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iPhone 3GS in Saudi Arabia on November 7th

Mobily has sent an SMS message to everyone who ordered an iPhone 3GS using their website. The SMS message confirmed that the iPhone 3GS will be released tomorrow November 7th 2009.

The SMS message said: “Mobily would like to let you know that the iPhone 3GS will be available starting tomorrow morning at all main Mobily branches and to take advantage of your pre-order please visit one of the following branches…”.


Thanks Mustafa for the image.

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  1. Excited for tomorrow hope I wont get disappointed ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. How come they didn’t mention al-Madina in their SMS???

  3. Riyadh, Jeddah and Khobar only…..!
    no other cities

  4. khaled, how r they going to make sure i keep paying for 12 months… ?

  5. Dammam also is not mentioned anyway just hope they have enough stock and it does not get over by today evening

  6. what time do they ope stores?

  7. Please notify us here, beloved iphone users, if someone get an iphone 3gs at mobily today, if it is unlock or not?ร‚ย 

    thank you very much.

  8. also, how can i get an iphone if postpaid, what are the requirements? thus anyone can get a postpaid line? any nationality can get a postpaid line?
    Thank you very much

  9. Hope I can able to get one after my work ๐Ÿ™

  10. Same here have to go after work i hope they dont have any waiting period like u know reserve today get after 1 week or something like that







    GO RIP GO RIP~~~~~

  12. factory unlocked? any more confirmations?

  13. im using my old mobily number – checked with my o2 uk and also 3 network cards uk —– love it

  14. hey reminder – KEEP ur SIM Card with u at all times coz u need it to unlock ur phone and activate ur phone when u get a software update !!!!!

    • Naushad, are you sure you need to keep Mobily SIM card to do software updates.
      I have an iPhone 3G factory unlocked from Italy (since more than a year and it is updated to 3.1.2), and I do not have the orignal sim card, even I did not get it. I make updates with no hassles.
      I beleive that with factory unlocked iPhones, you can do the updates regardless of the installed SIM card.

    • you only need Mobily SIM card for the initial activation, I never needed it when upgrading.

    • cool – then i can throw this one – lovely !!!!

  15. Congrats Naushad !! Enjoy it, and share your exprience of the new phone here. I hope the procedure is not long or complicated.

    I live in Makkah, and called Mobily to ask if it would be available in the main branch here. They said yes, but I’m still skeptic. Cuz in the SMS is got yesterday, they mentioned only 3 branches in Jeddah, Riyadh and Khobar. Will go in the evening to to check with them. Wish me luck ….

    • thanx man – the procedure was fairly simple – maybe coz i already have a mobily number or coz i’m just getting the pre paid 32GB – but like i told on the FB page – it only took me less than 10 min…\\

      experience is good – updating now – bloody slow – says 9 hours !!!!!!!!!!!!

      Best of luck in makkah !!!!

      hey and mobily customer care guy WAS POSITIVELY polite today – really !!!

      he did NOT know every detail and had to call his manager – but that he did ONLY ONCE and i was really impressed…but dont count on it when the crowd increases and they make some big ass mistakes –

      remember last time they gave 16Gb for 8 and vice versa and the customers had to point it out and waste a lot of time – so be alert and look at the computer screen at all times !!!!(32 for 16 i wont mind – but 16 for 32 i WILLLLLL)

    • did you pay cash Naushad?

    • Thanxx bro. Mobily employees being polite and informed ?? Hard to believe :-))

      But we welcome that, I hope its like that in all branches.

      And I wish, they would make the mistake of giving me the 32 gb, instead of 16gb …

  16. Congrats naushad , how to check if its 32gb or 16gb? And also how was the public response i mean was it crowded when u went to buy the phone cause i am planning to go in the evening and hope not to wait for long hours in queue

    • You can check on the back side of the phone itself there’s the 16GB or 32GB written on it.

    • My father went to check it out this morning here in Riyadh but why did an employee there told him that it will be available tomorrow morning? Can anyone confirm this? Anyone who bought 3GS here in Riyadh? And what branch?

    • i was the 3rd person to buy the phone and i was very early 8.45 am in tahlia jeddah…after me 5 others were waiting – and the manager of the store was running around helping the guys so things r moving FAST

      only took me 8-9 min to get it done (after the initial screw-up though – they said that the data bundles r not activated – i said – damn – but the manger came up and said – just 5min and within 2 min he said – go ahead – sell)

  17. Congratulations …!

    play with ur new toy and do not forget to share ur further experience

  18. Got mine from the Khobar Main branch. I have to say that I am quite impressed with Mobily’s staff today. One was practically running towards me when I got to the door. Anyway, me and my friend (who didn’t even register) got our 32GB. Too bad that they gave me a NEW simcard (probably due to the 250MB/month free) but I got to choose my number which is nice of them as well. All in all a very pleasant experience. Will jailbreak it tonight so that I can install winterboard heh heh heh ….

    • may i know if you paid it cash or by credit card? tnx…

    • credit card – me too – no problem

      if i abude mobily cust. care anytime in the near future – u can hit me he he he – it WAS a VERY pleasant experience !!!!!!

      ok – about jailbreak – r u gonna jailbreak or update 3.1.2 and then jailbreak – i just downloaded blackra1n but am waiting for someone else to do IT first – he he he – sorry guys.

    • Mine comes with 3.1 (not 3.1.2) so not sure if I want to upgrade (most likely I will). Blackrain or the latest pwnage tool should work. I think I will go with pwnage since that is a bit more stable than blackra1n.

    • yeah – pwnage better – it never failed me with my 2G or 3G ever – so better – i wanna try instal the tom tom and try in uk next month insha allah.

