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Demand Arabic in Microsoft Office for Mac 2011

Microsoft announced Office for Mac 2011 at Macworld 2010 earlier this month. Arabic/Hebrew RTL/BiDi language support is still missing.

The admins at the Office for Mac Facebook page responded to my question regarding Arabic support. Their response was “This is the sort of passion we love to see! And please, please, please…have your friends send requests to this form so your voices are heard“.

This is the Product Suggestions form on Microsoft’s site. Choose “New Product Request” then write your comment. It can be whatever you want, I suggest “We have the right to have Arabic language support in Office for Mac 2011”. Make sure to click the check-box.

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Arabic version of this post on SaudiMac.net.

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  1. It’s difficult for me to see Microsoft implementing Arabic/RTL support in Office, it is like shooting themselves in the foot.

    Once Office is available in Arabic, Windows corporate sales will plummet, as more decision makers will adopt the Mac/Office combination for it’s lower cost of ownership, low tech-support requirements, and high security.

  2. yes plz we want arabic in Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 , it’s nassosery

  3. this is a group for supporting on office for mac …have your friends subscribe here


    and send requests to microsoft here

    http://www.microsoft.com/mac/suggestions.mspx so your voices are heard!”

    please mr. khaled add this link to your topic

    thanks 🙂

  4. Shukran Mr.Waleed,
    its very disspointed to see how Microsoft treating Arabs, they do not know how to make business for the whole region, Once they input their software with arabic, their business will be boom especailly in Gufl Area.Hope our voices are heard.

  5. Until very recently, I’ve been using Mellel for this very reason. But with all the great features of Microsoft Word, I’ve been using it more frequently and resort to Mellel only when I type in Arabic. However, If Microsoft does not wish to circumvent this problem, I will eventually return to Mellel out of principle. This move on their part indicates a disinterest in the Arab world and Arab business, all because they do not want to cooperate with Apple. But eventually, someone will find a work-around and then Microsoft will suffer tremendously.

  6. It is not fully supported. My basic tests were successful; however. See:


    • Did you try it with text that contains both English and Arabic in one line? Also with embedded images? 
      This is where the previous versions had most of the issues.
      Just rendering the fonts worked.

      This is really frustrating!

  7. Fat lot of good the suggestions site does. I put in the request the day 2008 was released without RTL support.

    OpenOffice and NeoOffice have it and work just fine. They will also let you save and open both .doc and .docx files. And they are free.

    Don’t buy 2011. What will it do that 2008 doesn’t? What does it do that the free systems don’t do? Certainly not RTL.

  8. I have found a way to write arabic in Office 2011 for MAC .. if anyone is interested, let me know.

  9. Dardoor:

    I think this is not a way to give information, provide the readers with your comments instead of asking

    Kind Regards

  10. Hello All,

    June 11, 2011

    MS Office 2011 for MAC has problems with Arabic BUT PowerPoint does support Arabic, Word does not by default but I found a solution to make it accept Arabic writing. Excel does not support Arabic yet.

    Word will support Arabic if you do the following:

    1- In your Gmail account open documents and create a word document and write any Arabic word like (عربي)

    2- Go to File and Download as Word & save to your Desktop

    3- Open Word in your Mac and open the save file that you created using Gmail.

    4- Save as and change the format to Word Template (.docx)

    close everything and when you go back to open Word in your Mac choose My template, you should fine the file and the name would be what ever name you have give to that file you saved from Gmail.

    Now you should be able to write edit Arabic and save it to where every you like,

    Best regards,
    Hadi Naser

  11. I saw this post and its really good. Great work!! Shawna Treusdell


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