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iPhone 3GS out of stock in Saudi Arabia after 2 days

The iPhone 3GS has been sold out Just two days after the the phone’s release in Saudi Arabia by Mobily. Mobily claims that new stock will arrive after Eid (27th of November). People who reserved an iPhone 3GS will not be able to purchase it any time soon. Many readers have expressed their frustration to us using Twitter and Facebook. ...

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How to: iPhone SMS delivery report

“SMS Delivery Report” is a small feature that is available on almost all phones. However just like call forwarding it is missing from the iPhone. Don’t bother yourself by calling Mobily and asking them about it, they said that it is “NOT SUPPORTED“. Just add the following code right before the rest of your message: *N# So your message would ...

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Camino 2.0 web browser released

Camino version 2.0 has been released. Camino is an open source web browser based on Gecko rendering engine, the same engine that powers Firefox. The new version include many features such as Tab Overview, Growl support, AppleScript support and more. Camino 2.0 is available to download here. Arabic version on SaudiMac.net.

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Samba bank website working with Safari on Mac

The Samba Financial Group (Samba bank) personal banking website finally added support for Mac users running on Safari. Special thanks to @sizain on twitter for posting about it. Arabic version on SaudiMac.net.

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