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Mobily’s iPhone 3GS is back in stock (Update: it’s available)

Update: Many people are reporting that the iPhone 3GS is finally being sold by Mobily.

Update: Mobily continues to LIE to it’s customers, that’s the only conclusion. I have called them and specifically asked about a branch in Jeddah (Tahliah street), the employee told me they have it after he went away to “check”. I was told via twitter that the Mobily Tahliah street branch did not have the iPhone 3GS. Another friend went to Mobily Riyadh branch on King Fahad road and they told him it was not available.

According to Mobily‘s 1100 phone support they have restocked the iPhone 3GS and you should be able to find it at their major branches.

The Apple iPhone 3GS was released in Saudi Arabia on November 7th 2009 only to be sold out after only 2 days.


We highly recommend calling Mobily first and making sure which branch have the iPhone 3GS in stock. The iPhone 3GS pricing is the same.

Arabic version of this post can be found on SaudiMac.net.

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  1. Going there later to check.. mobily olayah

    • just called .. and got the same answer coldly .. yes we do have a stock of iphone 3gs , it has always been availble on our main branches !!!

      i asked a confirmation for is this stock available today .

      and the answe was .. you have to check one of our main branches seller points they’d help you better !!!

      can any one who paid a visit confirm a yes or a no .


    • is it openline in any country?? i will be leaving saudi arabia for a vacation can i still use it @ any place??

    • guys before buying iphones be sure that you can use it anywhere in the world…

    • The iPhone is unlocked. so it will work

  2. Would someone please confirm if he actually found it in the Mobily Shops or not


  3. As I said, I called Mobily and they said they have it.

  4. I went there today at Mobily Olayah (Riyadh) and NO available IPhone still.

  5. Went to Mobily (Dhahran – Khobar Main branch) and …

    NO iPhone 3GS 🙂

  6. There’s definitely something wrong with the iPhone / Apple and Saudi-Arabia.
    Can’t be THAT difficult..

  7. hope you get your iphone 3gs soon… you’re really missing a lot, umm of fun and a lot of free apps…. “,)

  8. How about the rumored stock of IPhone on Dec 9? Any chance of that being a big lie also?

  9. Mobily are off my trusted brand names. They are playing the game of squeezing the market for the sake of shining it’s name and making everyone chase they carrot (iPhone).
    I have visited their official branch/HQ in Riyadh @ King Abdullah Road and there were NOTHING …NO iPhone, but lots of propaganda….Lots of ad signs and plastic demos around. You will feel that this is the iPhone Big Store and not a GSM operator.
    Good lock for all chasing them around….I am waiting for my DROID.

  10. For you info the situation is the same in Egypt : Both Vodafone and Mobinil got a little stock that was quickly sold out and people are waiting for restocking for about 2 months now

  11. i just went this evening to Khobar showroom, they dont have iphone yet, they said may be in two days, but the whole showroom is with lots of big Iphone banners, they are just dissapointing customers day by day, they can say exactly the details, this is the third time i went to that store withing this month, they dont want to give any more details or at least the the phone number of their showroom, honestly i felt like want to destroy those banners,

  12. MOBILY is trying to make a good name by adding IPHONE 3GS in there products, but they cannot handle the large iphone customers demand, they just say MAYBE or COME BACK tomorrow.

    NOW who’s the BIG FAT LIAR MOBILY???

  13. Hi Guys,,, Some body is selling the IPHONE little cheaper than Mobily’s price. But, it is from America and unlocked. Please give me your suggestions if I can buy this phone or better wait for mobily. I have been waiting to buy the phone long time and I am fed up with mobily’s big drama. Please help me guys,,,, because first time I am going to buy the iphone.

  14. Better wait…… Stock should be available soon….

  15. Just got my IPhone 3gs from Mobily Olayah

  16. iz it finally available or another lie from mobily pkz any1 could inquire that it iz available in jeddah tahliya and i beleive it iz not locked thank saudimac and mr khalid for keep us update weather we chk da mobil y store or not plz eagerly waitin 4 reply and after losing almost hope 4 the iphone 3gs

  17. I can confirm that it is already available here in Riyadh. Mobily actually called me to let me know that they have the IPhone available., and I already got one. 

