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How to: iPhone SMS delivery report

“SMS Delivery Report” is a small feature that is available on almost all phones. However just like call forwarding it is missing from the iPhone. Don’t bother yourself by calling Mobily and asking them about it, they said that it is “NOT SUPPORTED“. Just add the following code right before the rest of your message:


So your message would be *N#Hello there.


It has been tested with Mobily and STC numbers.

Arabic version of this post on SaudiMac.net.

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  1. Really great tip Khaled :)!
    But it doesn’t work for Arabic messages, is there an alternative code that works for Arabic?!

  2. great website …. great work Khalid !!!

  3. That was a nice tip..
    worth very much, as I used to it with my previous Nokia Phone..

    Thanks!! Khalid

  4. Thanks khaled……

  5. Khaled……. One more help, not able to use the GPS on iPhone….. It does find my location and other locations if we search, but does not give directions from 1place to another….. Is it supported in Saudi Arabia or no? Have anyone of the iPhone users used the GPS system???

  6. I think it costs about 40$ is it worth it?? Since I am new here in Saudi Arabia I really need one …

    • Look at the top grossing apps in the saudi store:
      Mobile Maps and Navigon are the first (both $99.99) which is a good deal since you get 6 countries 😉

  7. Has there been any update related to SMS Delivery Reports in the newer firmwares since this post?

  8. Khaled, is there a way to implement this trick on Arabic messages? Thanks

  9. I tried to use this tip by sending SMS from my STC Mobile # in my iPhone to both Mobily # & SCT # but I did not receive any report. (tip does not applied)

  10. Dears need your help on Zain; I tried the *N# and it didnt work. 🙁

  11. Does anyone know the MMS settings for STC on an Iphone?
    Specifically, it looks like I need to enter a ‘MMSC’ and a ‘MMSC Proxy’ on my Iphone.
    I have entered — mms.net.sa — but these do not work.

  12. does it support SAWA as i tried but it did not work with me no report

  13. All

    it is not working anymore :-((( i tried all the combination small letter BIG LETTER with space without space …… dose any one recently try it and work ? if yes please show us a screen shot of what do i receive as a report?

  14. Follow this link to activate SMS delivery reports (jailbroken iPhones only)



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