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A Closer look at the iPhone 4 display

Robert Scoble took a closeup of the iPhone 4 Retina display. All what I can say is: WOW.

Here’s the photo:

And zoomed in:

Thanks Mazen for sharing it! You can also look at the full-size image (5616 x 3744) on Flickr.

Update: Thanks Robert for posting a similar photo of the iPhone 3GS to compare the two iPhones.

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  1. An AMOLED screen is way clearer that Retina Display. Also the difference is so hidden from normal human vision that it doesnt seem worth the price.
    If iPad had this type of screen then it was worth it but a small iphone screen is really not a good selection for Retina technology.

  2. hello i am Iranian do you think i can buy an iphone 3GS or 4 from there without paying monthly fee??
    i mean with that low prepayments !?

    i mean to buy an iphone 3GS or 4 from there with a low prepayment and return to iran without paying monthly fee ??

    anybody knows ??

    Khaled do you know ?


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