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My favorite iPhone apps in 2009

After over a year of using iPhone apps (and almost a year of using an iPhone 3G). Here is a list of my top iPhone applications that I will continue to use in 2010:

1Password Pro: password manager and data vault. Syncs with the Mac version of 1Password.

Byline: a Google reader client, supports caching as well.

BeejiveIM: an excellent instant messanging client.

Things: great task manager and syncs with Things Mac desktop client.


Twittelator Pro: my favorite Twitter app. For push notifications just install Boxcar.

Simplenote: notepad application with online sync and many features.

Blizzard Battle.net Mobile Authenticator and World of Warcraft Mobile Armory: for the World of Warcraft player. Use the authenticator to add a level of protection to your Battle.net account.

Evernote: another note syncing app/service. Only recently they added offline note viewing.

Amazon Mobile (US store): if you ever buy from Amazon then make sure to install this app. Makes the process of shopping at Amazon easier.

WeatherBug: checking the weather, more detailed than others.

EVE Online Capsuleer: for EVE Online players.

AppBox Pro: includes unit and currency converter.

WordPress: manage your WordPress blogs.

TrackThis: tracking packages with support for push notifications.

Gowalla: add your favorite location on the map, excellent social networking app.


LittleSnapper (Mac client here): takes screenshots and photos, a picture sharing tool/service. LittleSnapper for the iPhone has been acquired by a new company and will be released under the name Cinder.

Sekai Camera: Augmented reality app, their how-to page should explain it well.


Shazam: finds music by listening, just let it record a part of a song and it will find it.

Prowl: send Growl notifications to your iPhone via push notifications.

Dictionary: because you will need a dictionary app when there’s no Internet connection.

BargainBin: help you find discounts in the App Store.

Pastebot: clipboard manager that can sync with the Mac. Paste and edit text as well as images. Make sure to download the Mac client.


Flickit: Flickr upload tool. Flick Pro have more options and is better than Yahoo’s Flickr client.

Nice Trace: trace route network tool.

Skype for the iPhone.

Moodagent: Generates playlists based on mood sliders that you can set.

Coffee fans should get the Barista and Starbucks apps while Tea fans should get Aromatic and Teavana apps.

Facebook app: a better Facebook interface than the Facebook website.

Make sure to check out Mazen’s list of his favorite iPhone apps as well.

Arabic version of this post on SaudiMac.net.

Images from the following sites: Gowalla, Sekai, Pastebot and Things.

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  1. Thanks for this Khalid…
    about the package tracking app, have you tried this app: Delivery Status (http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/delivery-status-touch-package/id290986013?mt=8)

    I dont know which one of the two I should go for ?

    • trackthis got push notifications, it’s an important feature for me, I don’t want to open the application each time I want to check. So TrackThis over Delivery Status Touch for me

  2. Wow what an interesting post! I am very interested in iPhones and iPods… I work in the software application company so everything related with technologies are very interesting for me. Well great list of apps. The most I like are Bump and PocketBible. But and other apps are great I think. Thanks a lot for sharing this interesting information and I will be waiting for other great posts from you in the future. Btw I will definitely bookmark your blog! Thanks michael


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