  18. Guys… Finally i got my iPhone today… Thanks God…
    I also like to convey my thanks to SaudiMAC and Mr. Khalid… it is a very nice site…

  19. I hope i will get 1, i’m going there this 8 morning …… PLEASE PLEASE there is still stock.

    i will tell you guys if i got 1 later.

  20. any news dat its available in jeddah if so den in which branch

  21. any news about availability in eastern region?

  22. to be honest, it could be sold out again by now! Don’t bother calling 1100 they have no idea.
    Yes, very idiotic from Mobily

  23. Today mornining 10.00AM , I went to Mobily main branch in King Abdullah road and they don’t have the iphone.
    In which branch is it available? Please help me guys…

  24. Just now I am coming from Olaya branch… They said finished..

    Really sad,,,,,
    claps to Mobily..

  25. plz any info regadin tahliya or falasteen branch in jeddah

  26. Hi, i was wondering if you need to show them your iqama at the time of purchase? because mine expired the other day and i’ve sent it for renewal…it’d be a pity if they do though because frankly, its none of their business.

  27. did anybody purchased in the eastern region? if so where?

  28. what the hell? i was planning to buy today evening but now gone for another 2 months i guess.
    Mobily sucks to the core.
    I can’t use ordinary words to express what i feel right now

  29. hey will the iphone be available at the smaller branches

  30. I have checked even in Khurais road branch and it is not available. What is wrong with Mobily? Why don’t they bring enough stock? Are they buying a stock of 100 pcs…

  31. This is really BAD way of service from MOBILY!
    they should REMOVE their ADs from the Website and put it back when iphone is really available!

    i guess this means where gonna wait again for another month or more!
    MOBILY nice JOB!!!

  32. is there any responsible authority to complain, make a petition or is there any Apple links to complain abt mobily, why the mobily does so, better apple change the contract with mobily

  33. Finally i got my iphone from tahlia branch …jeddah

  34. does that mean it’s more or less available at some branches?


    better check the yanbu branch. i’ll go tomorrow.

  35. When will I get carrier update for tethering from mobily 🙁

  36. so dudes i finanly got my iphone 3gs from mobily flasteen branch i wanted to thank saudimac and mr khaled fom my deep heart

  37. http://www.sohrabkhan.com/archives/27/all/1

    hey i got this website very useful those who r migrating from windows phone or nokia to iphone vice versa can easily copy cotacts using google mail(gmail)

  38. Yep, got my 3GS today(Thursday morning) from tahlia jeddah as well.

    Note: After you get your iphone, the guy asks you to go the “technial support” people and activate your phone. They don’t do crap over there, they just open your phone, put all their dirty fingers on your phone and just connect it to itunes. then it unlocks. I was like I CAN DO THAT AT HOME !

    It’s not worth getting the back of your phone dirty with finger prints 😛 😛 😛

  39. oh i received text message.

    I phone

    or something like that.

    anyway, YES! 😀

  40. Anybody got iphone today here in Riyadh? Where?


  41. still no news about the availability in eastern region? please update me asap

  42. Well I got mine today from Yanbu branch.


    I got a 32gb one instead of the 16gb that I wanted.

    Oh well.

  43. nobody knows about the availability in eastern region?

  44. anybody bought in eastern region(khobar/dammam)? i need to go to khobar this evening to buy Iphone, but want to make sure its available or not, please help me

  45. Hi I also want to know the availability of the iphone 3gs in Al-khobar are…..

  46. anyone bought iphone today in Riyadh? what branch?

  47. no one updated in eastern region, i want to buy, but not sure availble or not

  48. well i just bought my Iphone, after a long time,

    i bought in dahran(Rasheed Mall Brach), other branches they dont have,

    hurry up guys if u want to buy, they have units now in khobar.

    thanks for saudiMac and KHaled for updating always,
    thanks for all

  49. I cannot be sure of the availability of the iPhone by calling Mobily or even checking a branch.
    Mobily simply doesn’t understand how to handle a product and I have my doubts about their seriousness.

  50. Today, 12th.Dec King Abdullah branch in Riyadh has NO phones

  51. After all this time, when I bought my iPhone a few days ago in Riyadh, the representative still insist that the iPhone 3GS in locked to Mobily!!

