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What’s your opinion about Mobily’s first year with the iPhone?

Yesterday was the end of Mobily’s first year as an official iPhone provider in Saudi Arabia.

A year ago, while the Arabic edition of SaudiMac was still under construction, we managed to cover the official release of the iPhone 3G here at the the English edition of SaudiMac, making it the first website to offer detailed information about the prices and packages Mobily offered. The iPhone 3G was officially unlocked by Apple despite what Mobily employees claimed. Mobily has also announced that they have received 25,000 device reservations that were placed on their website, and that was the only figure the company has ever released till date.

Yet Mobily kept some key pieces of information hidden, that caused many issue for the new costumers, like the special packages that were never mentioned publicly or even announced.

As we have reached this milestone, what is your opinion and thoughts about the service provided by Mobily in the last year?

Please share your thoughts, stories, and experience buying the officially unlocked iPhone 3G or iPhone 3GS from Mobily.

You can add your comments on the Arabic version on SaudiMac.net.

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  1. I love the unlocked iPhone, but first of all, Mobily makes the experience unpleasant by offering the free data on separate SIM card. Secondly, they need to strengthen their overall system. I had so much problems from their sometimes non-existent customer service. But I guess they’re working on it, so we’ll see.

  2. frankly, my only problem is price, considering i bought he 2999sr 32gb 3GS iphone, and used my old zain sim on it, it should have been 2000sr or 2500sr at least, these iphone’s are way over priced. and because of the bad sevice, pricing, and advertising. iphone is not doing well in saudi arabia at all, i really hope Zain gets hold of the iphone when mobilys contract with apple expires, or they ca both distribute them maybe.

  3. I think it is time for another carrier to bring the iPhone to Saudi. The market deserves more than one option. Mobily is not doing well with selling the iPhone, in terms of availability and service.
    Is it true that the replacement iphones (given to customer as replacement for faulty units), are locked to Mobily network. Is this violation to rules in Saudi Arabia?

  4. I’m happy with how Mobily handled my purchasing experience of the iPhone. Although, they could’ve gone and marketed it more aside from relying from the brand itself. 

    The price for the iPhones here maybe unbelievable to some, but it’s relatively quite cheaper as opposed to other countries IMO. 


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