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Apple announces the “iPad”

Steve Jobs has just announced Apple’s latest product, the iPad. The Apple iPad is 1.5 pounds and have a 9.7″ screen. More updates soon.

Arabic version of this post on SaudiMac.net.

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  1. i was expecting a bigger surprise than this device, also something for the Iphone too,

  2. Well, we have to see it’s usage and performance, its with Apple’s own A4 chip newly custom design for this product. As far as hardware and it’s design is concerned this is very good device but feature on software should be more like better OS customization…

  3. I really hate the fact that the OS is a modifed version of thr iphone OS. This pisses me off a lot. Why don’t they give us this device with a OS that really pushes this device to its limits? All I see in this iPad is a large iPhone… Nothing more.

  4. no news about OS 4.0? 

  5. I surely expected more than this!

  6. iPad is pre ordered in a website called http://www.jeddah-tek.com, is that true? Have anyone heard of them?
    I need your help people.

    Thank you.


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