    • dont forget to change root password from alpine using mobile terminal !!!!!! VERY VERY IMPORTANT –

    • iTunes upgrade takes for ever man – i have it downloading since 10 and it still says 5 hours – anyother ideas – rapidshare ????

    • found this in a nice site




      Read the following first:

      WARNING: Jailbreaking with PwnageTool right now causes you to lose the carrier logo at the top of the screen (the phone still works though). The dev team is aware of the problem though they have no fix right now.

      If you are using a 3G iPhone with ultrasn0w and rely on ultrasn0w to obtain cellular service, then you should only upgrade to 3.1.2 with a PwnageTool created ipsw – links for which are given below. – Stay away from Appleรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs direct updates

      If you have an original iPhone (1st generation) then 3.1.2 unlock works with this PwnageTool release.

      iPhone 3G users upgrading to 3.1.2 will need to continue using ultrasn0w with a PwnageTool created 3.1.2 .ipsw

      Tutorial to put iPhone in DFU mode (Recommended for all):

      Step 1: Open iTunes and make sure your iPhone is connected to the USB port.

      Step 2: Turn off the device.

      Step 3: Hold the home button and the power button for 10 seconds. Then, release the power button and hold the home button for 10 seconds to enter DFU.

      You will see the following message:


      Step 4: Press the Shift key on Windows or the Alt key on a Mac and click on restore. Then select the downloaded Firmware

      And thats it!!!

      iPhone 3.1.2 Files:

      iPhone 3GS Custom Firmware for those who DO NOT need to unlock (they are under an official contract or bought factory unlocked iPhone)


  19. I paid with a credit card. No problem.

  20. We need to know if they will require the VIP status or not, in order to get prepaid 3GS without 1 year commitment? I’m planning to just go in to the office and pay the whole amount to get the phone, just as you do anywhere else. Forget their stupid plans…

  21. abdullah, no VIP status needed. My friend who is not even a mobily customer got his 32GB 3Gs today, no question asked.

    It’s factory unlocked. I just switched to an STC card and I got the signal. I just can’t get my 3G to work.. It’s a new simcard so that’s probably why. Safari keeps saying that I am not subscribed to the cellular data network. Maybe I can call the mobily helpline which is probably not a good idea.

    • no a good idea

      just ask stc to activate ur 3G – then google as STC iPhone3GS settings

    • naushad. Thanks, but what I meant to say is that I cannot get my new mobily simcard (the one with 250MB/month data free) working with 3G. I don’t use the STC card at the moment.

    • oh – i c

      i got mine working atonce – as soon as i activated – i got 3G – browsed – did NOT try mms – dont know if it works and the guy in the store was not too sure (did not want to distub him too much u see – already i had king’s worth of treatment for the morning !!!!!!!!!! )

    • That’s very good to know… thanx Nazhri!

  22. Congrats to you guys.

    Just a Q, maybe coz i’m an iphone n00b but..

    what is the purpose of jailbraking if the the iphone is factory unlocked?


    • installing apps that Apple doesn’t want you to install ๐Ÿ™‚ . It’s all down to choice really. I’d like to able to install winterboard (allows you to install custom themes, background etc)

    • Cheers.

      Guess I was confusing jailbreaking as unlocking only !

  23. ANYONE WAS ABLE TO JAILBREAK HIS 3GS AFTER FULL UPDATE ?? i heard apple r shpping iphones that no one couldve jailbreak it yet…. SHARE INFO PELASE

  24. did NOT jailbrerak – but im guess it more my fault than otherwise

    so just resorting – but download is slow

    sorry guys = out of action for atleast 40 min


      OK – updated to 3.1.2 via the apple site – took me aaaaaaagggggggeeeeeesssss

      the just dwnloaded blackra1n

      one click and 3 sec later jail broken !!!!

      i read about all the non testing blah blah blah etc – but we r factory unlocked – so no need to worry

    • THANKS NOW I FEEL RELAXED….saldy im still in syria ” vacation ” but when i come back ill head to the freaking mobily center in khobar and buy it before i go home… XD plz keep us updated if u try DevTeam’s jailbreak, some says they do more stable jailbreaks than GeoHot’s….

    • anyone heard that jailbreaks increases the 3GS heat and after running it for couple hours u have to turn it off for cooldown…. ture stuff or only rumors ??

    • jailbreaking could cause problems, overheating, lower battery life, instability.
      But to be honest you hardly need it with unlocked iPhones.

    • i want it for apps only… i dont want to be stuck with 1 or 2 ringtones… stupid themes… and silly apps.. X>

    • blackra1n jailbreak is out, go for it ๐Ÿ™‚
      (saudimac does not support jailbreaking, people can comment on what they want though)

    • nice thanks

    • guys after jailbreaking – use judiciously – dont run beserk and put in all the themes and add ons coz like khaled said – yup i causes all that is mentioned – so go easy – jut insall only what u really want – any mods and tweaks – ONLY if u absolutely NEED it !!!

    • blacksn0w has some issues with wifi but then again, we only need to jailbreak and not unlock since the phone is factory unlocked (yipee). I’m not sure if the wifi issues exists with blackra1n but I’d go with pwnagetool. I upgraded my firmware to 3.1.2 in 4 minutes but then again, I’m on fibre-optic.

  25. how much did you pay for the 32gig model?

  26. i already got my iphone 3gs 32 gb… it didn’t take long to purchase it… 32 gb costs 2999. it includes the mobily sim card…

    i am right with the price, that it would be a bit higher here in saudi arabia than in UAE etisalat….

