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First Look: Mobily App for the iPhone

Looks like Mobily has released their iPhone (iOS) App. The App is called “Mobily App” and to take advantage of all it’s features you need to have an account on Mobily’s site.

The first screen, you need to track the Mobily logo with your finger:

The Main menu options:

Second page of the main menu:

Billing and Payment

My Bill page which includes Personal Info, Method of recieving bills, Bill information and Bill Summary:

Method of receiving bills: Email or Postal:

Bill Information page:

Bill Summary Page:

Balance Information Page:

Neqaty Program, a points system:

Reward redemption page:

Points Summary:

Manage services from this page:

Second part of the services list:

App settings, here you can Sign Out:

About Page:

Notifications, Promotions, Mobily news and updates page:

Mobily services information page:

Credit transfer page:

Locate the nearest Mobily showroom:

Report network problems, uses your location to report a problem with the Mobily network. A nice feature.

3lhawa news page:

Change your active numbere in this page:

Mobily App is free.

Click to visit the App Store

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