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iPhone 3GS out of stock in Saudi Arabia after 2 days

The iPhone 3GS has been sold out Just two days after the the phone’s release in Saudi Arabia by Mobily. Mobily claims that new stock will arrive after Eid (27th of November).

People who reserved an iPhone 3GS will not be able to purchase it any time soon. Many readers have expressed their frustration to us using Twitter and Facebook.


According to Yousef‘s post: One of the main Mobily showrooms in Jeddah only had 700 iPhones, some branches had only 200-300 and the branch that he went to only had 50 iPhones. Mobily is now waiting for new stock provided by Etisalat in UAE.

Mobily’s iPhone page still claims that the iPhone 3GS is available now. Many customers are wasting their time going to a Mobily store based on that web page only to find out that there are no more iPhones available. Apple has created an iPhone 3GS availability page for their stores, why can’t Mobily do that?

On a related note: last time with the iPhone 3G Mobily announced that over 25,000 people “reserved” an iPhone 3G. They announced that only 1 day after the release date, however with the iPhone 3GS Mobily did not announce their sales numbers.

Arabic version on SaudiMac.net.

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  1. if new stock will arrive after Eid (27th of November).mobily offices will be open that day….or they will be closed for hajj holidays

  2. hey dude it means i cannot have it today az it ma birthdaw today
    Excitment 2 buy iphone is reducing by day by day
    May allah bless mobily

  3. bad news guys just now i am comming from mobily centre in tahlya in jeddah dere 1 of mobily staff told me dat da iphone would be sold after eid dat we all know thanx 2 khaled 4 info but intrestin part iz dat wem i asked him wen r u oppenin after holiday he told 2 weeks grrrr……
    It means dat we have 2 wait till 10 dec approx
    God bless mobily

  4. Mobily better keep their word or else.

    I’m running out of patience. -.-“

  5. Poor service is the reason why i got mine from Dubai. It was cheaper and painless to buy it from there.

  6. All the best guys…… That’s why I got mine on the launch day itself…..

  7. last nyt I went to izone just beside the mobily in thalia and there’s an iphone being sold there and it cost 5000 SAR.. it’s expensive.is it a fair price?

  8. thanks a lot for the advice..hope today there will be an iphone

  9. thanks for the reply.. btw, when will the iphone be available again? may i knw the exact date? 🙂 thanks again..

  10. az per told by 1 of mobily staff dat da stores will be openning by 9th december and iphone will be available thereafter so lets 4 da better

    wishin 2 allah they keep their words

  11. December 9?? Not good..

  12. yeah not good.. hopefully this week there will be an iphone.. 🙁

  13. Guys i think we should start hoping for worst and then mobily will surprise us by doing it earlier…

  14. yesterday i was surfing net i found a website statin that iphone 4g would be hitting market by june 2010 but i was completly surprised to its features especially its processor dats intel core 2 quad with oled screen datss HD dual speaker etc waitin for such a thing iz worth it or i shud buy iphone 3gs az soon az its available az i have told before i am very old nokia user so iam shiftin from nokia to another brand dat apple

  15. What the hey?

    Another iPhone on the way?


    Come on guys, Apple introduces a new iPhone every summer at the WDCC in California. Just like they did for the 3G and most recently 3GS.

    It probably will be available in the US in June/July of 2010 but it will reach us August-November 2010 (just like the 3GS).

    So if you can wait another year for the actual iPhone 4G to reach us, then by all means go ahead. Otherwise, grab yourself a 3GS enjoy it till the next iPhone comes out (or even stick with till iPhone 5G comes out in 2011 )

  17. wonder if a 10G will ever be available


  18. anyway, i dont care.

    im sticking with 3GS..until, well, 5g comes wahahha :DDD

  19. any news guys…

  20. k i have decided dat i will be buyin iphone 3gs but shud 16 or 32 in keep mind monetary terms dat 32 gb is worth it or not and any news abut da iphone

  21. hey guys any news on the new stock yet?

  22. Mobily people themselves even don’t know about the new stock.. They are playing wid the customers.. on each visit, they are giving new dates, as prisoners are given new date for hearing. Getting frustrated by thier extremely non-professional behaviour… Apple should re-think about thier KSA partner, else people will always b cursing….

  23. i’ve now fed up with this mobily, when i go to small mobily centers, they say to call 1100 for everything, why dont we all report complains to mobily,

  24. Guys some advice,have a iphone 3G from mobily,a speaker is not working! How will mobily service it.which branch i take it to in Jeddah.Its still under 1 yr warranty 🙂

  25. Guys… no news regarding iphone 3Gs stock…

  26. Hi, Khaled, I heard that the iPhone 3Gs new stock comes with LOCKED according to my friend who got to know from a Mobily Employee. Is this the fact?in that case what’s an alternative to get an unlocked iPhone to use with any SIM. regards,

  27. Hi, Khaled, you are really excellent, thanks a lot for your time to writing down, I cant stop appreciating you for being so clear…. keep it up..

    Best Regards,

  28. Any news regarding Iphone 3GS arrival??? What the hell Mobily is planning for…

  29. WTF is wrong with these people, Mr. Order Maker add a few zeros in your next order

  30. What an EPIC fail, isn’t it ?

  31. Dear Khaled,
    Im planning to move from iphone 3G to 3GS. Please advise how can I erase all data from existing 3G and have it all the way in my 3GS using itunes.

  32. Please HELP!!!
    I’m about to come to Riyadh in two weeks! Guys please help me! Tell me how much will I need to pay for iPhone 3GS in MacStore???
    Will appreciate your help

  33. i want an iphone 4g as soon as possible
    can u contact me went it arrives and where is the best place 2 buy it

  34. how muchis the iphone 3gs 16 gb now?????

  35. how much is the iphone 3gs 16 gb now????

  36. When will the iphone 4g be released here in Saudi Arabia?, how much will it be?, thanks….


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