  27. 5:50 PM
    After a long day at work and a splitting headache, I finally make it to mobily:

    Security guy: yes?
    Me: iPhone?
    Security guy: We don’t sell it to women, mamnoo3.. Go to the female store in front of mamlaka but I’m not sure they sell it there..
    Me: ??!!??!!

    (Keep in mind that mobily usually receives female clients in any store not necessarily the “female” one!!!)


  28. Did any one get any 16 3GS, i dnt think there was ne!!

  29. just came from tahlia mobily at 7:15 pm…update::they are not selling 16GB…its out of stock…when is 16GB coming again i ask…they say maa arif (dont know)…i bought 32GB ๐Ÿ™ installing itunes and inshAllah its going to be unlocked..

    • unlocked for sure buddy– 32 Gb is better man – more to put in man – i was in a fix myself – 16 or 32gb but music is very important for me so just went in for 32

      a bit more ish – but better

    • thanks Naushad…just installed Itunes..installed mobily sim…getting message waiting for activation..this may take time ๐Ÿ™ lets waittt..been a while though

  30. unlock confirmed ๐Ÿ˜€ activation for sim will take 24hrs

  31. Got a 16gb 3gs it cost me 2599, have only iqama copy took about 45 mins but my sim gs not yet activated almost 2 hrs, how much time will it take to activate

  32. I went to Taif Main Branch today to get my I phone but i was astonished to see that they are not selling it.
    If the launch was not meant for the whole saudi arabia why Mobily took the pre-orders. I live in Albaha and travelled 200 Kms for my Iphone but all in vain. if the launch was meant for only Jeddah, Khobar and Riyadh then they should have restricted the pre-orders to these cities only.

    • Amir, I went to Makkah branch and they told me the same thing. I don’t even know if it will come here sometime soon, or else I will have to go to Jeddah, Tahlia branch.

  33. Now my friend went to buy the phone from mobily today, but they told him it won’t work on any other SIM card in egypt except mobily..so guys can you plz tell me is it working on other sim cards?? coz he doesnt know to buy it or not!

  34. It is unlocked i asked the guy from mobily itself but my sim not yet activated

  35. I called the infamous Mobily customer service to find out about the availability and the representative told me that “they’re having a problem with iPhone.” So they gave me a different number to call (0560332259) but IT DOES NOT CONNECT. Another great job, Mobily!!!

  36. Internet not working, got a 16gb prepaid, checked balance was zero, is this the reason or do i have to do some settings ? Help plz

    • No, my 3G is still not working (this is with the new simcard that was given with the iPhone). I went to the store last night and the mobily guys looked harassed. He told me that it should take one hour for the 3G to work. They have been having some problems apparently. Obviously after 1 hour the 3G is still not working.

      As for the rudeness of the security people, funny that you mentioned it, they were extremely rude to me too the morning I bought the phone, but the actual mobily csr (customer service rep) were practically running to welcome me to the store. I hate to be crass, but I don’t give much weight to the store guards. They are not worth the annoyance.

    • Found out what was wrong with my 3G connection for the new SimCard. The iPhone will automatically set the APN to web1 when it should be web2 since it’s prepaid. So if your 3G currently is not working, just make sure you check the APN settings.

    • hey u r right – true – the guys at the cust service told me that they have given me a post paid card – which was converted into a pre-paid one – true – true–

      coz i was wondering why it is not working for so many people – absolutely buddy u r right

      as i’m using my post paid mobily (old sim) and have never touched the new sim at all – i dont have that problem

      but like i mentioned before my 3G worked in the mobily showroom – im guessing the guys changes the APN setting – cool – happy hunting !!!!!

  37. guys, i need to jailbreak my new mobily 3gs…i use custom ipsw downloaded..it gives uknown error when i restore from custom ipsw?? any suggests???

    • make clean restore to fw 3.1.2, then jailbreak using blackrain

    • Yeah, if you want to create custom IPSW, just create it yourself using pwnage tool (of course you will need a Mac for this). Pwnage toll 3.1.4 is much more stable (but you’ll lose the mobily signal logo). If you don’t have a Mac, you can try blackra1n. Just do what abdullah mentions and you should be good to go.

    • i used blackra1n afrer a clean upgrade to 3.1.2 using iTunes and i have NO issues at all

      logo still intact
      no wifi issues
      signal strength is good

      3g works fine
      mms did not try – but mobily changes a bomb for data – (i did not use my pre-paid card that came with my phone but using my post paid mobily) – so i much rather use mms in the UK (free – under judicious usage scheme)

  38. set – and – go
    – got mobile me set up and checked out the find my iphone feature – works like a charm….synced all to my .me cloud – alls fine

    jailbroken so no need to worry about customisation – but for now i only have SB settings as it is essential – bought this nice app called reel director – pretty cool to do video edits and transitions. if u r jailbroked get the pkgbackup app – it is really really useful – i costs almost nothing for the usefulness – coz if u loose ur jailbreak all u have to do is – jailbreak then sync – download pkgbackup and this app will bring back ALL ur jailbroken apps and themes without any hassle…bye guys

  39. damn u guys, u made me even more excited .. ill come back from syria to ksa next week hope they dont sell all phones ” fingers crossed”

  40. i hate black rain..its tethered…you have to JB again connecting with ur PC if u restart;(

    • what do u mean by tethered jailbreak??

    • i agree – but that is only if u upgrade to 5.11.x firmware – ya it happens when u upgrade to 3.1.2 but there is an upside – dont restart – buy pkg backup – u will be back to normal within maybe 10 min of a tethered JB with blackra1n – friends tried pwanage but lost the logo and stuff like that – so hmm u win some u loose some!!!

