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Mobily iPhone 3GS release date and price

Mobily should finally be releasing the iPhone 3GS in Saudi Arabia on Saturday November 7th 2009. We were told this information late Wednesday at 3 a.m but the web host had problems with our server and the site was down for the whole day.

Apparently the iPhone 3GS will be sold initially to the people who ordered the phone using the Mobily iPhone 3GS order form (which was taken down for a few days).


The prices are in the following chart:


We notice that Mobily did not provide an option for MMS messages.

As we said before the iPhone from Mobily is officially unlocked as confirmed by Apple, Inc in this support document. No matter what Mobily says, the iPhone 3GS is unlocked (unless that document is out of date, in that case CITC will probably do something about it).

Had to post it on my site, thanks Shufflegazine and Apple-wd for linking back.

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  1. Ye36eek al3afya, Mr. Khaled. ’bout time ! 27/10 then now 7/11…unbelievable.

    Do you think those who didn’t book one on Mobily’s website will be able to buy an iphone 3GS? and if so, when?

    Thanks alot for the update

  2. Great news.

    Given that they offer a prepaid option, is it a possibility for me to buy one without having the IMQA (I think it is called, the ID card)? I am currently using an iPhone 3G bought in the Netherlands on a Mobily prepaid card. I have had conflicting answers on the matter from Mobily themselves.

    (oh, and another question as I couldn’t find the place to ask elsewhere on the website. Does anyone know where I can find the Nike+ armband for the iPod nano 5 in Jeddah? Or KSA entirely for that matter)

    – Tobbi

  3. in that case i can tell them i want the 16gb for free and then i dont pay for them ? i dont think they well forget such thing…

  4. Guys i need ur help, actually i dont get the 6 months of commitment, because i live in Egypt and my dad will bring the phone with him, so does that mean i’ll have to wait for 6 moths till it works on Vodafone or Mobinil?


  5. Yeah, billboards ad was all over the city since yesterday.

    Good job.

  6. oh, finally some great news.
    but im stil curious. why were they 10 days late.
    oh well. im getting the iphone this saturday!

  7. Khaled, the 32GB 3GS is listed at prepaid SAR 2999., but with a contract of 6 months. From what I can see you are only getting 250 MB of data/month. In the past, I have simply been using pay-as-you-go cards, and have never had a contract with Mobily. My question is, what is the contract for (minutes/month?), and what kind of prices can I expect for a 6 months minimum service contract? If the 3GS is unlocked, as both your site and the Appple site state, than it would make sense for me to get the contract (which if I am not mistaken is on the SIM card, not the phone), and simply switch SIM cards. That way I would have a unlocked, contract-free 3GS… is that right?
    Great site, very informative!

    • that’s the prepaid plan.

      Yes, we said it a lot of times, the iPhone is unlocked 😉

    • Sorry Khaled, I don’t think I was very clear. I understand the iphone is unlocked, you have established that umpteen times on your site… thanks! My question is regarding their prepaid plan as I don’t know how ‘plans’ work.

      If I pay the upfront listed cost of the phone (SAR 2999. for 32GB), how much more can I expect to pay in total with the minimum service contract for 6 months?


    • actually it is not clear 🙂

  8. hi,

    fantastic news for sure – love it

    ok – basic questions – will it be available in ALL – i mean all mobily outlets in Jeddah or do i need to go only to the tahlia one as said on my sms (yes i pre ordered)

    will they take my credit / debit card or i NEED to take cash – knowing mobily i dont want to take any chances u see…

    what else will they want – dont remember what they took last time around for the 3G !!!!

  9. great news..!

    finally they r releasing in ksa…

  10. I specified Dammam when I ordered but I actually live in Khobar. Can I use my oder number to get my iPhone in the Khobar Main branch?

    • try it and keep us updated

    • Got mine from the Khobar main store. They didn’t even asked for my order number. It’s confirmed factory unlock (tried it with my STC simcard and got a signal). Process was pleasant. Got a new simcard too but still not getting the 3G to work with Safari or any other apps that requires 3G. Mobily must have not activated the free 250MB plan for me.

  11. Factory unlocked??? Confirm guys

  12. They have confirmed the prices of prepaid …but what about postpaid …it will be the same 32GB 2999

    • Try their website (yeah it’s not that good but just click on “more”) and you will see their complete plans.

    • Khaled, what is the easiest way to transfer contacts from a Nokia phone to the iPhone? I have a Mac so I assume iSync will work?

  13. in this web site,,,,,,,,,, people are fan of iphone 3gS but not buyer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. @ Nazhri, the easiest way to transfer contacts? Copy all contacts from Nokia to SIM card, remove and put SIM into iPhone, copy contacts to iPhone 🙂

    • John, Thanks for the advice. That will work if I only have 250 contacts. I have 770 contacts and some of them have multiple phone numbers. Solved it by connecting my Nokia to iSync with my Mac and then connecting my iPhone via iTunes. All contacts transferred properly.

    • can you write a guide for doing that? 🙂

    • khaled, wil try and write a guide tonight. I need to be in front of my iMac to do it 🙂

    • cool nazhri – im waiting for someway to transfer for my wife – she is gonna take the first plunge into iphone world – planning on gettin her a 3G 8GB or something – she is a total nokia exponent so we need to transfer contact etc etc

  15. Can i ask some questions? How much is it without contract?My dad is in Makkah now and he doesn’t know where can he buy.Please help me i want orginal, but there are some fake iphones..where can he buy orginal iphone..thank you for your interest:D

  16. how much is iphone 3G 16gb in makkah?

  17. what the hell 6 months contract on prepaid , what does it mean ? after 6 months it wil be locked or unlocked? i didnt get….. any one understands

    • it means you get a SIM card with free 6 months of 250MB/m. You can make calls but if u do that they will charge you.
      But if you used it for data only you won’t pay anything.
      or you can throw it

  18. Hi All! I’m from Ukraine and I plan to come to Riyadh in two weeks.
    I need help! Can anybody tell me how much will I need to pay to buy iPhone 3GS 16 GB to take it back home with me??
    Will appreciate your help!

  19. Will I need to buy additionally to that price a sim card or some contract package??

  20. So…
    For 2599 SR i will get: iPhone 3GS 16GB, Mobility sim card and 256 MB of traffic?
    Am I correct???

  21. khaled i want to know that i am going for umra in few months so can i have postpaid contract? and if i will bring it back to pakistan in a month without paying other month charges . so i will get it in few SR , will my plan work or not plz reply me soon! thanx

  22. I have bought a new 3Gs Iphone from mobily. I already have a mobily sim card and want to continue using this. How can i transfer the free 250MB to my existing mobile number. I do not want to use the new sim card.

  23. is it possible to turn of cellular network services so that if i am not connected to wifi the phone does not connect and charges incurred.

  24. how can i buy iphone 3gs in installements ?? Please anyone ??


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