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Comparing iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS

Apple has made this table to compare the features of the iPhone 4 with the previous iPhone 3GS. Please note that these prices are with the US carrier AT&T and is tied to a 2-year contract.

When Mobily get the iPhone 4 in Saudi Arabia the price will most likely be the same as the previous generation prices.

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  1. What do u mean by this:

    “When Mobily get the iPhone 4 in Saudi Arabia the price will most likely be the same as the previous generation prices.”

    then what will be the price of 3gs THEN?

    will there be any option like upgrade plan?

  2. Does mobily offer the exchange? As I am very much interested to exchange my 3Gs. What could be the price, could be same or more.

  3. i hope any of these operators let us buy in contract…that is installment…mobilys meaning of contract is pay the full price and the fees for data charges of the 1st month!what the….!!

  4. My iphone screen lock button is acting weird, it locks the screen automatically, looks like the button has gone bad, do you think Mobily will replace with other iPhone.

  5. when will iphone 4, be available here in KSA

  6. sometime in 24 june

  7. so any news for the iphone 4g..?

  8. Hey there sir, has Iphone 4G arrived at the saudi markets? if not then when? & where are the best places to buy it from in Jeddah?

  9. hello everyone, does anyone know why the prices are a bit high in the UK (3,438 SR) for an Iphone 4 (black 32GB). I am just thinking if this is the price the UK then perhaps this will bee the cost here on mid August, instead of the price we think which is 2999 SR.  

    Any thoughts…..

  10. I think buying the Iphone 4 would be best from either mobily or STC big branches in Jeddah or riyadh or wherever  (if the rumors are true) Don’t go to Palestine road as they would probably jack up the prices  and when, well quoting from Khaled around mid August or early september, I doubt that it will be available in the next couple of days though.

  11. Do you know if an iPhone 4 micro sim is out is Saudi Arabia? I need a quick reply because I have already bought one and am coming to Saudi, so wondering if there is a compatible Sim Card. Does anybody know?


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