    • Really, it’s tethered JB? Damn …. didn’t realise it. I JB mine last night and I believed I rebooted a couple of times and am sure that I did not lose my JB. Tried pwnage tool as well last night and I lost mobily signal (it cannot get any network) so went ahead and updated to 3.1.2 and used blackra1n instead.

    • I just called Mobily, they don’t have tethering .. a feature listed on mobily’s site ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • dont worry – it is not too bad – JB is bad remember – but like i said – a remote possibility of loosing JB on restart – is better than loosing logo and signal and wifi

      or just stick with the 3.1 and not go to 3.1.2 – u cannot downgrade now though – atleast it is not that easy to downgrade.

      blackra1n is a few kb only – u can download it on any comp anywhere – make it rain and download pkgbackup – back on track in no time – u need wifi though or it will eat ur 3G data cost – hey added u need 3G unresitrictor as well

    • hey jail breaker there is an app which says enable tethering in 3GS (available on the sinful iphone repo) any one tried it

      me – i think i will just wait till i get to uk and try the 3 network sim there – i read in a website it is possible to tether with 3 network…

    • blackra1n is not tethered. I’ve rebooted my iPhone severeal times and my JB is still there. If you have a tethered iPhone (the latest manufactured iPhone – after week 37 I think) then blackra1n will have to be re-run everytime the iPhone reboots. The iPhone being sold by mobily I believe is manufactured before week 37.

    • Nazhri can u confirm ur model number….see below..Black rain is tethered…

      If you have a new iPhone 3G S (purchased within the last [couple of] week[s] or so as of October 13, 2009) it may have a newer version of iBoot. This updated iBoot prevents the [untethered] jailbreak from working. [removed]

      You may be able to check prior to purchase by looking at the serial number of the phone. This may not be a definitive check. Look at the fourth and fifth digits. This is the week the phone was manufactured. If that number is 40 or higher than you just might have this new iBoot.

    • My serial number is ****P43NR which means that it’s manufactured in week 43 which is quite recent.

    • ss, sorry I think the serial I gave you is not correct. The FIRST 5 digits has the number 40 in it so I presume it’s week 40.

  41. The prices from Mobily are very good
    I just came back from UK got my iPhone 3gs 16gb from there for 440 GBP = 2700 riyal ,more than Mobily , and also locked to O2 .
    I JB and unlocked it , tried purplerain ,blackrain ,and redsnow . If anyone is stuck send me I’ll tell u what to do
    For the peole who got their iPhone from Mobily what is the firmware version on it ? 3.0 , 3.1 ?
    Did anyone get a sim locked one ?

    • this is exactly the same reason i resisted buying it there and got it here – coz my iphone 2G was a locked home and was software unlocked but every time i update i had to be scared – not 3GS – yipeee – no need to worry !!!!!

      firmware 3.1 came with the phone – i upgraded apple upgrade 3.1.2 – blackra1n JB – no NEED to unlock – soopercoolll

    • What is the best sim to use here in Saudi with the 3GS and can you get unlimited data on prepaid sims? Would appreciate any help.

    • STC and Mobily offer unlimited data, about 350sr a month

  42. If I use an STC Sawa sim, how do I get the unlimited data? Do I need to topup with a Sawa recharge card and topup using a data recharge card or can I just use one? A bit confusing, thanks for your patience.

  43. If u mean Internet tethering I just finished setting it up yesterday , the option was there when I had my iPhone in UK , after I JB and unlocked for Mobily it is gone. I downloaded a mobileconfig from a site and used the APN settings which was already on the phone , voilรƒย  , the internet tethering option appeared in settings & it’s working .

    • yup i read in one of the forum (did google search) that my 3 network card will work and data and tethering will also work without any probs – i will probably check it next month or so.

  44. so mobily only sells iphone in jeddah, riyadh, and khobar??


  45. and what’s with the 250mb data/month in prepaid bundles?? do i pay for that as well?

    i asked this question because..well..on there it says free 250mb data/month..but when my dad asked for the price it was like 2,650 (this was iphone 3G (8gb) price[SR2,400] when 3GS wasn’t out yet + the free(baahh..) 250mb/month). why do i have to pay for it when it says free on that thing?

    this is probably a stupid question but i dont really know anything about these things

  46. We are gettin it in dammam also, got it from there and 250mb is free no extra cost

  47. ok guys – updates

    1. tried sending MMS with my old mobily post paid card – no problem-o works like a charm – very cool.

    2. I jailbroke with blackra1n and was always a bit worried about reboot device – but today i updated the mobile substrate which was shown on the changes field of cydia and had to reboot – but my jailbreak was still intact – DONT have any clue why though – can ayone else can confirm or refute??

    @cybertronics – so the internet tethering tweak works – sooper – is it doggy or does it work well. anda

    hey a small word of thanx to this community for being a a great source of inspiration and information

    • I can confirm that the iPhone is not tethered (this is a different kind of tether, not the “your iphone can become your modem” tethering). I’ve also upgraded to Mbile Substrate and rebooted my device and I still have my JB.

    • Noooo, mine isnt…
      Originally Posted by http://www.hackthatphone.com/3x/3GS_flowchart.html
      If you have a new iPhone 3G S (purchased within the last [couple of] week[s] or so as of October 13, 2009) it may have a newer version of iBoot. This updated iBoot prevents the [untethered] jailbreak from working. [removed]

      You may be able to check prior to purchase by looking at the serial number of the phone. This may not be a definitive check. Look at the fourth and fifth digits. This is the week the phone was manufactured. If that number is 40 or higher than you just might have this new iBoot.

