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Video Editing – In Your Mind

Disclaimer: This article has been originally Posted on MyMac back in 27/6/2006 (Some information might be out of date).


WARNING: The following article could be caused by internet connection deprival, that the author was forced to experienced lately, or it could be caused by the fact that the author has to check 9 email accounts daily. The author does not claim he can see the future, and that he is merely guessing.

I have recently been offline for over five days!

To a technosexual (chic geek) like myself, that is a very long time offline. I managed to survive by checking my essential 4 email accounts through my Treo 650, in case I got any urgent emails I had to reply to. I usually check 9 different email accounts daily on my computer if you’re wondering. But the main reason why I was offline for so long was because I was taking a small step towards a faster internet connection. I have installed a new wireless DSL line, and now I am surfing the web at higher speeds.

Now I won’t begin to compare DSL to a true Broadband connection, but it’s okay for now. Who am I kidding, we don’t have broadband in Saudi Arabia anyway.

All this internet deprival has caused me to stay online for hours since I got my new connection up and running. I even used both my laptops at the same time, like an octopus who has discovered the availability of internet connection on the ocean bed, downloading tons of data, as if there were no tomorrow.

Thirst is a good example you can relate all this to, if you remember a time where you have been so thirsty, by the time you got a cool drink, you kept on drinking till your belly pops out. This is how Data thirst feels like to me.

I think the next step of technology will take won’t be rolling out a new PC, jam-packed with what have you features; I think the next big thing will be software you download or install to your brain memory, and I personally prefer external storage. So your brain won’t get infected with a computer virus, the world has enough biological viruses that would last us for another millennia.

Think about it for a minute, it makes perfect sense. Big Brother wants it to happen sooner then later. A clear sign would be the under-skin injected RFID chip.

I can imagine the ads for this new technology:

“Capture and create your own videos from the locations you visited, add high-resolution eye captured pictures, crisp recorded sounds, add live vocal comments, integrate all your senses to create a new digital life and share your experience.”

“Send it and share with your loved ones over advance short range telepathy (next Bluetooth-like technology), or even upload it directly to your dot Mac account, or even dot Net if you get it to work”

“Blog or podcast directly to thousands, all over the world”

“Download college textbooks directly to your brain’ memory banks, and learn in seconds”.

The whole world will experience a new bubble with Start-ups offering users a place to store their data on it, instead of storing all this info on your external brain memory (or internal if you like to take the risk).

“Send mental images to your loved ones through our reliable psychic networks”

But what would be fun is to see the release of the next brain operating systems, like Windows Psychic, or Mac iThink, or even Linux Open Mind that has to run on your own brain cells.

You will hear people saying “I have just upgraded my memory to such and such”, or even “I have just finished installing a patch file for my new brain OS”.

Would the rules be the same in this new world? Would you still have to buy anti-virus? and where would you get it from? The pharmacy or the software store?

You think I am going off a deep end, and all this sounds crazy, but let’s hop on a time machine together (or our imagination for now) and travel 50 years back and tell anyone we meet on the street that people will be using small communication devices (cell phones , PDAs, or iPods) to talk, hear music, watch videos, place video calls, email, send text messages, podcast, or even blog, what do you think would they say about all this? They will be saying the same thing you’re thinking of saying right now.

Today computers, PDAs, and cell phones are extensions to our brains, we hear our selves saying “Oh I have that file you wanted, but let me get back to my computer to see where I stored it”, we can’t imagine our world without them anymore, we have became so dependent on them lately, that a day won’t pass without reverting to them and working on them.

But we will have to wait and see what the future of technology has to offer, then decide what our next digital religion will be, and by then it will truly be a digital religion because it will control our brains.

The moral of all this is: Don’t stay offline for long.

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