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Apple iPad: Bigger Than Life

Well finally the wait is over, Apple delivered the iPad on the 3rd of April as promised, and I got mine delivered on the 8th, given the fact that my iPad flew all the way from China to the US, visited France, the UAE, till it reached my hands in Jeddah Saudi Arabia.


Now I am sure by now that you read a ton of articles, reviews, and opinions about the iPad and what it can and can’t do. So this won’t be a review, this will be an experience.

The first word that crossed my mind when i first held the iPad out of its box was “WOW!” after firing up some apps the whole iPad experience started to sink in, now i fully understand what Apple has created, and I think this is what got many people confused, they try to label this revolutionary device as a portable computer, or a netbook, or in some cases as a giant iPod touch (or iPhone). Yet Steve Jobs made it very clear when he said that this is something in-between a mobile phone and a laptop, created for ultra mobility.

Some people said that the device is so heavy, I find it very light and balanced (Recommendation: Try lifting some weight you wussies), you can feel that you’re holding a quality product, not a cheap piece of plastic tablet wannabe.

Many news sites reported that the new Apple product has issue connecting to the Internet, I found it connecting to many networks with no problems, so I guess in the quest to get more web-hits and Google juice, those site got there hand on a single incident to make a huge air-balloon out of it.

Let’s be logical, Apple placed a lot of betting chips on those product, they won’t ship out a defected device, especially when every other company dreams of finding a crack they can stab at.

The WOW Factor

Bottom line, the iPad is the best ultra-mobile device ever created, hands down.

It is the best Internet tablet (you can really touch the web for the first time), the best music device, the best HD movie player, the best creation on-the-go device, the best mobile gaming device, and the best book, magazine, and comic book reader you can ever dream of buying.

In the past I managed to travel naked with my iPhone, as a dear friend likes to say, now I can be even more productive and move lighter with the iPad, with everything merely a finger tap away.

P.S. This article has been drafted on an iPad, and if I had the SD card adaptor I would have posted directly to the web, thanks to Pages app on the iPad, so much for creating. Now scroll down and enjoy the images.

iPad thickness compared to iPhone 3GS

Reading books on the iPad

Drafting this article on the iPad using pages and exporting seamlessly through iTunes.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your experience Mazen 🙂
    I’m so excited that I can’t wait for the 3G/WiFi version to hit the market..

    PS: At the time I read this article there was 100+ views but no comments. Sometimes people don’t feel like commenting but they definitely would love to “rate” an article. So why not adding a rating plugin to the blog?

  2. U guys are all conspiring against me, I said I will not get an iPad.

    It seems like resistance is futile… good thing my birthday is coming up soon 🙂

  3. Funny you said that Qusay, My birthday is coming soon too 😛
    actually I have two birthdays, one is coming soon and the other one is coming when Apple releases iPhone 4G 😛

  4. Thank you for the review. I agree with most of the statements in your review.

    While I understand your excitement, and how much you love the device, but, Best mobile gaming device? This one I can’t agree with you on.

    I’m an uber-casual gamer, and I think iPhone, iPad and iTouch are plainly medi-core gaming devices compared to say, PSP. Yes, innovative, but games feel (tech specs) better on other dedicated gaming devices.

    The other thing is that Apple is well-known to slap the loyal customers (early adopters), which I’m sure you’re aware of it. Example: Multi-tasking not being supported on iPhone 3G, man that made me go: “What year was iPhone 3G? 1999?”… The battery and power saving non-sense Apple was/is BSing people about…

    That was my opinion and I totally respect and understand yours. I just want to make sure that we don’t get flagged as fanboys (fanbois)!, rofl…

  5. No.. It’s 4G 🙂
    that’s how they brand their releases..

  6. ….The other thing is that Apple is well-known to slap the loyal customers (early adopters), which I’m sure you’re aware of it. Example: Multi-tasking not being supported on iPhone 3G……

    IPhone 3G’s processor and more importantly RAM are not powerful enough to handle multitasking, also i think it was generous enough of Apple to update older phones with new software for free, no one did it before, but i understand your anger though, specially ppl who bought the 3G some months ago

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