      Here is how you definitively check your iBoot version. Place the iPhone into DFU mode: have the phone connected via USB, turn it off. Press and hold the Home and the Sleep/Wake buttons for ten seconds. Then let go of the Sleep/Wake button and continue holding the Home button for 10 seconds. The screen will appear black but it will be on.

      Click on the Apple in the top left corner of your screen. Select About This Mac. Click the More Info… button on the pop up that appears. Under the Hardware menu select USB. Now go to the USB High-Speed Bus menu and look for the Apple Mobile Device (DFU Mode). In the Serial Number field look for SRT:[iBoot-XXX.X]. Your version number is here. To leave DFU mode, simply continue holding the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons until the iPhone reboots.

    • i did not reboot otherwise so i cannot be absolutely sure – but sometimes when i’m totally jobless i will try some dry reboot and see how things go !!!!

  48. Anybody have some news whether mobily started 3 GS sale in other cities as well till now or not.ร‚ย 
    Please tell me if you have some knowledge.

  49. Yes, it seems they are offering now in other cities as well. I bought one yesterday in Jubail City from Mobily branch. Goodluck

  50. Naushad … Internet tethering is working like a charm, u even can use Internet on the iPhone and laptop at the same time

    anyone tried 3g unrestrictor ?

  51. todays project

    A2DP check with my jabra bluetooth stereo headset

    3G unrestrictor

    and internet tethering

    will get back with results..

  52. Anyone tried the VPN ?
    I got it working with a cisco router
    but won’t work with ISA server

  53. Guys now do i activate the phone only with mobily SIM, or i can activate by anything?

  54. Naushad….. Any results yet ?

  55. A2DP – working great – the range is quite good too – on my iPhone 2G and 3G the range was bad – on the 3GS it is good real good (of course no A2DP on the 2g nor 3G)

    3G unrestrictor installed but the 3G quality is buggy in and around my house have to try it outside – was able to enable cydia – but i really wanna try skype

    will check back soon

  56. How many and what are the accessories available/come (free) with iPhone 3G S 16GB or 32 GB when you buy it from Mobily?

  57. I just got it yesterday but the 3G is not working while Edge is. Anyone know how to activate it? Or is it just for the new SIM you get from Mobily…?

  58. Hi.

    1. Is the 3G S available in mobily Yanbu branch?
    2. What do I need to bring to be able to buy iPhone? Iqama? passport? something else?

  59. oh and 3. can i pay in cash? :DD

  60. Naushad … What is A2DP for ?
    And did u buy 3g unrestrictor or download it ?

  61. A2DP is for stereo Bluetooth. It works very very well. Leave ur iPhone to charge. Select ur favourite playlist. Plug in ur stereo Bluetooth headset and go around the house doing ur chores. Lovely.

    (of course if u living in a palace it might be a better idea to ask sone one to carry it when u walk around – he he he he – jokin guys)

    3gunrrstrictor just downloaded. But not too happy with Mobily 3g – tried making a call with skype – nope – did not work. Chatting was fast though. Downloaded a theme from cydia. Was not bad. Better than edge.

    Anyone has any prior experience with the unreatrictor. I did not jailbreak my 3G only my 2g and now S r jailbroken so I only rely on hearsay and google search.

  62. My phone charges me often, like 0.1 SAR even 3G/Edge is turned off. Does anyone have same problem?

  63. Just a quick one for those who JB their iphones…

    Do you guys pay $ for downloading themes from Cydia or is it free?


  64. Just went to Mobily(Yanbu branch).

    They gave a brochure and said that they need at least ten people to place orders before sending out for iPhones. They also say that maybe next week the iPhones will come.

    Grrrrrr!!! X((AHHHHH!!!

    This is like my third brochure. Two for 3G and one for 3GS.

  65. There r loads and loads of free themes. Some paid ones are also there. But u rarely need.

    Might as well buy some other useful app on cydia store – ya that’s what it’s called.

    • For real…I’m weighing the pros and cons of JBing. Some cool themes are really worth the hassle, u know !

      ‘preciate it man

    • just make sure to disable SSH later on, there is a worm out there that targets Jailbroken iPhones

    • *our own resident Superman comes 2 the rescue once again*

      Thx Khaled..I read about the two cases of hackers getting into JB iphones.

      Great..one more point on the list for cons (O_O)

    • I was not a 3G user so…when Apple introduces a new OS update for the iphone e.g. 3.0.3 or even iphone 4.0, do you have to restore to factory settings or can one keep his/her iphone JB?

  66. right up on the top of this comments secction I wrote to change the password of your root directory after jailbreak using mobile terminal – safer then

    just google to find out how to – it is fairly straight forward really

  67. install and run “Mobile Terminal”
    type su root at the shell prompt and tap enter
    type passwd and tap enter
    enter alpine for your old password
    enter new password
    enter new password again to confirm

  68. Went to the Mobily Khobar branch (in Dhahran road) this afternoon (around 4pm-ish) and all the iPhone 3GS, whether black or white, 16GB or 32GB, are sold out!ร‚ย 

    The sales rep told me that they might be available tomorrow and sometime between Saturday and Sunday. The rep asked for what unit I wanted and my contact details so he can call me as soon as it is available.ร‚ย 

    I hope they’d stock up so much 3GS soon. I’m so looking forward to getting one for myself.ร‚ย 

    • How the f*** can that happen so soon ! Stupid stock management I say…idiots

      Why can they just bring enough iphones to cover the high demand. They should’ve learnt some lessons from the iphone 3G launch….or was it the same scenario then?!

