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Eliminate Pro Vs N.O.V.A

iPhone games have always been released day after day, but we rarely see any good FPS games on the App Store. I decided to post a review on two of the best iPhone games of 2009-2010. Eliminate Pro and N.O.VA, two of the most popular games in the App Store.

Elimate Pro is a nice FPS game that has different characters for you to choose from. you can customize your account with weapons,armors, and many other miscellaneous equipment. You can add friends, challenge them, and keep track of your score. Eliminate pro has a limitation of the number of games you play according to credits. you get a certain amount of credits each day for a certain amount of rounds. When your credits are over, you will need to purchase more credits or wait for the next day. you can also play against bots offline, but there is no “career mode”. Graphics are well done and it has a nice performance (ie. no crashes freezes or whatsoever) Below are some screen shots from my iPhone:

IMG_0247 IMG_0266 IMG_0267

Eliminate Pro


1.Good online and social play

2.Good graphics

3.Customizable characters

4.Offline play


1.Slow connect to server

2.Laggy servers sometimes

3.Limited game plays daily

4.No Co-Op Mode (yet)

App Store link.

N.O.V.A (Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance) on the other hand is a different story. For me, i enjoy playing N.O.V.A much more than eliminate.N.O.V.A has much better graphics than eliminate (more realistic and smoother). Although N.O.V.A’s online play isnt very organized, you still have a story mode. Story mode, in my opinion, is much better than playing agains bots offline. You get to go through many mini-games and have much more fun. As for online play, You have less Lag, smoother play, killing monsters (yeah i like it:P) and, best of all, stunning controls. Below are some screen shots:

screenshot4_1263782173_6a2e9094759018fa995118e0a28cdf6b screenshot0_1263782173_0ffeef590bfa3101b5d3120bb43101d3 screenshot1_1263782173_450e2d82f82f2e4ab5dfe36988161bbb



1. Better gameplay over all, smoother  control

2. More variety of weapons

3. Unlimited game play

4. Grenades available 😉


1. Worst con is, N.O.V.A is sold on the appstore for $6.99

2. Sluggish servers sometimes

3. Harder opponents (yeah its true.)

App Store link.

My advice for anyone into FPS games is to get both games, eliminate (which is free), and NOVA which costs some money.

Thank you for reading,

Aly Shehata

About alyehabshehata


  1. hah, a pretty convincing review bro, ima download Nova tho, seems to be more of a thrill 😉

  2. If you look at Eliminate now, it has much more weapons (total is 28). It has smoother gameplay, and co-op. And it’s free. Get eliminate, because nova has WAY to many hackes. Eliminate has no hackers. At all.


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