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Link: Sorry, Adobe, you screwed yourself

An interesting read about the relationship between Adobe and Apple between 1996 and 2010.

Adobe made a wrong bet in 1996 and is suffering the consequences in 2010 and has no one to blame except themselves. It’s Adobe’s turn to show that it matters to Apple and the tech industry. I don’t remember Apple or Steve Jobs whining in 1996-2006 about Adobe not contributing to the Apple ecosystem.

I have translated the article to Arabic and it can be found here.

Sorry, Adobe, you screwed yourself [Inner Daemon].

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  1. I think its Apple who is going to get screwed in the end. They are suing , Nokia, suing HTC, fighting with Adobe, and now theyre try to pick a fight with Google. Its not hard to see who will be screwed in the end.

    You pick a fight when you are cornered, Apple is cornered on all side and I dont think they have any fat chance to win this. They might partially win against Adobe but will be destroyed by Google.


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