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Daily Archives: February 28, 2010

Do you have monitor problems on your iMac?

Apple has responded to Gizmodo’s questions about faulty displays in the new iMacs that cause flickering and yellow-tinted displays, their response was: “We’ve addressed the issues that caused display flickering and yellow tint. Customers concerned that their iMac is affected should contact AppleCare.” If you think you have these issues with your iMac then contact your Mac store repair center ...

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Apple plans to open 25 stores in China

Apple has announced in their annual shareholder meeting that they are planning to open 25 Apple Stores in China. It was announced by Apple’s senior vice president of retail Ron Johnson. Apple has opened their first store in China in July 2008 and announced a second one in mid-2009. Currently there are over 283 Apple Stores in 10 countries. We ...

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