    • yeah, their original stock was supposed to be only for people who reserved an iPhone

  69. any guys having battery problems……………. my battery is draining out very quickly, also my friend who got a 3gs 2 days back………… we got it from the same place………… battery is dying out very fast…………..any help would be appreciated

  70. Gibran…. Check ur 3G , if it is enabled and there is 3G coverage , ur iPhone will log on 3G , on the upper left side the logo 3G will appear if ur logged on 3G .
    3G will drain the battery quickly . And more if u have ur mail setup and it’s checking it all the time.
    Just enable it manually when u want to use it.
    Maybe this is the issue

  71. Ya I tried it yesterday, mail setup also I made it manual, just wanna know how long does the phone battery lives with regular use iPod, browsing, etc one full day ??? And thanks cybertronix

    • @Gibran – like cybertronix says – if u have 3G switched on and if u have data transfer on it will only last u for 13 or 14 hours – with iPod and browsing..without that mine last 1 day – So did my 2G

    • hey did u complete one full cycle of changing – that is very important dude.

    • i have a q for all of u

      anyone has a 8 or 16 GB iPhone 3G and want to sell it – i would be willing to buy one – i need to give my 3G to 2 of my brothers – i have one 3G 8 Gb black – i want to get either a 8 or 16 GB – i want white and it must be the officially mobily unlocked piece bought here in saudi – i’m in Jeddah

    • Battery life sucks. I had it fully charged yesterday and by afternoon, it was down to 48%, I recharge it again before I went to bed (went up to 88%) and by the time I woke up 6 hours later, it was down to 50%. You’re looking at 5% battery drain an hour which is absurd. I suspect it’s the Wifi connection. I think since it’s continuously on, it keeps searching for one and when it’s connected, it will not let go even if you are not using the internet. It’s like the Nokia’s Wireless LAN scanning option, if you swirtch that on, that will drain your battery really fast. Decided to switch off Wifi and will be manually switching it on when I need to use the internet. Need to download SBSettings but BigBoss is down at the moment. Otherwise, there’s a lot of touches to go to switch on Wifi.

    • Naushad, hmmm didn’t think about the full cycle … will do it today. I’m pretty sure I didn’t do a full cycle yet.

  72. I think a special thread should be opened for selling and buying iPhones. I searched for that on the site but I did not find it.
    What do the admins think about that ?
    anyone can send this message to them ?

  73. I sure think some battery issue exists. Yesterday night I charged it 100 per got up around 5 am already 2 per down, everything switched off, wifi, mail push fetch everything manual, anyway now at this time 9.15. AM it’s 82 per let’s see how long it lasts……………

  74. This is what drains the battery :
    3G. Wifi. Brightness. Mail.

    • Push and Location services too

    • I have switched off everything and it seems the battery life is not too bad. I had a full cycle (drained tha battery to 0% yesterday) and had it charged to 99% at 11AM. By 4PM, the battery was still doing well at 98/97% which is very good. Thankfully I installed SbSettings that allows me to access all the necessary toggles with a swipe.

  75. Wel, so it’s normal and my phone is not the only one loosing battery life….. Using wifi consumes less battery …… Anyway thanks everyone.

  76. Ok how to convert mp3s into ringtones????

  77. A usefull app called Backgrounder on Cydia to download. It’s the solution for multitasking and running apps in the background.

    If anyone is interrested I got to run voice calls on nimbuzz through 3g. The app called VoIPover3G tricks any app u want to think it is on Wifi,and so the restriction of voice over 3g is gone.

  78. Hey i went to the mobily store yesterday and they said they dont have any stock. Is this actually true. Can we get it anywhere else in riyadh. Anyone got it yesterday?

  79. iam trying to jailbreak with blackra1n, and everytime i do it, i end up with a restore, tried like 10 + times….i have a 32 GB 3GS ne suggestions???

    • hmm .. did u update first to the 3.1.2 frameware .. then did tried the jail break ?!

    • You using a Mac or Windows? If you’re using Windows, try disabling ItunesHelper.exe and anothe process (I can’t remember but google for your problem and you should be able to get the answer). Then run blackra1n. I have JB’ed 2 units both 32GB 3Gs, one running 3.1.2 and another with 3.1 firmware and have had no issues BUT I am doing this on a Mac.

  80. OOOOHHH … Just faced a problem that got me worried. The screen just went WHITE. I tried pressing the power button for a few sec. and also the home button. But nothing happened, it was just showing a white screen.
    Then, thanks to guys out there on the internet, GOOGLED and found that if you press both the POWER and home button simultaneously for around 10 sec. it would do a Hard Reset, and would not affect any of your data. Luckily it worked, and its functioning back to normal now.

    Just wanted to share this with friends, in case anyone of you faces this issue.

    And one thing more, I’ve got only only 1 speaker located on the bottom of the phone working. The other one on the right doesn’t. Surely this isn’t normal … right ???

  81. The speaker is on the left only
    I think the one on the right is the mic

    i got an iPhone 3gs 16gb black want to exchange it with a 32gb if anyone is interrested, will pay the difference of course.

  82. iPhone 3GS is also available in Mobily branch in Rashid Mall in Khobar. I’m not sure if they have white in stock right now though because when I went there to buy the 32GB flavor, they only have it in black.ร‚ย 

    iPhone rocks!ร‚ย 

  83. Yup – I have one but unfirtunately ( or fortunately ) I have 2 brothers. Now both want an iPhone. What can I do. As a responsible elder brother I’m obliged to get it for them. Went to Mobily today and damn even the 3G they say is out of stock !!!!

    What the heck!!!

    Anyone willing to help. Need a factory unlocked (Mobily) one – White prefereably. 8gb or 16gb 3G wanted.

