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Apple pulls offensive-to-Muslims App

Apple pulled the iPhone/iPod touch App called “iSlam Muhammad” from the App Store.

Program description (from here):

The prophet Muhammad is leader to millions of Muslims worldwide. Qur’an You Believe It?
Enjoy violent and hateful passages from The Qur’an that support and encourage Muslims to attack and behead anyone who does not agree with them. See how Allah directs his followers to treat men and women.

Apple’s reason for taking the App down is “Not appropriate to the store.”

It is surprising that Apple even approved this App in the first place. In any case thank you Apple for taking the App down.

The App was made by “Emery Emery” who claimed in this recording of his phone call with Apple that “BibleThumber” is exactly the same. Actually if you read the description of that App then you will notice they are not the same.

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  1. Waleed Alzuhair

    Evil begets evil.. We didn’t do enough to educate the world about Islam, and allowed extremists to portray the wrong image.

    • Its not the extremists that worry me, after all they are only the minority of the muslim representation in Britain and England. They are the one`s who get all the attention and media coverage while the average muslim goes about his duties to allah and the quaran. The media blatantly highlight the terrorists so they then become the focal point and praise can then be poured over the normal non terrorist muslim. So while we are loking over our shoulders for terrorists the regular muslim lays out his plans for domination and superiority, and we happily accept it. Well not me!
      Afterall we all know that gods don`t exist, we are all made of the same atoms that make up every aspect of the world we live on and the universe our world is a tiny part of. So to create fictional gods to represent different cultures is just a way of seperating ourselves from one another and creating friction and war over our ideology and beliefs.
      Islam is the evil of this earth, it teaches muslims to kill “infidels” (non-believers) and that islam will rule, it gives women no rights, orders the killing of homosexuals and the stoning to death of women who commit adultery as well as taking away all natural rights from women who are all equal alongside men. There are many other shameful aspects of islam, but I`m sure you already know them well.
      So waht really worries me being an Englishman is the threat to my children and my childrens children as Britain becomes swamped with muslims and laws such as sharia are eventually passed. It will be the death of my home nation and that of millions of other decent people like me who just want to live at peace with their neighbours and have the freedom to enjoy their lives in whatever trade they choose to make their own. Islam will destroy and take this all away. It is a medi-evil law that simply does not fit into the modern day in any walk of life. It will take this country backwards and turn it into a warzone just like other islamic states such as Pakistan and Afghanistan. I really fear for those of my culture who will remain here over the next 20-30 years and beyond. Got to go now, my pigs need feeding!

    • Wow! Lee, you make an awful lot of assumptions.  Plus, your condescension is offensive to me and I’m not even the target of your apparent disdain for anyone who doesn’t believe as you do.

      I am also Atheist, but one thing I’ve learned is that if people want to believe in Allah, or Jesus, or Buddha, or pink panthers, they have a right to do so just as you and I have a right to believe in none of it. They deserve our respect, not the flame-bait you’re peddling.

      There’s a time and place for the conversation you’re trying to have. This is neither.

    • @Lee Mallet, I don’t have the words to say how sorry I feel at your pitiable state of mind. Its one’s inner fears and dreads that no one can save him from. 

      You can always choose to be afraid of anything ..or Muslims to be precise, and the over whelming fear will get the best of you before you know it. How about face the truth and get some basic concepts straight first, before starting a heated debate over some religion, whose A B C we haven’t bothered to read. 

      Here’s a part of your knowledge base about Islam: 
      “Islam is the evil of this earth, it teaches muslims to kill “infidels” (non-believers) and that islam will rule, it gives women no rights, orders the killing of homosexuals and the stoning to death of women who commit adultery as well as taking away all natural rights from women who are all equal alongside men. There are many other shameful aspects of islam, but I`m sure you already know them well.”

      The above paragraph is 100% a fabrication of your imagination and a piece of literature with no ground. What ever concerns you have with Muslims, will not affect their beliefs nor the truth … its just a matter of getting knowledge about it first.

      I can give you lecture on Islam right here .. and may be able to convince you atleast to get a genuine book about it and read up … but as Kevin mentioned, there is a time and place for everything, and this definitely is neither of them. 

      One last line … Islam does not limit women from anything that is socially and morally acceptable, but commit adultery, I am sorry to say, does not lie within the definition of ‘freedom of rights’ its an unacceptable act which is harmful for health as far as even science says, leave Islam for that matter, get your Bio straight first. Its not only banned for women, its banned for men alike (in Islam).


  2. It is unfortunate, yet true, that Islam is not looked upon favorably by much of the western world (I live in the US). The perception (whether true or not) is that when violence is done “in the name of religion,” it’s usually at the hands of a Muslim. I know that wasn’t always the case, and there’s plenty of violence in the history of the Christian faith and probably others, but *today*, it’s mostly seen as being Muslims.

    I believe people like Waleed Alzuhair above, who say Islam doesn’t preach violence, but it only takes a few twisted crazy people to convince the world that it does, especially when they run around saying they’re doing these things in the name of Allah.

    I would point out that the Catholic church doesn’t preach violence either, but if I read the Catholic bible looking for excuses, I could find many justifications for violence. Islam is not unique in this way.

    The most unfortunate part of all this is that we, in the west, are very entrenched in our own religion and are EXTREMELY intolerant of the beliefs of others. Until that changes, this kind of finger pointing and name calling will not go away.

    I happen to be Atheist, so I have little respect for any religion, but if people must believe in such things, I have no reason to dislike your religion more than any others.

    Back to the point of your post, I agree that it’s ridiculous that they allowed the ad in there in the first place, and they did the right thing removing it.

    (btw, I don’t understand the need to react violently to insults against your profit Mohammed. I was Catholic before becoming Atheist and I can’t say I ever felt the need to injure or kill anyone for insulting Jesus or God. Of course, that’s probably a totally different topic that should be taken up elsewhere)

    I do hope this post does not offend anyone. It’s not meant as such and if I’ve said anything inappropriate, please accept my apology. It’s just my ignorance of your beliefs.

  3. Good thing Apple realised. 
    @Kevin, you’re right when you say ‘It takes a few twisted crazy people to convince the world Islam preaches violence’ but a point to be noted is that these extremists are killing Muslims in mosques, where they’re praying … even Atheists can figure what to make out of that.
    Point is, they are NOT Muslims, they’re ruining the image but anyone who has a bit of sense should know better than to accept them as Muslims, even if they say they do it in the name of Allah. 
    40 ppl including 17 children were killed in a mosque in Pindi…the children gunshot on their heads… in the state of Friday Prayer ….. I personally don’t even consider them humans …. ! 

  4. The people doing this in in the name of Islam have been completely brainwashed by some for their own benefits. Islam has nothing to do with terrorism; it never had anything to do nor will it ever have. 

    H. Ali (ra),  “If a person is not your brother in religion, he is your equal in humanity”. 

    I agree with Masuda, I too personally don’t even consider them humans, not even close to humanity!

  5. I agree with all of you. These people are just committed to doing violence and they don’t care who gets hurt. Religion is not the cause. It’s the excuse they use for something they would have done anyway.

    I know that Muslims are frequently victims of such attacks. As I said above, these people don’t care who gets hurt. violence and pain is what they do.

    Unfortunately, not everyone believes as I do. There are many who are looking for someone to blame, and if they can’t blame the guy who just died in his own attack, they’re going to target what that person claims was his motivation. That’s where Islam comes in. It’s not right, but it seems to be how things work over here.

    It shames me to admit that we’re an intolerant people and because your faith and culture differ from ours, you’re outsiders and always suspect.


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