  52. Do any Mobily Branch have Iphone 3GS in Jeddah? Thahlia branch is out of stock once again.. What the hell Mobily is doing… Really frustrated

  53. as per today i went to mobily flasteen shop and tahliya shop they have diffrent opinions as flasteen branch say that ut will be ariving after 1 month and in tahliya branch 1 there staff who was standing machine giving tokken etc both places i asked from tokken giving guys but here i got diffrent answer that they hwere havig iphone till yesterday but stock is finished yesterday only and they will gettin stock in a week or two week which 1 we shud beleive god knows

    every1 will think that i have already purchased iphone why i am lookin 4 other that i need another1 4 my brother and i am very happy with my first ever apple phone dats iphone 3gs im lovin it but thing which matters me is the battery is every1 facing same problem battery az battery is drainning like hell

  54. i went to mobily 2 days ago, the guy standing there near d machine giving tickets for customer service told me that iphone 3gs is out of stock… then he advice me to get back on their store after 1 week.. whew. i tried to leave my mobile number at least they can send me a txt or call just to inform if the iphone 3gs will be available, but he replied they can’t.. what kind of service do mobily have? whew! maybe they want their customers/client to keep on going in their store just to show other telecommunications that they have lots of cutomers coming back. whew! non sense! they should upgrade / enhance / improve their sevice… they just deceiving the customers / clients using this mobile… iphone company should know and observed that.. they’re making people like a dog, keep on tracking each store where to find available iphone. eventhough, we have enough cash to pay the unit…

    • I am sorry to say that the guy behind the machine doesn’t know anything, you should have taken a number and demanded the iPhone 3GS or ask for a manager 😉

  55. is there any shop/store that iphone 3gs will possibly availabel this week? please anyone answer……

  56. thanks khaled a. i will do.. but just i would like to ask, i have the text message from mobily for an order number for iphone 3gs, and its telling also that mobily will notify me once the stock will be available… unfortunately, they didnt send any text message saying the iphone 3gs unit is available for me to go on their respective stores… is it true that i will be prioritize once i present this order number text message sent by mobily in my mobile.

  57. Hiiiiii to all

    Last night while watching TV, MOBILY showed their iphone 3gs commercial and i thought maybe they will never run out of stock ….. guess what? it’s the same old reason, this is really making a lot of people MAD!

  58. I got my iphone 3gs 32G at Granada Mall branch yesterday.

  59. how can i find out weather my 250mb/month data plan is activated or not , i already bought my iphone 3gs

  60. i have bought my iphone 3gs from mobily flasteen after i activated through itunes and after using wifi i tried using mobily internet which was not working but with the help of this
    i got know setting in my phone was for postpaid so i changed it prepaid it started to work but since that i feel lyk my battery is draining lyk hell is dis can be possible

    • Turn the 3G off. I will make a whole lot of difference in conserving your battery.

    • Yeah, you will drain the battery by 10% an hour if you have the 3G on constantly. It seems that Apple will try and keep a constant 3G connection to the ISP whenever the 3G is on (it will hang on to an IP address) even when you are not accessing the internet. Doesn’t sound very smart (unlike Nokias where the 3G will only be activated/used when you want to access the net. There’s a setting for it actually).

      So just switch off the 3G if you are not using it and that should give you 1-2 days battery life.

  61. i tried to check 1 of the mobile store here in jeddah for the availablity of iphone 3gs, its not yet available but they’re more approachable and attentive compare to mobily stores… they ask my mobile number and they will call me back within this week, once their stocks will arrive.

  62. Today i went to mobily, dhahran mall branch and they told me that we will take an order and they will get the phone in a week or two….is this real?

  63. try rashid mall branch, o bought from there

  64. hey every1 iphone 3gs is back in stock in jeddah mobily outlet flasteen i just now bought two iphone 3gs but the twist that they have stoped giving they are now only giving postpaid by following rates


    myself i was surprised by there following rates i told them that i have already purchased iphone 3gs 1 week ago prepaid they told they got order today no prepaid 4 timebeing so i asked can i take the pricing paper so i scanned uploaded

  65. prices are
    16gb 99sar per month 4 2354
    32gb 99sar per month 4 2749
    8gb 99sar per month 4 1974(thats iphone 3g not 3gs)

  66. Hello to all ……

    i finally got my iphone 3gs 16gb from Granada Mall last night, at first i’m freaking out coz when i open this icon of itunes + usb and only emergency call is working, then i open the manual and download itunes then it’s finally unlocked.

