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Put Your Game On, a list of iPhone & iPod touch games

In the past I wrote a piece about the iPhone and iPod touch apps I love the most, well this time around I will be writing about the games I really like and enjoy.

All links will take you to iTunes, some games offer free light versions to try before you buy.

Here is a list of all the games I liked:

Boost 3D

Bridge Odyssey (Light Version)

Broken Sword: Director’s Cut (One of Favorites)

Command & Conquer Red Alert (Light version)

The Creeps

Chocolatier (Light Version)

Collapse Chaos (Light Version)

Cooking Dash

Dark Nebula

Diner Dash (Light Version)

Doodle Army (Loads of Silly Fun)


Flight Control (Never ending)


Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

Guerrilla Bob

iBomber (Light Version)

iFighter (Light Version)

Jojo’s Fashion Show (Light Version)

KIL.A.TON (Light Version)


Monopoly Here & Now: World Edition

Moonlights (Light Version)

Ranch Rush (Amazing Game)

Real Racing (Light Version)

Rolando (Light Version)

Soosiz (Light Version)

Spider: The Secret Of Bryce Manor (Light Version) This is also a favorite game.

Star Defense (Amazing Solid Graphics)

Sway (Light Version)

UNO (Light Version)

Zombie Pizza (Light Version)

Now as always it is your time to share your favorite games in the comments.

Have fun. 😀

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  1. AC-130
    Crush the Castle

  2. Flight Control
    Dragon’s Lair
    Splash n dash
    Zen Bound

    All amazing!

  3. im just gonna list my favs,
    Bridge Oddesey
    Real Racing
    Pocket Chef
    you have to get them all, they are awesome!

  4. Angry Birds! It looks like a kids’ game, but you’ll soon be busting your guts over it tying to get 3 stars in every challenge. There are about 20 challenges per level, and 5 levels, with more coming out. Seems easy at first, and also seems that you can just shoot the birds randomly, but you’ll soon get very skillful at shooting and then you’ll realise you have to really think to work out how to get the high scores. And the good thing is it also appeals to children, AND they can play it.

    If that engages your brain, then have a look at Gears. Gets harder and harder.


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