    3GS I’m using and loving every minute of it.

  84. Anyone knows how to get to this latest post without scrolling the page too many times ?

  85. Hi to all ….

    MOBILY is driving me CRAZY, i’ve been there in Abdullah Branch 3 times in a week, cost me 90 riyals Taxi plus i had to make some silly excuses to my Boss just to go there and coming back empty handed …. Really making me MAD!
    i don’t wanna go back there anymore … staff don’t know exact day the stocks are coming!

    i check some Ad about Iphone 3gs from some unknown website and they are selling it for $335 dollars 48 hours delivery and payment via Western Money, should i TRUST this kind of website or just be patient with Mobily?

    HELP i need advice


    • Thor, NEVER EVER trust that kind of sale. It’s a Nigerian scam. Their hallmark is always Western Union money transfer. If it’s too good to be true, it usually is.

    • Exactly like Naushad said.

      Plus, you can’t beat the peace of mind you get when you buy you’re factory unlocked iphone and get it handed to you in person.

      A little waiting time don’t hurt nobody ! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  86. Any news on new stock?

  87. Just went to Mobily Store in Olaya, and no stock for Iphones yet

  88. If anyone find iphone in stock would you please quickly post here where it is found


  89. frum bak 2 days i am goin to many mobily outlets but none of them has it dey r sayin the stock is finished when i am askimg them when will it come they dont know exact it can come next week or 2 week we dont know any 1 got idea when will da new stock will cum because i am getting very hesitate to use as this is my first from apple az i am a nokia user
    and how iz da iphone in use az now i am using nokia n82 and plz wen will it cum in jeddah help neede

    • TO ALL OUR BROTHER WHO MAILED ME – Thanx a million guys..
      bought a beautiful almost brand new – excellently maintained factory unlocked 8Gb iphone 3G yesterday…thanx to one of our brothers.

      Ok – to migrate from Nokia
      If mac user:

      1. use iSync – most likely u will have it in ur applications folder
      2. first google search ur nokia model and see if u need additional driver support – u can download it from nokia site for free.
      3. Once u sync u will be able to get all ur contact, birthdays, emails, calendar event onto ur iCal, iAddress etc so syncing ur iPhone will be a breeze .

      if u r a windows user: follow the link below.


  90. they will give an other sim card wit iphone or i have to use my wn preferably i want use my own i would not lyk to change ma number if so then i want to buy prepaid so on my old sim card can i get 250mb internet bundle 4 6 months

    • As far as using your old SIM…yes you can. But remember you will get the prepaid 250mb free data on the new Mobily SIM.

    • Do you guys think the delay of the shipment is because of what happened in Belgium.

      Robbers stole 4000 FACTORY UNLOCKED iphone !!! Because apparently Belgium is like KSA when it comes to unlocked iphones.

      Do you think Apple is gonna ship over Mobily locked iphones because of this?

    • Do you guys think the delay of the shipment is because of what happened in Belgium.

      Robbers stole 4000 FACTORY UNLOCKED iphone !!! Because apparently Belgium is like KSA when it comes to unlocked iphones.

      Do you think Apple is gonna ship over Mobily locked iphones because of this?

    • @ Tiga – i doubt that u know – i read that article as well – Damn these robbers !!!!!!

      but Saudi will never allow that – NEVER.

  91. Yes I agree, please post if someone were able to buy an Iphone 3GS from Mobily starting today, please specify the location. Thanks a lot.

  92. according to this guy http://twitter.com/Saudilawyer/status/5824337445 (he is the one who wanted to sue mobily for not disclosing VIP requirement)

    The iPhone should be back in stock this Sunday!

    • inshallah az ma birhtday iz on monday hopin dat on ma bday i will be havin iphone 3gs from mobily
      thanks khaled 4 ginin such a wonderful info and hats off to the site az i am usin dis site from 2 days and really liked it

    • Insha allah abdul – hope u do get this awesome gadget as a birthday gift – dont forget to send a cake to all on saudi mac though !!!!!!!!!

  93. today i went to tahliya mobily centre jeddah one of mobily staff told me that the iphone 3gs would be coming next week i asked be definite which day he told me may be saturday morning or sunday morning he was saying i am not sure may be what does this mean let pray dey get da stock soon

  94. My friend is selling me his 8GB 3G Jailbroken Iphone for 1400SAR. Do you guys think that its better for me to go with the 16GB 3GS from mobily? Is it really worth the extra 1200SAR for the 16GB 3GS. Your input please.. Kudos to the site btw, its really informative.. Thanks!

    • go for mobily 3gs 16 gb take oncne but take good thing this iz ma opinion

    • @Allen – this 3GS is far far better than the 3G brother – it is really really fast and is the cheapest most poweful iPhone yet (meaning it is officially unlocked, it is cheaper than anywhere else in this part of the world atleast and the camera and compass apps rock – simply rock)
      just wait for a bit arrage the cash and go for it u will never regret going for a 3GS – if u ask me 32GB is goooooddddd tooo !!!!

  95. @Naushad

    Thanks for your comment. I made up my mind and will go for the 3GS as soon as it is available here in Mobily. I’m always checking the reply in this site to check if someone already get a hold of the new stock for 3GS. Cant wait for Sunday or Saturday!

  96. Hello to all

    its Saturday again … i hope Mobily got there stock already, or they don’t have anything at all, i am sure they know when is it coming but Mobily is not telling the truth to all the customer, it is CLEAR in there website NOW AVAILABLE …. so where is it?!

  97. I can actually see the mobily store here in Olaya Riyadh from our office, so as soon as someone will post a message that it is available there, I’m going there fast!! zoooommmm………

    • Or you can give us all a favor and visit the Mobily store (whenever you get free) and check the availability of iPhone.


