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iPad, iPhone, iPod touch App News for the week – 2

Continuing the weekly list of App news. Here are the latest App news of the week.

Skype 2.0 supports calls over 3G

Skype VoIP app for the iPhone has been updated to support making calls using the 3G network. Skype-to-Skype calls on the 3G network will be free until 2011 then it will cost a small monthly fee.

The update includes general improvements to the app as well.

Source: BGR and Engadget.

App Store Link: here.

iPray Major Update

iPray Lite 3.1 has been released. This is a major update that includes a new interface, two themes, 80,000 cities added, and many more.

iPray Pro will have a similar update as soon as Apple approves it.

App Store Link: here.

Early Edition 1.1 for the iPad

Early Edition is an RSS reader for the iPad that displays news in a newspaper theme. Early Edition 1.1 updated included support for Google Reader imports and many imrovements.

Source: Glasshouse Blog.

App Store Link: here – price $4.99.

Reeder for the iPad almost here

My favorite iPhone RSS/Google Reader iPhone App will have an iPad brother soon. Mac Stories has reviewed Reeder for the iPad and it is a winner.

Reeder for iPad is waiting for App Store approval.

Source: Reeder for iPad review at Mac Stories.

App Store Link: Reeder for iPhone: here.

MoneyBook 2.0 coming soon

MoneyBook is an iPhone app for managing personal finance. It is currently the number 1 app in the Finance section in the Saudi Arabia App Store. MoneyBook 2.0 will include many changes but once it’s been released the price of the app will increase.

Source: MoneyBook 2.0 post.

App Store Link: here.

Awesome Note review

Awesome Note is a notes and task management app. iPhone.AppStorm has reviewed it.

Source: Get Things Done With Awesome Note.

App Store Link: here.

Daily Notes for the iPad review

Daily Notes turns the iPad into a digital notepad.

Source: Daily Notes has been reviewed by Mac Stories.

App Store Link: here.

Apple’s WWDC iPhone App

Apple has released an iPhone specifically for the World Wide Developer Conference 2010 attendees. If you are a developer and purchased a WWDC 2010 ticket then just login at this page and you will be able to download the app.

The app include a list of sessions and events.

Source: AppleInsider.

Stanza updated for iPad support

Stanza is an iPhone ebook reader. It has been updated to be a Universal App so it will work on the iPad. The update includes PDF support.

App Store Link: here.

iTunes App Store added Remotes section

Apple has added a new page to the iTunes App Store titled “Remotes”. The page lists Apps that control your computer remotely. It includes my favorite Apps: iTeleport and TouchPad.

Visit the page: here.

Source: Mac Stories. You should also check this review of 2 remote apps

100 Apps in 1

Do I have to say more? This App includes 100 “tools” from Baby Names to Unit Converter.

Source: MacLife.

App Store Link: here.

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  1. I just want to ask about the ipray, i installed the free version, but the Qibla direction is not working, it just gives me the location of Qibla in a steady position that indicates its location from my position with out moving if i moved the iphone, I have iPhone 3g s, and I have another qibla location wich is working normally. the question is; is the free version doesn’t support the compas in iPhone 3Gs? or do I have to do any change in any kind of settings to make it work?
    thx in advance 

  2. Yes dear, the Lite version does not use the compass, while the full version do ..

    iPray “Full” will hit the App Store in the coming few days إن شاء الله ..

    Thanks for asking ..

  3. Thx all, the problem is that I don’t know how to get a paid account to buy the full versions. Is there any shop that sell gift card or something like that in KSA? I live in Madina, and as u know there is no apple shop here (as I know till now).


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