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Daily Archives: January 11, 2010

ZAGG Sparq Quick Review UPDATED

IMPORTANT UPDATE: My ZaggSparq has just failed to charge or even work, I have checked with many of my friends who have reported the same problem. I Do Not Recommend Buying The ZaggSparq. Zagg is a company known for their legendary invisibleSHIELD, which helps protects any mobile and GPS devices from scratches, bought many of their shields in the past ...

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SaudiMac iPhone Photography Flickr Group

With just the iPhone camera, some photographers were able to capture some pretty interesting sights. Many of the photos aren’t high resolution quality works that you’d expect from a pro, and a lot of them look like Polaroids but they all serve a point. We all have cameras with us, so if you’re looking to better your photography, even if ...

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