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Comparing iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS screens

Taking a photograph of the iPhone 4 Retina Display was not enough. Here are 2 screenshots of the iPhone homescreen from an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 3GS running iOS 4. The iPhone 3GS screenshot (320×480) was resized to be as big as the iPhone 4 screenshot (640X960).

Click image to see the difference:

Photos were posted on this thread at the Mac Rumors Forums.

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  1. I must be getting blind as I see no difference on the resolution of my MacBook Pro… the only difference between the two is the background! Hmm… if I see no difference then that’s another reason for the iPhone 4 to be a waste of money for me!

    Now seriously guys do you see any difference in the two shots above?!! When I saw no difference on TV the other day watching the Steve Jobs presenting the iPhone 4, I thought it was because of my TV’s resolution… although my TV is one of the latest 52″ models of Samsung 🙁

  2. the 3GS screen is clearly blurry. that is because you resized the image but that is the point i guess…iPhone 4 will give you great display quality at a bigger resolution

  3. Is it possible ? iMovie for iPhone4 works on iPhone 3Gs with ios4?!!!

    • iMovie is made to use the iPhone 4 1GHz CPU (600mhz on 3gs), 512 MB ram (256 on 3gs) and Retina display (don’t even compare 😉 ).


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