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Posts of April 2010

April 2010 is the month of the Apple iPad. I have been using mine for 4 weeks now and am very happy with it.

Let’s start with iPad only links first, shall we?

iPad posts

iPad review from USA Today

Andy Ihnatko from Chicago Sun Times reviews the iPad

iPad review by Walt Mossberg from The Wall Street Journal

iPad review by David Pogue of The New York Times

iBooks available at the iPad App Store

iPad Apps appear in the Saudi Arabia iTunes Store

Stephen Colbert’s iPad

Google Services on the iPad

Arabic iPad: Can read but can’t write

First photo of Arabic in the Apple iPad

iPad language capability

iPad Questions and Answers – part 1

iPad Day 1 Sales: 300,000 units sold

iPad in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and UAE (Updated)

Apple iPad: Bigger Than Life, the first iPad review from Saudi Arabia.

More stores selling the iPad in Saudi Arabia (update)

Apple delivered 500,000 iPads, delays International release

LiveSketch HD for iPad

Video: iPad Restaurant Point of Sale

Software and Updates

AirPort Client and Time Capsule, AirPort Firmware

53 Twitter Apps for the Mac

Jeddah Food iPhone App released (Update: Free version released)

Opera Mini released, no Arabic, blocked in Saudi Arabia

Security Update 2010-003 and more Mac updates

Track Shipments from the Mac, iPhone and iPad

Apple releases iPhone OS 4 beta 2 and SDK

Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 and Arabic: Word, PowerPoint, Outlook and Excel

Updates: Final Cut Server 1.5.2 and RAW 3.2

iTunes 9.1.1

Video: Mobily’s iPhone and iPad App – Mobily World

Aperture 3.0.3 Update


iPad and MacBook for Seton Hill University Students

iPhone OS 4 announcement and video

Update on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch numbers

New MacBook Pro with Core i5/i7

Apple reports $3.07 billion profit for Q2 2010

Police Investiages Lost iPhone 4G Prototype

iPhone takes 72% of the Japanese smartphone market

Mobily to release the iPad in Saudi Arabia

Apple announced WWDC 2010 date: 7 to 11 June

Apple acquires Intrinsity and Siri

Steve Jobs posts thoughts about Flash

Articles and Guides

Link: Sorry, Adobe, you screwed yourself

iWork on iPad Tips

Organize your MagSafe Power Adapter with PowerCurl

The problem with Arabic content: no source verification

Odds and Ends

Printing from an iPad

99 year old with her first computer, an iPad

Arabic version of this post on SaudiMac.net.

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  1. Is it illegal to sell ipads via US to Saudi? Thanks

  2. @ rich

    I don’t think so.. iPads are not locked to any company. So legally I believe it’s OK to buy it from US and sell it in Saudi Arabia.

  3. Very helpful and informative posts Khaled! Many thanks for your great contribution. Keep it up!

  4. I have a friend who wants me to send him iPad’s from the US to Saudi. Howver I think by the time you pay for shipping it might be cheaper to buy from Saudi or somewhere else. Price in US with tax is 524.00, plus shipping to Saudi, 240.00 so $764.00 US, that seems to much.


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