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Apple releases iPhone OS 4 beta 4 and SDK

Apple released the fourth beta of the upcoming iPhone OS 4 and it’s Xcode SDK to developers. iPhone OS 4 beta 4 is available for the iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G, 3rd and 2nd generation iPod touch.

To download you need to be a member of the iPhone Developer Program.

According to MacStories Apple has added more wallpapers and moved some of the default Apps to a “Utilities” folder.

iPhone OS 4.0 is expected to be released in June before the release of the 4th generation iPhone. iPhone OS 4 for the iPad will be released in Fall 2010.

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  1. is it possible for none developers to download it and use it until it becomes officially released?

    • you could ask a developer friend to give you the SDK. You will also need to give him your UDID (device ID) so he adds it as an approved device for testing

  2. And for you to be able to update on this Beta FW, you need to have a MAC to do so. WIndows aren’t supported.


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