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iPhone 3GS bundles for Mobily Raqi VIP customers only

The Apple iPhone 3GS is now officially available in Saudi Arabia and sold by Mobily. The iPhone 3GS is unlocked and available with 3 postpaid bundles (99, 299 and 399) and one prepaid bundle for each of the 3 models (iPhone 3G 8GB, iPhone 3GS 16GB and iPhone 3GS 32GB).

However the iPhone 3GS 299 and 399 bundles are only available for exclusive VIP (Mobily Raqi) members. The same thing happened with the iPhone 3G, only the 99 bundle was available for “regular customers”.

To be eligible for a 399 iPhone 3GS bundle you need to be a postpaid member for at least 10 months and a minimum monthly bill of 800SR. Etisalat and du in UAE do not have a similar restriction on iPhone 3G and 3GS bundles.


This is the bundle list from Mobily’s website. The page does not mention Raqi/VIP restrictions and the * at end where it says “conditions and terms apply” does not refer to anything because none of the bundles in that list have a * near it’s name. We have taken a screen shot just in case Mobily tries to change it. Bander (@Saudilawyer) is seriously considering suing Mobily for false advertising. The table also doesn’t clarify that the iPhone 8GB is an iPhone 3G.

We hope to see Mobily being more clean on who is eligible for their bundles. Please share your experience in the comments.

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  1. Hey its supposed to be Prepaid 8GB 3GS not 3G.

  2. Yeah this is the biggest problem. My monthly bill is always in excess of 500sr; yet I don’t quality for any of better packages…

  3. as long as I can get the prepaid bundles, I have nothing to say ^_^

  4. i finally got mine :3
    i put my zain sim in and it works wonderfully,
    ill put some cash in it and tell you all about tethering later. k?

  5. The 8GB mentioned most likely is the 3G 8gb which is the only variation of the phone now obtainable. They cancelled the 16GB 3G model. Just an FYI.

  6. Why doesn’t mobily mention if it is 3G or 3GS in the list?! 3GS 32GB for SR2999 is a good price, right?
    Oh, and btw, its @Saudilawyer. not layer 🙂

  7. Well I will not be going for the 3GS because its really not worth spending so much money; when we compare it to the 3G. Moreover, iphone’s competition is getting tougher and tougher and with the release of Motorola Droid, Apple will consider to introduce the new iphone by Feb./March. Apple HAS to address everything which Motorola has pointed out (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoYr8-uG5C0) and I strongly believe Apple will address it and come back strong with features better than the Droid/Milestone.

    Android 2.0 is cool with more and more makers opting for the open source Android OS, the app store of Android will be a tough competitor to Apple’s own App Store. I believe its more of a wait and watch situation at the moment.

    Only thing I need is mobily’s update to allow tethering officially. Can’t understand why they don’t do it!!

  8. Some one shud SUE mobily and make money! 😛
    ZERO Customer care!

    • I went to the mobily sales office after checking the bundles on their web site and told that i dont qualify for the better budles. Their customer service is terrible the team leader who supposed to help me turned out worst than the sales agent. The simply didn’t care. I told them that i am STC customer and would like to buy iphone and change my service to mobily but they simply didn’t show any new customer appreciation. Yes theie web site is misleading and someone should sue them to teach the lesson.

  9. did anybody figure out a way to get sms delivery report on iphone 3GS? i have tried all kinda codes – nothing worked so far..appreciate your help

  10. thanks khaled u been a great help to me all da time now iam planning to buy a pre paid 3Gs from mobily is it unlocked pls help ia think of buy it to my girl back in india plssssss…..kahled help me yaar

  11. Mobily asking more now
    iphone 3GS 16 Gb price is 3200SR
    iphone 3GS 32 Gb price is 3600SR

    what is this

  12. hello i am Iranian do you think i can buy an iphone 3GS or 4 from there without paying monthly fee??
    i mean with that low prepayments !?

    i mean to buy an iphone 3GS or 4 from there with a low prepayment and return to iran without paying monthly fee ??

    anybody knows ??

    Khaled do you know ?


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