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More stores selling the iPad in Saudi Arabia (update)

It’s only been less than 2 weeks since the release of the Apple iPad in the United States and Apple stores in Saudi Arabia are already selling the iPad. As far as we know Itechia started selling them last Thursday. 4,999SR ($1,333) for 64GB iPad WiFi.

Itechia updated their prices: 2,949SR ($786), 3,449SR ($919), 3,949SR ($1,053) for 16, 32, 64GB iPads.

Extra, a store listed on Arab Computers site is also selling the 16GB iPad WiFi for 3,999SR ($1,066).

iSTORE (an empty website) has advertised on today’s Riyadh newspaper. It only had a price list: 16GB for 2,999SR ($799), 32GB for 3,499SR ($933) and 64GB for 3,999SR ($1,066). I have called 2 of the 3 Riyadh branches. One of them told me they sold out of 32 and 64GB models. The other branch was honest and told me they only brought the 16GB model. This photo was taken by Turki.

*deleted by request*

Thanks SaudiDent for updating us about the price of the iPad from I-WEAVER in Jeddah. 64GB iPad WiFi for 5,900SR ($1,573) and they only had 3 units.

Officially the iPad should be released by Apple in the following countries by the end of April: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Spain, Switzerland and the UK. Make sure to read the first iPad review in Saudi Arabia.

Arabic version of this post on SaudiMac.net.

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  1. wow, they doubled the price, I wonder how much revenue they wil get. I am thinking of starting my I pad biz with cheaper prices lol

  2. crooks bgoowa i called istore they dont sell 32 & 64 only 16 and sold out who is running apple stores in KSA ???


  4. what about the iPhone … !!!
    The Price is still Damn High and Always low on Stock

  5. The iPad new prices at i-weaver store in Jeddah :

    16 GB = 2999 SR
    32 GB =3449 SR
    64 GB = 3999 SR

  6. I bought my iPad from IZONE 64gb for $4,950 and I was the 7th person to buy it in Saudi. I know this, because IZONE was the first company here to sell it! Waay before iTechia and the rest of the stores. This is a FACT, not a rumor. lol. Having just moved Saudi from the UK, I find it interesting that this “neutral”?? site happens to have alll the information from Itechia! Pics, they sponsor the site etc etc. Yet, no mention of the store I visited! apparently its also an APPLE Premium Reseller which iTechia and I-weaver arent! I think a store called iSTYLE is also an APR in the country. I went their first, and they didnt have anything. They told me about iZONE.
    Thought I’d give my two cense worth! I enjoyed the store very very much, and fantastic prices and amazing accessories. Now that I got that out the way, i was wondering now that i have the iPad, where and when i will be able to use arabic on it?

    thanks so much. Zayd

    • they actually take their time and tell us via email or on the facebook page.

      Did you really pay $4950 ?? or 4950SR? in either case, وش تحس فيه ?

      i weaver posted their updated prices here as well, iStyle updated me on their status and I updated accordingly.

      iZONE never contacted us, and I don’t think they are in Riyadh.

    • hahaha… good one Khaled!!! I def didnt pay that in dollars!!

      they arent in riyadh actually. but when i visited their site, which was being updated, it said they’ll be opening their largest store next month in Rio. But not sure ill be visiting rio anytime soon. Jeddah is so far ok! I heard Rio is a lot different… ie. the culture and people. What did you write in Arabic btw? didnt understand. either way, thanks. its nice to see a good site mac related.

  7. oh I forgot. IZONE where and are still selling all models of the iPad. I dont know the prices for the others since i didnt bother asking. I HAAAD TO get the 64gb!!

  8. asalamualikum, i am also selling i pads i have 9pcs of 64gb and 2 pcs of 32gb in hand in jeddah, ……

  9. call me on 0566 0 2 1 9 0 4

  10. anybody who needs ipads 64gb in jeddah COD for 4300 fixed can mail me on muslimtraders@hotmail.com
    ,azhar call me if you got my number otherwise e-mail me i will reply you tc.

