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Mobily iPhone 3G/3GS tethering now available for free

As promised by Mobily’s CIO, iPhone tethering is now available in Saudi Arabia by Mobily. The service is free to activate, usual data rates apply.

Make sure to download the latest carrier settings via iTunes: connect the iPhone, click “Check for Update”, you should get a dialog similar to this:

To enable tethering go to Settings, General, Network, Internet Tethering, slide to ON. You can connect using the USB cable or bluetooth.


If you are having problems: make sure you are using a Mobily SIM card. If it asks you to contact Mobily try to restart the iPhone once then try again. If it continues to ask you that then call Mobily (phone number: 1100).

Arabic version of this post on SaudiMac.net. Image from TUAW.

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  1. will this update effects the iphones jailbreak?

  2. i tried it and its working 100%!

  3. Yeah….. Same here working fine….. Thanks Khaled.

  4. Thanks Khalid but i can’t see the internet tethering option in the network setting,

    how to fix that?

  5. Thank you Khalid,

    and Yes I did, I have the latest carrier update and still its not working !!

    • OK, try this:
      General > network > cellular data
      scroll way down there is “reset settings”
      it should reset cellular data settings only
      restart the iPhone
      hopefully it’ll work

  6. many thanks it helps me alot

  7. Hi Khalid,

    unfortunately it didn’t work,

    perhaps the reason is that I downloaded something to allow internet tethering (before the new update) and it was working,

    once I updated the mobile to the last update, the problem was there, and u can’t find the tethering option in the settings,

    does this has anything to do with the program that i downloaded before?

    if yes, how can I fix it?

    and Thank you allot for your help, I really appreciate it,

    • I done the same I downloaded something before but after update the iPhone the provider update it works.

      tried it in XP just enable the interface named “Apple Mobile Device Ethernet” then you are connected ..

  8. first i wanna thank you for this tot second when i did it the first time it worked now the internet tethering disappeared from network . so please if you know the problem tell me.

  9. Hi Khalid,

    am using a mobily prepaid 3g iPhone. Yesterday, i updated my iPhone to version 3.1.3 (7E18)as per above instruction. The update was completed, but the Carrier is still Mobily 5.0 (from my previous version 3.1.2)instead of Mobily 5.1, also i could not find the thetering option in the settings. Please help me how to fix this problem…I reset the cellular data settings and i re-started my iPhone but still i could not find the thetering option in the settings and the Carrier is still Mobily 5.0, it should be Mobily 5.1 after the update…Anybody knows how to fix this problem? Thank you in advance!

  10. I’m using a mobily 4g iPhone with unlimited internet connection. Anybody knows cost of using tethering? Thanks

  11. does this only work with iPhones that are purchased from mobily and are under plans from mobily?? :-s Because I bought my iPhone somewhere else and I don’t know how to hook it up to the internet (non-wifi) without getting an actual post paid plan. :-s


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