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Daily Archives: December 1, 2009

Video: How to install RAM and drives in a Mac

One of my favorite hobbies is assembling computer hardware. I also prefer to upgrade my Macs by my own without relying on a service center. I’ve found two useful web sites that provide guides on how to repair and upgrade your Mac: iFixit and OWC. iFixit specializes in selling spare parts for Macs and provide free guides on how to ...

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Posts of November 2009

Just like last month, we present you with the top posts from the month of November, 2009. Mobily finally released the iPhone 3GS in the Kingdom only to be sold out in only two days. Mobily did not restock the iPhone 3GS until now. Mobily wasn’t transparent about their iPhone 3GS bundles as many of these bundles are only available ...

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