    There is no software for Voice control?
    and do i have to make account from itunes so that i can install free Apps?
    but i don’r have CREDIT CARD and i want only FREE.

    PLEASE i need advice and tips about the FREE software without itunes account.


  67. THOR

    try this is step by step from apple


    send me if u need anything more

  68. Do anyone know when Iphone 3GS will be back in mobily stock again? Last time i again missed it … Plz inform as soon as its available … Thanks

  69. Hiiii to all another question …. how can i remove or delete Apps / games from iphone?Thanks

  70. Anyone got Iphone 3GS from any mobily outlet.????? Pls update if some outlet contains it or someone have news if its back in stock..


  71. hii

    khalid how are u ..i just wanted to ask u about apple store in iphone…i cant download the free software’s also ..it says to register and put the credit card details even for free software’s..so what can i do to install free softwares in iphone from app store

  72. Hiiiii to all

    i have waited for long time long before MOBILY launch their iphone 3gs, only last week i it finally, but i’m kinda disappointed, and comparing it to NOKIA, i think iphone is NOT USER FRIENDLY compare to Apple MAC OS system, itunes is really making it more complicated! why do we have to go through itunes every time we want to see our files …. just a waist of time opening itunes software

  73. I need to buy 2 iPhones 3gs this weekend. Can anyone let me know where the stock is available. Also any advice on the decision making process- over 16 GB or 32 GB model. Which one to buy?

    Also does anyone have a idea when will the next model of iPhone be launched?


    • Bro I m also waiting for Iphone 3GS for more than a month…… For second part, Apple will Launch Iphone 4G next year, may be at the end….. And this time Apple is going to change the design and will categorize the iphone in various designs, as on user requirments e.g Iphone category focusing Games and multimedia etc.

    • Thanks.

      I basically want to home in on a store which has iPhones and pick 2. Driving on a weekend is not my forte especially on Olaya!

    • Hi
      16 gb is just fine my friend, the important thing is it is 3gs not 3g, 32 gb is too much unless you are planning to save all your files music and videos there, and what if something is wrong with the phone?

      about iphone 4g … ha ha ha, now a lot of people are still waiting here in Saudi for 3gs, Mobily cannot handle it well, maybe 4g will be launch by MOBILY at 2012 because they are so Advanced … ha ha ha

    • Definitely go for the 3Gs but I would recommend the 32GB. The price difference is not that much (400 riyal I think) but you get a lot of bump in the capacity. Bear in mind that most of us has a lot of music but also the games in the App store takes a lot of space. Myst takes 1GB of space if I remember correctly and if you started buying all sort of games, be prepared to see the apps taking more than a couple of GB of space. I’ve actually used close to 14GB of space already and I would have been worried about putting any more music or data knowing that I only have a couple of hundred MBs left. Your choice though.

  74. According to this comment (SaudiMac.net Arabic site) the iPhone 3GS 32GB is available at Khorais road branch in Riyadh.

    • Where exactly in Khorais Road?

    • I seriously don’t know, call 1100? 🙂

    • Hi Khaled,

      Thanks for the comment. But I checked Mobily branch on Khorais Road …this is opposite to Centre point mall; No iPhones.
      Same story on Olaya Road branch and their branch on Siteen street, one near Copper Chandni restaurant.

      Mobily has no way to inform customers when the iPhone will be available; cannot take any advance .

      Could this be happening anywhere else on Planet Earth? Mobily/ Apple/ Steve Jobs wake up guys!

      There are n number of people lined up to buy iPhones and it is out of stock

    • Same is the case with me. I tried almost every major mobily outlet in Riyadh and Jeddah but in vain .. May Allah give them some energies to put it back in stock… Really its a unique Telcom company in the world with such an ignorance abt the customer relations…..

  75. A friend bought the iPhone 3GS yesterday from Mobily branch on King Fahad road (tahliah intersection).

  76. i already bought my iPhone and enjoying it, in the beggining the battery was little bit worrying, but once i let the iphone battery to drain to 10-20% then charged, since that the battery performance is improved a lot. thanks for saudi mac and khaled to know many thing abt iphone in saudi arabia,

    i would like to know is there any good forums/blogs for iphone(not for the jailbroken phones) available on the net? if there please let me know here.

    thank you

    • Hi
      Battery performance during cold season doesn’t last long … this my observation in all the phone i got for the past years.

