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There’s an App for That

I was talking to a friend the other day about iPhone (iPod touch) applications that I like to always keep on my iPhone since I use them a lot, being one who downloads a couple of new apps almost every single day, my iPhone contains on average between 70 to 90 apps at any given time.

So I thought of sharing the list of my all time favorites, that I always keep:


1Password Pro.

BargianBin with Push (if you like to find app bargains or free apps).

Body Fitness Ultimate Exercise Journal.


CalorieCheck (nutritional information for over 7000 food items).

Convert (so handy and beautiful).

Dictionary.com (I am a writer, I need it).



FileMagnet (great to take you documents, PDFs, or images with you).

Flashlight (you never know when you need it).

Flight (helps you check on flights stats any where).

GlobeMaster (travel info in your pocket).

Grocery Gadget (yeah I use this for shopping).

Islamic Calendar.

ITGO Interval Training.

Lose it! (I swear by this one).

Palringo IM.


Pingit (through Ping.fm).

Pros & Cons (it helps you decide).



Star Defense.

THI Trainer (it really feels that you have your own trainer).

TweetDeck (Twitter & FaceBook with Style).

WhatsApp Messenger (iPhone to iPhone messenger BlackBerry style IM).

WordPress 2 (I can post to my site from my iPhone with this app).

It’s your turn to share your apps in the comments. 😉

UPDATE: 2Do is one of the best todo apps out there, you can try the Free Version before buying (Thanks to Yousef Raffah for the update).

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  1. wow thanks, 😉
    heres my apps that i love and use the most :
    sygic GCC (saudi maps with turn-by-turn, very helpful)
    isubha (not necessary but handy)
    al mus’haf (its free too, use it every time)
    photogene (really good photo editor)
    classics (books, my fav is art of war by sun tsu)
    sketches 2 (handy when u need a doodle)
    shazam (awesome)
    chef (recipe, cookbook)
    chemtouch (really useful for school)
    human japanese or HJ (best japanese learning tool,period)


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