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iPad battery replacement: pay $100, get a new iPad

According the the Apple iPad FAQ page the iPad battery replacement policy is this: pay $99 + shipping and you will receive a new iPad unit. Apple will not transfer your data from the old unit, so you will use your iTunes backup. We hope that Apple dealers in Saudi Arabia will implement this policy whenever they get the iPad. ...

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Apple, Nokia, HTC, LG sued for patent infringement

Apple, Nokia, HTC, LG and other companies has been sued for patent infringement by ADC Technology. ADC claimed that these companies are infringing on 3 patents that describes a “Portable Communicator”. This communicator makes it possible for the user to do telephone, facsimile, and data communication at any location. On a pen input device, a space eye 2, a telephone ...

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Aperture SlideShow Support Update 1.1

Apple has released another Aperture 3 update: Aperture SlideShow Support Update 1.1. “This update addresses an issue affecting the playback of HD video clips used in Aperture 3 slideshows on Snow Leopard. Audio and video tracks now remain properly synced in video clips that have been trimmed. The update is recommended for all users of Aperture 3.” The update can ...

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