      Jailbreak software … mmmmm just yesterday i have red about BLACKRAIN but i didn’t try it yet.
      KHALED what do you think about BLACKRAIN? shall we try this or do you have a better suggestion?

    • I didn’t jailbreak the 3G iPhones. So I don’t know, sorry. Blackrain seems to be the most popular one.

    • Thor, as mentioned previously, if you switch on the 3G all the time, you’d be lucky to get through the day with your iPhone 3Gs. I only switch on the 3G when I want to use it and if I don’t have Wifi available.

      As for JB, I do prefer Blackrain as it is very simple and runs on all OS (Mac and PC). Pwnagetool from iPhone Dev only runs on Mac. Jailbreaking on Blackrain takes at most 20 seconds and you’re good to go with Cydia etc.

  77. Any news on the iPhone availability? im getting tired of going to mobily stores…

  78. HAPPY NEW YEAR KHALED and to all Iphone user.

    Mobily it is New year …. time to change.

  79. happy new year to everybody at saudimac. yes still mobily customer service is not good, hope will they will improve in 2010.

  80. if i purchase the 2599 fully prepaid option, will it work if i take it abroad? or will i be subject to a mobily contract, or terms, making the activity legal. I plan to visit riyadh in a months time and mobily is offering the 3gs way cheaper than where i currently reside. thank you and happy new year!

    • Hi Waleed ….
      i’m not a expert with iphone but Mobily iphone 3gs PRE paid 16 gb 2600 riyals is UNLOCK,i tried using other sim and it works.
      i just hope that you can buy 1 here because up to now thousands of people are still waiting and hoping to get 1, but Mobily iphone stocks is like “WAITING FOR THE RAIN TO FALL”

  81. Happy New Year to all SAudimac users especially to Khalid!!

    Also Happy New Year to Steve Jobs, Apple and Mobily!!!    Wake up Guys…dont you want to increase your sales???

    Checked Mobily-Granada and Olaya branch  Yesterday….no iPhone yesterday.

    If Etsilaat also gives unlocked phones, why not bring it from U.A.E; has anyone tried doing that?

  82. Hiiii to all …..

    i have a question about FIRMWARE, i try to RESTORE from itunes but it is taking long time from 5 to 15 hours and sometimes there is a connection problem from itunes so i had to start again from the beginning, it’s been 3 days now and still i cannot RESTORE.

    This FREE FIRMWARE 3.1.2 from other website i can use it to RESTORE my iphone? or i need lower version before i use 3.1.2?


    • corrupted firmware?

    • after i install Application, the message said reboot your device, after open USB cable and itunes picture only, no emergency dial just connect to itunes, itunes message is RESTORE but it so FREAKING slow 5 to 15 hours to RESTORE and connection is not stable from itune.

    • you really waited for 15 hours? anyways try restoring in dfu mode.

  83. KHALED i need your advice … read my previous message


  84. Please Khaled … can you advise me on buying an iphone 3Gs from Axiom, i went to their shop the other day, they say that their new phones are from Australia for 3200 SR. please advise….

  85. when i buy my iphone, i was able to send mms, but now it could not send, anyone knows whats the reason? my mms setting same as per saudimac link, does this happened to anybody?

  86. just checked 2 Mobily stores in Jeddah….NO iPHONE STILL! :@ the guy in Tahlia said the stock will come next week. and the guy in Palestine Street says 1 OR 2 MONTHS!!!! WTF IS THIS?!?!?!!? :@

  87. now my mms is working, but the problem is for each mms sent to an international number was charging 3.00 riyals. why they charge like that? please help me

  88. Hello everyone, any news on Mobilys iphones, are they back in stock in Riyadh??…. and plz Thor can you explain why opening a US itunes account is better than a Saudi one??… Thanks….

    • Thanks Abu yara for the question, first i need KHALED’s permission because this is his website, and just like the others, i’m a new iphone user but because i’m kinda adventurous i search and study the technical side of iphone etc … and of course i ask KHALED also for some things i wanna know.
      US itunes account is loaded with lots of FREE Apps Games Utilities just to name a few, Saudi account is limited or almost nothing?

      it’s your choice “FREE or you want to pay?”

  89. I came to know Calem is selling an unlocked iPhone 3G 32 GB for approximately 3500 Riyals with 5 years warranty.

    Any feedback, comments on this.

