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Speak 3 languages with your mouth using iLingual for iPhone

Emirates airlines has released a phrasebook application for the iPhone called iLingual. It is more than a typical phrasebook application as it generates a video of your mouth speaking these foreign languages.

The following video demonstrate it.

You just take a photo of your mouth then place identifying markers on it. Then it will generate a video of your mouth speaking, just hold the phone in front of your mouth. The app is only available for English speakers and the phrases are in (Arabic, German and French).

Each of the three versions is available in 2 editions (standard and a lite version that is under 10MB making it ideal to download via the mobile network). iTunes store link. iLingual is currently available for free.


Source: Gizmodo and iPhoneIslam.

Arabic version is available at SaudiMac.net.

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  1. hi khaled, I gotta a question, which is not related to this subject, but I didin’t know where else to post
    it , my Q is : how can I download books to my Iphone eReader or eBook ?? tried to get help! but no one was helpfull! could you help me pleaaase 🙂
    thanks in advanced 🙂

  2. can u give me more details? i mean do i need a pc? or i just can download it immediately to the Iphone? i mean the books it self?!


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