £599 or 3,313 Saudi Riyal – Euro 739 € or 3,399 Saudi Riyal

Prices include local taxes. Currency converted using XE.

The expected price of the iPhone 4 in Saudi Arabia from Mobily is 2,999SR which is about 300SR less.

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  1. which is the best way to get it here?

  2. i live in lebanon not saudi arabia do u know how can i get it to lebanon and how much will the shipping cost ?

    • sorry just wanted to add does it have an world wide warrenty i mean if i buy it from uk can i fix it in saudi arabia ?

  3. I think, it will come to Saudi within few days considering the huge demand.

  4. iphone 3GS 8GB..??

  5. the iphone will arrive in saudia by the 2nd of july unofficially ,but the price will be around 5500 in the beggining and will gradually fall.

  6. Iphone4 require a new special micro-SIM card. use iPad micro-SIM card can’t be used. So if you buy it from abroad and bring it home it will not work unless your local telecommunication company provide the required support for the iPhone micro-SIM card. For more information see this link: http://www.itproportal.com/portal/news/article/2010/6/16/ipad-and-iphone-cant-share-sim-card-says-apple/

  7. please contact me for iphone on the 29th of june inshALLAH, 32gb 6000/= riyals anywhere in saudia
    i have got very limited shipment this time so first come first serve.

  8. i say get the 3Gs or just wait for the second generations of iphone 4 cuz the iphone 4 developers found problems in its screen

    • how can iphone 4 if i am in ghana
      a friend of my had send me an iphone4 with a generating code and he’s employee number but i do not know how to get in Ghana.can you help me


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