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Regarding Arabic on SaudiMac

Late January we received the following email message.

It’s in Arabic. Basically the guy is complaining from the lack of Arabic on SaudiMac and accused us of targeting only the International market to make a profit. He obviously doesn’t know about the existence of SaudiMac.net.

Here is the message:

Title: اود الانظمام
السلام عليكم

“We decided to open this site to increase the knowledge about mac and Apple product in Saudi Arabia and help who ever want to get in the Mac world.”

طيب اذا كنت تريد مساعدة مستخدمي الماك السعوديين…لماذا موقعكم بالانجليزي

كم في المية من السعوديين يتكلوا انجليزي؟…السعودية عضو في جامعة الدول العربية على فكرة

يعني دولة عربية

ولا تبغى تسوي فيها فاهم

اذا كنت تتكلم انجليزي ..ترى هذا مو معناه انك انسان مثقف

انا اتكلم انجليزي بطلاقة..وفوق هذا عندي خلفية بالاسباني

لكن اذا فكرت اسوي موقع يخاطب السعوديين راح يكون بالعربي

جعل موقعكم بالنجليزي معناه انكم تبغوا تجذبوا زوار من كل دول العالم لاغراض ربحية

يعني مو لخدمة بلدكم

سلام على العرب

First of all “الانظمام” is not an Arabic word, it’s supposed to be “الانضمام”. Second, SaudiMac has been available in Arabic for over a year and we planned an Arabic language website from the start. Our only mistake is not having a direct link to the Arabic site on the SaudiMac homepage and now we do. Third, we would love to reply to you directly Mr. Abdulrhman but you used a fake email from meltdown.com so our only solution is to post this public reply.

We will continue with SaudiMac (English site) and سعودي ماك (Arabic site). You’re comments has been appreciated and you are more than welcome to post here.

I will not post this in Arabic on SaudiMac.net for obvious reasons.

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  1. Salam,
    Obviously the man has a point.. However, the way he delivered the message was wrong. He could’ve politely and in a very constructive way criticised the website so that his comments be taken into consideration..

    I thank you all for an outstanding website.. I’m a Mac user and I find this website very beneficial..

  2. How about writing it in Spanish also for his “background” in Spanish 😉 LOL

    • Here we go:

      Finales de enero hemos recibido el mensaje de correo electrónico siguiente.

      Es en árabe. Básicamente, el tipo se queja de la falta de árabe en SaudiMac y nos acusaron de centrarse exclusivamente en el mercado internacional para obtener un beneficio. Era obvio que no sabe de la existencia de SaudiMac.net.

      Aquí está el mensaje:

      En primer lugar “الانظمام” no es una palabra árabe, se supone que debe ser “الانضمام”. En segundo lugar, SaudiMac ha estado disponible en árabe durante más de un año y hemos planeado una página web en árabe desde el comienzo. Nuestro único error es no tener un vínculo directo con el sitio en árabe en la página principal SaudiMac y ahora que hacemos. En tercer lugar, nos gustaría responderle directamente al Sr. Abdulrhman pero se utiliza un correo electrónico falso de lo que nuestro meltdown.com única solución es posterior a esta respuesta del público.

      Vamos a continuar con el sitio SaudiMac (Inglés) y سعودي ماك (sitio en árabe). Estás comentarios que ha sido apreciado y que son más que bienvenidos a este espacio.

      No voy a publicar en árabe en este SaudiMac.net por razones obvias.

  3. I’m not sure why the attitude?!. anyway, just reply back saying that we have the site in both Arabic (.net) and in  English and he is welcome to visit/comment on both and invite him to be an active member. 


  4. LOL @ الانظمام

    Salam ya 3arab 🙂

  5. I honestly an not sure why you need two different address .net and .com for the same site… I guess there is some weird thing going in the background but usually other sites don’t need to do that.

  6. Saudis categorized as 3rd world nation, because they don’t accept feedbacks or commets! And this is one of the huge problems in Arab countries.

    (I’m Saudi and I’m a 3rd world citizens)  no wrong with that

    وانا طبعا مع تعليقات الشباب. والي مرسل الرساله عنده وجهت نظر

  7. Khaled A,

    regardless you do have a tab on the upper right to allow for change from one language to the other.

    Thank you for a great site I was really happy when I first found it. I would maybe make the site request which language to display based on ip or prompt for the first time.

  8. I think people here should clarify to him that there is two sites one with English and other with Arabic and welcome him into both sites like Khaled  and other people did 

    and stop laughing at his miss-spelling like some OTHER did 

    and by the way i’m not him , but we have the same name.

    • Everyone’s comments are appreciated!
      I just wanted to have a public reply for the guy because he never gave me a method to contact him.

  9. Mr. Abdulrhman’s observation that the sole purpose of an English site is only to attract international visitors is absurd. Although I speak Arabic fluently, as a native English-speaking Mac user living in Riyadh, I appreciate the existence of an English site for Mac users that presents a local perspective along with local news on the Mac-front.

    Keep up the great blogging, Khaled.

  10. A big thanks to everyone who commented and contacted me directly!

  11. I believe that http://www.saudimac.com is doing it’s purpose in informing all people about updates of MAC in Saudi Arabia Market..

    BTW as a blogger I always received lots of different types of comments and some are rude.. 🙂 All I can say is , that is a life of a blogger and we cannot please everybody.

    Keep up the good work Khaled 🙂


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