  11. tarannum shaikh

    update for you all. extra stores is selling ipads for only sr 2799. they’ve come down intheir prices, lets wait and watch. maybe prices will come down in other stores also.

    • also without warranty 😉

    • salam,
      i dont have 16gb ,only 32 and 64 prices are with you, as for trust you will buy from my shop, any problem you can pop in again,you also have my number in the post if you want the 32 or 64 call me

    • tarannum shaikh

      jarir has come down in ipad price from 3000 sr to 2599sr. now, fahad, how much for ur 32 gb? now u have competition?

    • i am wondering when jarir will bring the 32 and specially the 64gb,i did not bring the 16gb at all, those who sold 64gb also dont have stock since long time. anyway my 64gb is 4100 last price. and 32 i can give for 3500,i am not going to crash the prices like them,i have 2 pcs of 32gb if you are intrested u can contact me on my e-mail which u can find on this same post

  12. i have some pcs of 64gb still left with me wifi only those will give for 4100/riyal anybody interested pop in…………

  13. f@had. I have family in Mecca at the moment, leaving in 5 days back to south africa. Is it possible to purchase ipad 64gb or 32gb 3g version from you? what is your price. please email me on mc@twaa.co.za. thanks

  14. i need IPAD 64 GB 3 G in jeddah..who have it ?

  15. I have an extra one, 64gb 3G brand new and sealed… Call me on  050 669 49 69 

  16. wat about the 3g one ??? is available yet ???
    DAMN im so tired of searchin it everywhere in jeddah city….
    everytime i call itechia or jarir or any electronics store they just told ” AFTER 2 WEEKS THE 3G ONE WILL BE AVAILABLE “. and its like a month now i didnt found it….

    • thx alot,,, i jst registered there….
      and i think i found something really hard for me…… the price maan…
      actually it’ll be better if its negotiable…….

      once again,,thx alot…

  17. like I said, its brand new, I can have someone give it to u in Jeddah…

    • okaaaay,,,,then how much would it be??? and wat do u mean u can have someone give it to me in jeddah ???? where are you anyway???

      if u can do it than it’ll be great…….
      and im ready for it 😉

  18. My brother is in Jeddah, I might be able to send it him and you could meet him in Red Sea Mall. The price I am asking for is 4,500 SR. My phone number is 0506694969.

  19. anytime after 4pm, I will be out of work then. 

  20. i want a IPad 32gb wifi .I am in India.is there any way i can get it

  21. Guys sale STD retail have 3G
    Also extra have the wifi
    Also 3G in Althoria Riyadh and shops in rushed
    Guys all is apple warranty for one year.
    Also jarir, it’s not mine but guys all iPad sold have to be fixed in Saudi authized retailer I have checked with apple, by the way I bought min from Dubai

  22. mohamed Muhsin

    Had my iPad 3G for 3 weeks now…. changed my daaamn life… wooowzer… Got it at place called I.ZONE… damn that place on in Panorama mall is the funkiest Apple Store I’ve seen outside the States…. Never thought creativity like that existed in Saudi! hahahahahaha

  23. والله مايسير المبالغه فى الاسعار و استغلال الناس

  24. Hey everybody,

    I dont know if anyone noticed… but huuuge news.. it seems APPLE is finally doing something about the shady guys like Itechia, Iweaver, istore and all the other non official APPLE guys taking down their APPLE signs. Itechia’s sign is down, and istore is down in Riyadh. I wonder if they will take down Iweaver and macit soon. this shows that they are at least making a stand against these guys. especially Itechia with their silly sillllly prices and Obnoxious General Manager!

  25. There are high demand on iPad, where there still the price high, and that mean it has powerful usage and good coverage to the users need and necessary.

  26. Please note: This phone is unlocked and can be used with any SIM card. No activation required

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    Apple IPAD 2 64GB Wifi + 3G $450

    Apple iPhone 4S 32GB $450
    Apple iPhone 4G 32GB $400
    Apple iPhone 4S 64GB $500


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  29. Looking for an I PAD 3G 16GB.If anyone please drop an email on hmehfuz@yahoo.ca
    Cheers up….


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