  98. eagerly waitin 4 any1 2 post dat iphone 3gs is available plz

    • its saturday morning and yet ๐Ÿ™
      I’ve been to mobily branch in tahlya and the other one in hamra ( in riyadh ), and both still not available yet.
      tahlya told me they will only have it after 3eid .. which seems to b the real case so far ๐Ÿ™

    • This is not good… I’m so frustrated now..

  99. Ok, According to Bander (@Saudilawyer on twitter):
    He went to Mobily king abdullah branch:
    picture: http://twitpic.com/qd2sp

    Where his iPhone was waiting:
    picture: http://twitpic.com/qd2sh

    He got his iPhone plus a “gift”
    picture: http://twitpic.com/qd5a1

    • He is the guy who said he will sue mobily cause they never disclosed the limitation of 399/299 to VIP ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Is anyone able to purchase an Iphone aside from SaudiLawyer? If so, please include the place.

    • he got from riyadh na so wen will it available in jeddah and 4 prepaid customers az in ur earlier post u mentioned it will available on sunday inshallah hope so

  100. This sunday will it be available in Khames Mushayat. Plz tell me whether the sale in the other cities is started or not.ร‚ย 

  101. Hey guyz
    Bad news. just came back from mobily riyadh. They said it will only be available after eid or maybe after 3 days. Lets hope for the best.. I cant wait to get my hands on the iphone

  102. How did Saudilawyer got this kind of ” WAITING ” order or something? i also register via there website and got this CODE but didn’t get any iphone coz there’s no STOCK?

    i think MOBILY is giving iphone to people who have connection with them like official or higher authority etc..

    There is iphone 3gs in Batha, last time i checked was first week of November and it is too MUCH 4500 riyals for 32 gb

  103. Should we all threaten to sue mobily to get a chance to buy an IPhone?

  104. Well, this is what i think of this situation now. I made the mistake of not getting it on launch date now I’m paying back for that mistake by waiting for it…
    waiting waiting…

  105. Any news regarding the availability of iPhone 3G S?

  106. any info on availability of iphone 3gs az its sunday

  107. lol.
    got my fourth brochure last thursday.
    when is mobily gonna make iphone available again?

  108. So no one was able to purchase an IPhone from Mobily except SaudiLawyer this week?

  109. Let’s sign a petition to see how many of us really need an iPhone. Why don’t you just go to the following link, include your name, and simply pick the appropriate dates as to when you need the iPhone the most. It could be an attempt to convince Mobily of our massive needs ๐Ÿ˜‰


  110. What was the bribe aahmm I mean ‘gift’ that mobily gave to SaudiLawyer???

    It looked huge for an iphone accessory !

  111. This post has become a popular mini mailing list ๐Ÿ™‚
    iPhone 3GS out of stock in Saudi Arabia after 2 days http://www.saudimac.com/2009/11/23/iphone-3gs-out-of-stock-in-saudi-arabia-after-2-days/

  112. Yesterday had gone to mobily……. Another thing with mobily is, we cannot activate another Internet package with iPhone. I have a prepaid 16 gb 3Gs so they have given me that 250 mb pack which I finished in the 1st 4 days itself. After that I subscribed to 1 gb bundle but it did not get activated. When called cus care they said I need to wait for an SMS which I dint receive till now. Another funny thing happened, as soon as the guy saw my phone he was like ” where did u get the phone from?” even the mobily guy wanted 2 iPhones he is asking me from which branch I bought the phone…. So they have no idea when the next stock is available..,,, anyway still the 1 gb pack Is not activated and according to them it won’t get activated because the 250 mb pack is activated….. Anyway he told me he would call me and inform me about the status today evening.. But must say iPhone customers r well respected at the mobily store.

  113. EID MUBARAK to all

    i just hope after eid MOBILY will do something to make all IPHONE fans very happy with the GOD NEWS.

  114. So no news yet/? I though IPhone will be available on the 2nd of Eid..

  115. Mobily is just saying this and that but actually they don’t know and cannot handle the demands of customer,
    i think if STC have iphone’s there will be no problem …. what do you think guys?

    • STC isn’t handling the HTC Magic any better than Mobily.
      Phone support call it the “Andor-yid” company phone.
      Latest version is 1.6, the Arabic version of the software is only 1.5.
      2.0 isn’t any closer ๐Ÿ˜‰

      You have to wait for STC to release the next android update, yes, STC, not Google or HTC ๐Ÿ™‚
      Yeah, Mobily is lesser evil for now ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Actually, they are calling it “Andro weed” …

  116. Then they should remove the ads on their website that say Iphone 3gs is now available, when clearly it is not. From what I read, it was only on stock for 2 days, not a very good strategy or service to their customer.

  117. Still no news from Mobily???

    Mobily should update their website everyday and announce it if IPHONE is available for that particular day.

  118. Did you get an email when a trackback is posted? otherwise check this:
    Mobilyรขโ‚ฌโ„ขs iPhone 3GS is back in stock

  119. there is a new iphone app called wudhuรขโ‚ฌโ„ข. this app teach us the way to perform
    our wudhuรขโ‚ฌโ„ข before salat. its good for your kids because it is fully
    animated. get it at app store now.!
    hope to see your review in the apple store. tq.
    support our muslim products.


  120. hello, and thanx for a lot of info that i got off this site…

    does anybody know abt the current availabilty of the 3gs in jeddah? i’d really like to buy one and so do 2 of my cousins…. so we need 3…. hehehe… please reply back here if anybody knows th current availability status….


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