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Fixing “One Moment Please” bug in iTunes

Update: Another possible solution that I did not try is recommended by Yousuf Omar is the following: 1-sign out from the store menu 2-de authorize computer 3-sign in again and every thing is up and running. If it works then please tell us.

I had a strange problem in iTunes in the last 2 weeks. Suddenly the iTunes Store section in the app is stuck with “One Moment Please” on the screen. You can’t enter the store or view your account. I did not find the cause of this problem but I know of one solution to fix it.

Important Notice: the fix will reset your iTunes settings. It will not delete your applications/playlists/library etc. Go go to iTunes menu then Preferences and take a note of your settings.

Now quit iTunes then using Finder go to your home folder ( /Users/yourname ) then go to Library then Preferences folders ( /Users/khaled/Library/Preferences for example).

Locate the file named com.apple.iTunes.plist then move it to your desktop folder. Restart or just start iTunes again. iTunes will generate a new com.apple.iTunes.plist file.

Check if iTunes Store is working or not.

This is the method I have used. Tell if you had the same problem, know a better fix or even know the cause. All comments are appreciated.

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  1. It worked :)) , thx alot man , Love u .

  2. I have come to the conclusion that our brother Khaled is a genius, I had the same problem for a couple of weeks and I tried all those i-tune forum’s advise, nothing worked. I even deleted and reinstalled i-tunes again and lost all of my tunes. All of that didn’t work.. Jazak Allah Khair Khaled…

  3. i don’t have this problem (thank god) but if i ever had somthing like this i’ll tell you .

    thanks .

  4. Salam Khaled, one question please, how can I delete my contacts and reload them again? I want to try to group them, like on nokia, and then reinstall them on iphone. Thanks…

  5. Hello Guys.
    I tried Yousuf Omar recommendation and it didn’t work, it gives me “error 50”. So I will try the other solution and see if works.

  6. OK now it worked just fine.
    I did what Khaled suggested and it is running smooth.

    Gracias my Friend.

  7. Worked like a charm. Anyone know why it works?

  8. man i do not have windows 7 i have XP so in XP language what can i do?

  9. Khaled, yes totally agree, you are a genius, I have faced this issue for more than two months, searching and finding on the Macforums and other sites but nothing worked. What you suggested works perfectly and now I’ve got the connection to the Store.
    Thanks man.

  10. What do we do if this method is not solving the problem? I have been bugged by this error after updating to ios 4!!!

  11. where is the itunes menu

  12. i dont have the itunes menu, what can i do?

  13. Salam Khaled

    Just a quick question please, my friend updated to 4.1 on his 3gs and something strange happened to his photos on his camera roll.  On some of his picture icons its covered in black you can’t see anything but when you open the picture or swipe to it, it shows. Whats that all about..

    Thanks Khaled.


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