  90. Thanks Khaled and THOR.

    Of course, I will wait. I like to get maximum value for my money and the best that I can buy(within my budget of course!!).
    I guess I have to wait. …

    • your welcome Prashant
      just like you i have waited for iphone long before it was launched here in Saudi, but after 2 weeks my excitement with iphone is already down. my advice is 16 gb is just fine.

  91. Had been to the Mobily Mega store on Dahran, Al Khobar. Made it past the security guy to speak to an executive. He said hes expecting some supplies next week. He didnt seem like he new his shi& though!!

  92. Guys. I need ur advice.
    I broke my iPhone’s screen (3GS) and I want to change it at a repair center
    I went to these two shops in ameer Soltan street in Jeddah, 750 SR and 900 SR.
    I will go search in falasteen street
    what do u think ?

    • Ouch! … that is so bad news
      prices for repair of iphone is really that high specially the screen
      just check other repair shop, you might find a good deal

      Good luck

  93. hi every1 iam bak on saudimac after long tym iwas buzy wit ma iphone but yesterday my iphone slipped frum my hand and smashed da road and screen is almost damaged and parially screen iz visible but still da phone is workin and touch too .so it means by digitizer is only damaged .ient too tahliya mobily mega centre in jeddah they told they dont repair iphone so wat shud i asked dey told go and chk izone whiich next shop to them there a person took my iphone and saw told thank god your lcd is k but digitizer or touch panel is damaged that will cost u 700 den asked him if lcd is broken how much it will costing he told 2000 wat da **** so any1 here can help me out in findin a good shop in jeddah for my iphones repair and apple shud reconsider mobily az dere choice becoz az dere site apple repairs iphone plz waitin 4 others reply specially Mr khaled

  94. Man we should go together maybe we’ll get a special discount

    • hey dude today i went to falasteen dere a shopperson suggested me shop call al harthy in main flasteen market they only sell mobile parts he told me iphone3gs digitizer 4 220 sar and its original but is fixing you shud make in other shop so i found next 2 it he told he will take 50 sar for fixing da new touchpanel and reconfirmed from a shop were i usuall buy nopkia phones he told dat he dont hav much knowledge about iphone but if al harthy is selling and if he told 2 u dat its original den it must be so now wat we shud do bro i am waitin 4 ur reply wether 2 go 4 dis or not

    • hey dude i forget to post dere which i got frum dere card

  95. Mr khalid here in mobily out of warranty replacement is available like its dere in us for 199$

  96. salam All, so it seems there could be some good news (for the quick ones):
    if you live in jeddah and are close to Jeddah, Tahlia Road, the iphone should be there in quantities. not sure when the iphone will arrive, but i recommend to check tomorrow noon, or early on Tuesday.
    for , Riyadh, i would recommend to check in the morning..King Abdullah Street, Riyadh
    , Olaya Road
    and in Tawaren-, King Fahd Road, in khobar:, Dharan Highway in
    Dammam, King Saud Rd.

    • I just visited the Mobily store on Falestine Street, Jeddah and there is no Iphone 3GS yet. The guy was telling that it may come tomorrow but this branch will only sell Iphone 3GS for postpaid connection. 
      Please do update if someone is able to find on Tahlia Branch or somewhere else.

    • Got Mine last night. Contrary to my judgement, Mobily rep gave me a call and told me the 16gb black I wanted was in stock and I can collect it. It was Dammam, King saud Store. They still had some more in stock if anyones interested, I would suggest RUN!! NOW!!.

      Thanx to Khalid and Mobily CIO!!

    • Today at 11 pm no iphones in ta7leya jeddah !!i hope it will arrive soon please keep us updated

    • are they selling em to prepaid customers???

    • Been to the Olaya, King Abdullah, Granada and Morabba Mobili stores in the last 5 days. Left my name and number in two places, and I am still waiting to get the 3GS.

      really, whomever projected the sales numbers and order numbers should really do proper market research.

  97. Please Khaled can you comment on buying an i-phone from this site… the price seems un-believable, what do u thinks the catch is??

    http://www.macsales now.com/shop/products.php?product=Apple®-%252d-iPhone-3G-with-16GB-Memory-%28UNLOCKED%29


  98. Good News! IPhone 3GS is back in the city (Jeddah) …. There are limited numbers available, so Run as fast as possible.. else Wait for 3 more months. I took prepaid package from Andulus Street Branch.

