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iPad Cake

NOTE: If you’re excepting a tech related blog post then the answer is, No.

Today the 18th of June is my Birthday, and my lovely wife decided to throw me a special surprise birthday.

We geeks know that it is very hard to get us anything, especially when it’s a gadget. So while planning for a couple of days, and conspiring with my mother about the matter, I ended up getting this beautiful iPad cake.

I would like to thank the two angels in my life for such a great surprise.

PS. If you find this post fluffy, read the note on the top. The answer is still No!




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  1. Guess what, my birthday was yesterday, and guess what my present was? it was 54 pages of physics. 
    But thank god, my dear mom remembered me and got me a nice cake. 
    Well then, 18th of June, hope to celebrate you in a good way next year.

  2. Happy birthday.. but wait, where are your favorite apps?

  3. Now the real question is if there is a real iPad inside like that chocolate covered one that was publicized earlier in the week.

  4. beauty ! ♥

  5. Nuckin’ Futs ; )

  6. Very innovative. Happy birthday. Belated 😉


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