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How To: iPhone tethering with STC Jawalnet

Here are steps to make so that you can enable Internet tethering on an iPhone 3G/iPhone 3GS with STC Jawalnet.


1- Update your iPhone to OS 3.1.3, by connecting to iTunes and clicking “Check for Updates”


2- (Optional Step) After that get a Mobily SIM card and pop it in then click on “Check for Update” to get the new Carrier 5.1 on your iPhone. You can use the free one you got with your iPhone from Mobily to do that.

3- Insert your STC SIM card again, and go to “Cellular Data” scroll to the very bottom, and fill in “Jawalnet.com.sa” in the Internet Tethering field.


4- Go back and you will find the option under Setting > General > Network > Internet Tethering and turn it on, then set your computer network to work with it (Mac or PC).




5- Sit back and enjoy.


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  1. Now STC is one step a head isn’t that nice.

  2. PLease don’t update to 3.1.3 it’s to risky for whom want to keep their iphone jail-broken

    • Yeh, I did it without thinking bc I got everything working and had my jailbroken and unlocked with blackrain. Now I can only use it like a glorified iPod while I wait for a new hack. But then I realized I have only a few month left in my phone plan in Europe and found out it won’t be too hard or bad to buy out my plan. So i only have an annoyance – but for others like me who Love Choice, this could have been a Bad Idea.

  3. I can’t see the Internet Tethering under Setting > General > Network. any idea why? and how i can fix that ?


    • I faced the same problem but restarting my iPhone made is appear.
      Try restarting

    • what carrier do you have? you have to set it up in the tethering options: go to settings -> general ->Network -> Cellular Data Network -> and scroll to the internet Tethering part: for STC carrier: in the APN space write “jawalnet.com.sa” leave the username and password empty. For mobily carrier: write “web2” in the APN and in the username, leave the password empty. for Zain ask for the cofeguration and write it under the internet tethering part, now restart your iphone

  4. the second step is really optional , I got the Internet tethering setting after updating to 3.1.3 ..
    thanks for posting.

    • I have version 3.1.3 but i do not have internet tethering option in my network settings.
      Any suggestions!!!

  5. every time i fill out the APN i check it again and find it gone, it disappears all the time.

  6. Salam Khaled, after setting up the iphone, how do i set up my imac (leopard) for tethering??

  7. Sorry to bother again Khaled, but i lost my 3G sign on STC i just get edge, do u think it had something to do with setting up MMS or tethering…

  8. You said that mobily iPhone 3GS is not LOCKED ?

  9. Hi Sir, i lost my internet tethering a day ago i didn’t find it any way my sim card is mobily

    • go to settings -> general ->Network -> Cellular Data Network -> and scroll to the internet Tethering part, in the APN space write “web2”  in the username write also “web2”. Leave password empty, now restart your iphone

  10. Is there anyway to connect the iPhone with iPad ?

  11. Dear all,
    I have a little problem here, that I have an original iphone (opened) I bought it from KSA, the problem is that I want to benefit from the internet Tethering when I tried to do so, the Tethering icon disappeared, I don’t want to do jail break any hints?

  12. Hi
    I have an STC sim card which I use with a USB dongle to access the internet with no problems. However, I have now got my UK iPhone legally unlocked so would now like to use my sim in the iPhone for data only, both tethered and disconnected from my computer. I followed the instructions on this page, and for about a week, the tethering has worked fine, but today it disconnected and in the settings menu, when I click enable tethering, I get the error message saying contact the carrier.

    I can still access the internet directly from the phone.
    Has anyone else had this problem, or do you know how to fix it?

    • hello will,
      first try to restart your iphone, if it didn’t work try the following: go to settings -> general ->Network -> Cellular Data Network -> and scroll to the internet Tethering part, in the APN space write jawalnet.com.sa . leave the username and password empty, now restart your iphone, tell me what you got

  13. Thanks Ayman

    I tried again after a few hours and it started working normally again. It seems to do it most days – sometimes for 15 mins, sometimes for an hour or so. Very Odd. Anyway, it works 90% of the time now so I’m happy. Thanks for your advice.

    • Your welcome, Sorry for this delay, but I had tried something and I wanted to share it with you, I bought an STC connect usb, and I faced the same problem, every now and then it disconnect and I have to reconnect again and I have to switch bitween the UMTS and the GPRS/EDGE manually. even for mobily connect I faced the same problem. The iPhone connection the the internet tethering have a better advantage that you don’t have to reconnect every time it disconnect, and you can try to switch off the 3G connection and try the EDGE to see if its work.
      Good Luck

  14. Thank you very much. Setting 1 worked for me. I have owned an iphone for about a year now but none of the settings worked. So, I would like to say Big Thanks to you.

  15. I am unable send SMS through my iphone4G, I am using STC sim service.

  16. Does STC allow Tethering or hotspot (with the Sawa Data Sim) where you can share your mobile phones internet with other devices like Laptop etc?

    My case is I have a Samsung Galaxy with Unlimited STC internet, I want my Ipod to access my Samsung internet through Tethering, at the moment I can create the hotspot but when connected with my Ipod through WiFi it does not surf the net… Your views please…


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