  99. Just visited Mobily at King Abdullah Rd, Riyadh at 10.30pm of 20/Jan., and they still do not have it. So anyone knows or bought in Riyadh, please post here.

    • Hello guys …
      Check the Mobily braches from the Malls, sometimes they have stocks like in Granada Mall, before i use to go Abdullah branch in Riyadh for so many times and i spend 200 riyals just for the taxi … always no stock.

  100. how can i buy iphone apps in saudi arabia?  i saw jarir is selling itunes gift vouchers, can i use that to purchase apps?

  101. i created an account without a credit card, but it is saudi arabia. in the itunes screen it has an option called” redeem”, using that is it possible me to redeem the gift voucher?

  102. yes i saw in jarir that they are selling “itunes gift voucher” cards
    20$ card is selling 130 riyals, way expensive though, not like the playstation cards in sony world

  103. Khaled. I can’t believe you don’t jailbreak.
    What is the use of having this powerful device and OS without using it
    One of the things you can’t live without it is multitasking !
    How can u survive without it.

  104. Hi
    KHALED is right … why do you need to Jailbreak if you can get FREE Apps Games and more, it is really up to you if you are not contented with the Apps that you got in your iphone.

  105. First u need to jailbreak to install cracked apps. But let’s say u will buy all the apps u want although this will eventually be too much, one of the apps I have on my iPhone is Sygic’s GPS mobile maps (100$).that’s only 1 app
    Second how can u survive without multitasking ???
    Search for “ProSwitcher” on YouTube and check what ur missing

  106. i am interested in jailbreaking my phone, but after january 27th, but i have few questions on jailbreaking, Mr. Khaled is it ok if i discuss about jailbreaking here?

  107. I woul’ve never thought of jailbreaking if two things had worked; namely simultaneous apps and voip over 3g. I believe one of the issue will be addressed on 27/Jan. with OS 4.0.

  108. Question please Khaled, I was thinking that when I get my iphone from Mobily that i would use their sim card for a few months to look for any manufacturing defects on the phone and then switch back to STC. What do u think?? Another question that i’ve been wondering about is how would they know that i switched sim cards anyway?? I hate Mobily and STC i just don’t want to go through the hassle of changing providers and i don’t want to void my warranty….

  109. Hi Mr. Khaled, How to know when the mobily store in jeddah have got new iphone stock. I am waiting to buy one for a long time.

  110. Hi! Im gearing to buy the Mobily PrePaid Package for the iPhone 3Gs in the next few days. What branch do you advice me to go? Could i reserve early-on with their customer service? Thank you in advance.

  111. pls anybody answer my question, i want to jailbreak my iphone now.if anyone who bought iphone from mobily and jailbrocken pls advice me.

    1) the iphone which i bought from mobily is unlocked for any operators, if i jailbreak my iphone using blacka1n will it cause any problem for the unlock? will it change the baseband?

    2)i already downloaded some free apps from appstore, will all that be erased?and is it possible to download if i need to download an app from appstore?

    3) after jailbreaking is it possible me to sync/backup with my pc as regular as i do with original(itunes)?

    4) in case if i need to return to original, doing a restore from itunes is will solve my problem?

    thank you very much

    • 1. as far as I know only an unlock will change the baseband.
      2. as far as I know you can still use regular apps + jailbreak
      3. as far as I know, yes you can 🙂
      4. I am not sure but you will need to “jail” it again. I am sure blackrain have instructions on how to reverse the process

  112. Hi to all …..
    i bought my iphone 3gs 16 gb only this first week of January 2010 from Granada Mall, now i’m kinda of thinking of selling it for the same price of 2600 riyals without the SIM card because it’s in my name.

    The only reason why i want to sell is because there is no COUNTER when you write SMS and no FRONT camera.

    • Is it black or white and hows is the condition? Its black in brand-new (like) condition, I am interested to buy it.

    • You can email me : sameer at uenocorp.com

    • This is 100% BRAND NEW from MOBILY store, all iphone 3GS are BLACK color, the condition is 100% because it is NEW, i even bought rubber cover just to protect it from scratch.

    • @Thor: Hi. Im interested in buying your iPhone 3Gs. Will you provide the original receipt/invoice as proof of purchase? Thank you very much.
      Please keep me updated. If all is good, I might buy it tomorrow. My email is john.luarca@gmail.com.

