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Arabic on the iPad

Update (September 16): Official Arabic support in the iPad with iOS 4.2. Screen shots included.

Update (September 3): iPad to get Arabic support with iOS 4.2 in November.

After the announcement of the iPad, Apple has released the latest version of the iPhone SDK to include support for the iPad.

I got the chance to try it this morning. Arabic is missing as an option in both “interface language” and “keyboard language”. However it is available under “Region Format”. So for now you have Arabic names for dates and Arabic numbers.

iPhoneIslam also noted that the iPad can still display Arabic characters properly. No broken Arabic characters:

So most likely Apple will add Arabic as an input and interface in the near future.

Arabic version of this post on SaudiMac.net.

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  1. Hello please abi I ask I ordered it from apple o tali they do the upgrade to Arabic keybord wekas I wait ? Ya3ni madri if I order it will work if I add the Arabic keybord software wela noo ?

  2. Hi bibi ..
    I receive my IPAD last week great ..But NOT Support arabic Language .. sooner will be update so be pation

    • i did see a new app today called “Arabic Web Browser”.. it has an arabic keyboard, my prayers were answered!

  3. i boght the ipad but i couldn’t active the app store in Saudi Arabia !!!
    is there a way that makes it work ???!
    please help !!!

  4. Try out this one:

    Direct Google/Bing/Yahoo & YouTube search will be added soon in the next version

  5. Is there Arabic on the iPad in Australia

  6. “Khaled A.
    Arabic keyboard/interface will be added in a software update”

  7. Visit http://www.stars21.com At their home page, there are lots of online keyboard for various languages including Arabic.

  8. AlSalam 3laikm all it is a matter of time guys just be pation i think in the iosq 4 nzal il-arabic i will try it on my ipad o btw(by the way) zain kwt nzlaw micro sim rkabta 3jeeb<3 o yalla inshallah they will solve your problems;***

  9. I badly in need of arabic keyboard

  10. متى يتم تنزيل الكيبورد العربي للأيباد من قبل نفس الشركة” ابل” لأني سمعت انه سوف يكون في التحديث الذي يكون بشهر سبتمبر!!! ØŒ مع العلم ان الفرجن حق جهازي هو 2-2-3  

  11. لا عزيزي مو بسبتمبر..
    حسب الموقع الرسمي لأبل.. راح يكون ان شاء الله بنوفمبر
    وهنا الخبر.. وبعدين أول كانت توقعات انه راح يكون فيه كيبورد عربي رسمي.. لكن حسب الخبر ولله الحمد راح يكون فيه بإذن الله كيبورد عربي..

  12. FYI, Julia’s comment is clearly a well-known SPAM 🙂

  13. Assalaamualeyqum

    May Allah give us tofiiq to be able to get knowledge to write Arabic on iPad it seems that Mac is still a long way away in support for Arab world but inshaallah I have a problem with seeing the small Arabic text as well know what harakaat to put on the words or trying to guess the pronunciation because I need them to learn Al Qur’ ân Al qariim and read properly how to put them on Arabic text using iPad keyboard I can do tanween


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