    • Hello guys ….
      SORRY guys because the iohne 3gs is already taken by my Friend last night, he immediately took it like a hot cake when he found out that i’m selling it.


  113. THANKS ALL…
    Got my iphone from Tahlia branch Riyadh, there was only 3 left and 2 of us in the shop…
    This was on Wednesday 4:00 pm…
    Special thanks to Khaled for this amazing site, just one question Khaled plz, is it OK to use this forum for ‘Tips & Apps for iphone’ if not what’s the forum…

  114. I was out of station. Just came. Any recent updates on availability of iPhone. Did anyone buy today?Please let me know ASAP. Thanks

  115. First of all thanks to Khaled and all of you!
    I finally managed to get 2 iPhones 32GB @their mega store on King Abdullah road.
    However, even though I paid for them due to some system problem they could not be activated by Mobily and I have been asked to come again tomorrow. Almost there but yet So elusive …..
    Also don’t give up on the guys working in Mobily when they say stocks are over, speak t different guys, supervisor and you will be surprised to get one.

    • Hi ….
      You can activate it by yourself, just download first itunes 9 to your PC, connect your iphone and follow the steps … that simple man.
      itunes is very important so you better learn about it and you should make a itunes US account.

      Good luck

  116. Plz Khaled, I have 2 questions,

    1) I cant open the app store from my iphone and when i try it on a friends phone it works just fine, it keeps saying ‘cannot connect to itunes store.’

    2) I cant open movie attachments (wmv, flv, etc..) on my mail…


  117. Hello to all

    For me iphone 3gs is still the FASTEST mobile phone ever, i tried this nokia N900 but it didn’t match the speed – sensitivity of touch screen – color – sound and quality of iphone.
    This nokia N900 being sold here in Saudi are made from China and Korea, the front camera is only working for video call … what the heck.

  118. has anyone managed to get the iphone in jeddah lately?

  119. No stock in King Abdullah Road any suggestion Khaled or any guys can help where I can get one here in Riyadh?

  120. From November 7 up to now Mobily is still having problem with iphone stocks? ESH HADA?!

  121. Anyone know if the prepaid 3GS 32gb is still unlocked? i plan on buying one from riyadh soon to take back to my country. plus i hope they havent updated their stock to 3.1.3

  122. Whats wrong with version 3.1.3? BTW, I notice that Internet Tethering is now available or has its been there a long time?

    • nothing’s ‘wrong’ with it per se, it’s just that there’s no unlock/jailbreak for newer 3gs’s running on 3.1.3

    • Tethering available for Mobily with their new carrier update, you do not need to update to 3.1.3 to get tethering with Mobily.
      But for STC you might need it.

    • Hi KHALED ….

      for example your iphone now is 3.1.2 firmware and it is jailbrake with Cydia software, what’s gonna happen if you update it to 3.1.3? jailbrake is no longer active or not gonna work at all?


    • Update to 3.1.3 and then you can use redsnow to jailbreak again no issues but for the latest models of 3GS it will be tethered jailbreak 🙂 good luck!

    • very interesting.. i wonder how it gets activated though. if only they were selling the 32 gb one for 3199

    • I think I will go and see it for myself. but it’s 600SR more expensive than Mobily’s most expensive iPhone (which comes with 6 free 250MB months)

    • I wonder whether this is officially unlocked. The iphone sold by mobily is NOT 100% unlocked, i.e. once you reset all settings you need the mobily sim to activate it with itunes. I tried with STC sim after full reset, but it failed and once I inserted mobily sim, it activated immediately. So I wonder the iphone sold by Jarir is actually for which country and whether its 100% officially unlocked or not.

    • Hong Kong
      Same as mobily, not “Locked to carrier” and also no “Carrier offers
      authorized unlocking”

      and with my iPhone even after a reset I never needed to have a mobily SIM again, maybe it’s random. keep the SIM card though.

    • hey dude can i use my iphone in different place and in different sim cards


    • Anyone who just bought iPhone 3GS here in Riyadh? I went again yesterday to the mega store in KingAbdulaziz Road but still no luck 🙁

  124. Still no stock 🙁

    • Finally got my 16GB iPhone 3GS at exit 13 a small branch but has alot of stock unlike the Mega Store.


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